Christmas Hurricane...

How are we all?

Bit Confused? Bit Fat? Not sure what day it is? 

Yes ME too.

EVERY year I say I'm going to be more organised for Christmas, every aspect from saving all year to being all "Done" the first week of December at the latest. Yet on Christmas Eve I was sat in tears at 11.13pm still wrapping a couple of presents, the husband was hoovering like a maniac (unwillingly it has to be said) AND I still had to make our bed....even though Santa wasn't coming to fecking stay or the Queen so I'm not sure why I had to strip it in the first place.....An hour later although my hip bones were on fire and my lip was still wobbling but I was DONE. 

We ended up having a lovely Christmas, I cooked for 15 but my whole family chipped in so it didn't feel it. My cousin brought the canape's, My Auntie did all the veg, cooked just to reheat, My other Auntie did the Desserts and my other Auntie did a huge cheese board and everyone brought booze from Port to Prosecco ...previously assigned I'm not an amateur when it comes to drink but couldn't recommend it enough. Everything went so smoothly and no one felt frazzled, why do we all put so much pressure on ourselves? From there is was a bit of a whirl wind...a hurricane some might say. I think because we went to the line I didn't have time to absorb it was Christmas, I totally want to go back and do it over...well maybe I do feel a bit full of Turkey and Cheese and Chocolate...we could be here a while.

Anywhoo next year I promise to be organised and make a list of tips/things to remember while its fresh in mind. Before the weather warms 1 degree and a daff pops it's head, then forget it all until I'm crying next Christmas Eve. I NEED your help too! Email, message or comment your best ones and I will add them. I AM (writing in capitals means I have to do it) putting an alarm on my phone now to share this in October and a few times until the big day then we will all be happy organised bunny's right?!

Ok I promise these are serious:

1. If you see something for example your Mam will like, so fuck if its September just buy it and put it in a cupboard...but not a really good hidey one though and forget. Why is life hard? Get presents early.

2. Buy at least 3 rolls of nice wrapping paper per child also have back up completely plain which will fit in if you run out or the shop does. 

3. When finished wrapping children's present BURN any scraps. Archie noticed that his Christmas Eve box was wrapped in the same paper as Grandmas present...might as well of just murdered Santa in front of him if it was "his "paper". 

4. Write Christmas cards out in November....and send them or it will bore into your concious everyday of December until you eventually give in and put some message on Facebook like "We don't send cards but Happy Christmas to you and yours" ...

5. If a Turkey or Crown says it will serve say 10 that will be more than enough for 20 because unlike a normal roast with this meal you have about 32 other trimmings to bulk it out including other meats like Ham and Sausages. Oh and don't forget the Trifle...and Cheese...and Port.

6. Book Things in for between Christmas and New Year. It feels like the world is going to end after Boxing Day for me but in fact you just have hyper kids and no where to go. Instead of cramming Pantos and visitors in before the 24th spread.it.out. 

7. Be completely ready by the 23rd, enjoy the 24th and not cry on the carpet...#goals.

8. Start saving now. I've seen some great saving charts on Pinterest where if you save 1p per day building up to £3.65 on the last day of a year you will have £667.95 but I think it needs a shake up because it builds up to Christmas. So the month you need a lot of dosh you would be paying in the most. So for us I'm going to round it down to £649 and divide it by 11 months so we will have the money by November to spend. £650 / 11 = £59 per month / 4 = £14.75 per week. Not bad for less than £15 a week. 

What's yours?