Pauls Private Dining

I first met Paul at a Blogging party about 2yrs ago. I was fresh on the scene, didn't know anyone and to be honest bloggers can be a quiet bunch despite being so bold in print. Paul immediately came over though with a friendly smile to say "Hi" and as soon as he said he was 1. A food blogger and 2. A trained Chef we instantly clicked. If you know me there's no explanation needed but to me all the best people in life love to eat!

I went on to learn about his lovely wife Christine and although he had worked under some great head chefs his dream was to set up his own food business, cooking for people in the comfort of their own home. I thought it was a genius idea as although I myself love to cook there are plenty of times I cant be bothered and as the husbands skills don't stretch more than cereal and if you follow my Facebook page you will have seen OMELETTE GATE....so Paul would definitely come in handy.

This is not my party but an one Paul did recently. 
Photo credit to the lovely Chloe at Prosecco Pie.


Fast forward 2 years and "Pauls Private Dining" Is thriving. Teaching cookery classes, catering for people in their own home and even for Weddings now large and small, all with an affordable, tailored and personal approach. Right from the Menu planning, Ingredient Sourcing, Cooking and even the Dish Washing...I know say no more right?

So when I was long over due a girls night in but I've been feeling a bit frazzled lately...haven't we all at this time of year, I knew I had to ask Paul over to make some yummy Canap├ęs to go with some Prosecco Cocktails I was making (More on that in my next blog) It just happened to conveniently co-inside with the DVD release of 'Magic Mike XXL' ...(cheesy grins) seriously good eye candy and trash TV if you haven't seen it. So Paul cleverly made a Menu tailored to this that wasn't all *cough sausage!

For this full menu was £14pp and 
there was loads!

Paul turned up about an hour before the party with lots of boxes and bits and bobs. I'm not going to lie I had sterilised the kitchen in advance and cleaned my oven for the first time in about a decade...it was totally giving me evil looks like "Mmmm hmm fake girl!"...I had already set up my things so I just let Paul get cracking while... got ready in peace. I know lush right. The husband (who was being banished from the house) did have a quick chat with Paul and in reference to his night ahead cooking for a bunch of drunk girls watching a stripper film just said "Good Luck Mate!" as he left doing a Hunger Games salute.

These little dudes were lethal!

I had set up so only one thing for it....ahhhhh

I took a few snaps of him in action and the girls arrived shortly after. We instantly tucked into the cocktails while Paul continued to cook away and a few minutes later he was serving up some amazing dishes. As you can see everything was delicious...truly loved everything but if I had to pick a favourite from the savoury it would be the Figs in Pancetta and the sweet without a doubt the Coconut Truffles, heaven. Paul did the dishes, packed up and slipped out while we started watching the film. I couldn't have asked for more. 

The thing I love about having Paul to cook for us is that it's far cheaper and easier than going out for these reasons:

  • Money: Paul's food is far more reasonable than a restaurant price but the below too will save major pennys.
  • Taxis:  My friends either walked or if they live further left their cars so taxis costs and their 'Getting one" hassle was nothing. 
  • Booze, well whatever you like as cheap as you can get with no restaurant mark up or corkage.
  • Time: No queing at every bar or waiting ages for a table or your food.
  • Comfort: You could have been in your Pjs if you want! 

Paul kindly gave my guests a candy cane each and some info, 
feeling so festive now.

I cant recommend it enough and will definitely be booking Paul for a dinner party, as he mentioned too you don't have to be flush and pay for 8 guests yourself. As long as you're happy to host, everyone could pay their own like a restaurant and did I mention he does gift vouchers too? What couple wouldn't love a date night? or maybe knackered new parents someone to cook for them? or parents full stop, no need for a sitter.

For full info and if you would like to book Paul see below.


  1. This sounds like such a great experience! Such a fab idea for a night in - for any occasion x

    1. It was fab and I cant wait for the next one! x

  2. Definitely going to do this at some point ... Simon keeps asking if Pauls free for Christmas lunch!

  3. I honestly think this is a great idea! The food looks amazing too!

    Katie x


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