Lunch with Santa - Beamish Hall Hotel

As soon as I told the boys we were going to have lunch with Santa and stay over at a big posh hotel for a treat, they were buzzing and adamant they wanted to wear their 'Christening Outfits' complete with blazers...Well after checking that they would get a cooked Breakfast first?! Its the little things. When I booked it a few months ago though I wasn't quite sure what to expect myself because we had never been to this Stunning Hotel on the border of County Durham.

As you will have seen the boys have had a meet and greet with Santa 7 different times already this month now, something I hadn't accounted for. So if I'm honest apart from a night away I wasn't that excited even if the boys still were. Neutral is sometimes a good attitude to have though because we couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised, in fact we were totally blown away.

As soon as we pulled up the grand driveway to Beamish Hall I knew we were in for a treat though even if the weather was super grim and why I haven't got any pic's of the exterior or their lovely gardens...sorry I will next time as will definitely be returning. After walking into reception, admiring the grand decor, the coats of arms and huge Christmas tree, we were then lead down to the most amazing dining room which was so festively decorated and full of family's enjoying a Christmas get together.

We had been expecting a more relaxed affair but this was so special to have a proper set table with such a merry atmosphere and I immediately commented that we should definitely have brought the whole family. As  most of them are globe trotting in Africa and Florida to name two so we wont see most of them on Christmas day, this would have been an ideal pre Christmas day...next year for sure. 

Can I pull a CRACKER??!!

Christmas started RIGHT here...

While were waiting for our food, a 3 course meal for the Adult's and for the kids help your self buffet of burgers, sausage and mash etc. There was some amazing face painting going on, so good the kids were freaking me out a bit being Rudolph. It was great that they served the kids first and had this entertainment on so we could enjoy our meal in a bit of peace. The dining suite is also large and kids were running around but it was all super family friendly so pottering between courses was welcomed, we certainly felt very relaxed with our fidgets. Every staff member was os nice and helpful, even taking time out to chat about Santa to the boys.

Me and the husband were predictable and went for exactly the same 3 courses. Pate to start, Christmas Lunch for the main and Sticky Toffee Christmas Pud for dessert, but it eliminated the usual food envy and everything was delicious. Then just after dessert the big man himself made an appearance ringing his bell which sent the room into chaos but it was really lovely to see every child so happy. The boys were excited too that they got a selection box each...so was Mammy after they went to bed, as she pinched the Freddo, obvs.

Well fed and with two very happy Rudolph's we went into the adjoining room to watch a Magician show. Again first class, even  I was into it, so funny with balloon animals and the highlight...after Santa of course was "Henry" the real rabbit! Lunch started at 1pm and it was now 4.30pm, so the boys were worn out after all that fun so we headed off to check into our room and for a nice cup of tea.

We really enjoyed this afternoon and would definitely book again but with the whole family this time or a group of our friends for a perfect Christmas get together with family entertainment. 

Adults £29
Children £18.50

Several dates available in the lead up to Christmas.

Full info here

Stay tuned for our over night stay!

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