Finding time to be fit! #Decathlon

I have never been exercise mad unfortunately, as much as I've wanted to be the girl who was into sports and loved going to the gym... instead of rather eating toenails ha ha. As a child my dorky side was in full force though, I loved books and drawing and TV basically. Then I got older and liked going out and drinking way more, I was always curvy but I didn't care because I was having too much fun and no diet or exercise plan ever stuck or worked for that matter. 

However after having my first son I was like a planet, when the novelty of "Eating for two" never really wore off and I put on 5 stone. I knew I had to do something and so I joined Slimming World, I have never looked back and recommend it to anyone but I definitely couldn't have lost 5 stone with out exercise too...which I'm the most surprised about but I actually quite enjoy now. Its also so important to me that my boys stay healthy and I want to teach them to like exercise too. 

I get asked a lot mainly on my Instagram account HERE how do I manage to stay fit with two kids in toe though or what tips do I have. So when the sports brand Decathlon asked us to try out a few of their products I thought it was the perfect opportunity to put a little blog together of what we do and lets face it isn't January the best month for this! 

1. DIY
The husband works offshore so as much as I have wanted to go to the gym its been impossible. So the first thing I started was exercise DVDs. It is key you find one you like and can manage or if you're me you wont do it. You can often rent them from the library if you want to check you like it first and Youtube is great for free downloads. I personally love "Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred" its my go to but as its only 30 mins its manageable. I sometimes do it when the kids go to bed or if I'm pooped just crack on while they have a little i pad time. Let's not forget its free too....

£22 for whole outfit including the trainers!

2. Involve the Kids.

Its great to get out and about with the boys, quality time, exercise for all...and wears them out ha ha! Oscar loves his new Skooter and its made walks much easier for us all. Walk, Run, Skoot or Bike. Win win. Now Archie is older I've also enrolled him in a few clubs like football which he is loving.

The real working out with kids...

Soccor Mom.

Footy Shoes £12.99

Skooter time

3. Every little counts.

As I said before, I have found it so frustrating not always being able to get out of the house or maybe your stuck behind a desk. I used to laugh when people said "take the stairs".. yeah like that will help you lose weight or get fit. However one of the tricks I have found quite good is doing all the laundry in to different piles on the kitchen table. So the boys Pjs, my pjs, towels, socks etc and then I peg it up the stairs with each pile and put it away. I  have tonnnnnes (who doesn't?!)so end up doing this about 30 times and I tell you what its not easy! So try to fit in little things like this, two birds with one stone...every little helps.

4.You time.

Now the boys are a bit bigger and the husband is home a bit more its not such a mammoth task to go to the gym, sometimes I even beg my brother to watch them for an hour. I still do my DVD's if I cant go but I've recently been doing some classes at our local council run gym. I love it, only takes an hour and feel like a new woman after, especially blasting MY tunes on the way home. I really like Metafit, Spinning and Pilates.

Yoga Pants Only £7.99 and Trainers £12.99

5.Stick in

I often cant be bothered or simply don't have the time with two kids (who isn't busy right) but that's OK and I think its been the turning point for me in exercise. Aim for consistency NOT perfection, just keep going so what if you missed a few sessions.

Kids Tracksuit pants and fleece tops only £4.99 each!

If you're starting out on a love for Exercise or need to top up on your current gear I would really recommend Decathlon to get kitted out. We were really impressed with everything, really good quality the prices were super good value and they do everything from Judo to Horse Riding too so amazing selection.   

For a branch near you or their online service check them out here. 

I would love to here your staying fit tips when you're busy.


  1. I am so bad at finding time for the gym, I work 8.30 am to 5.30pm and am supposed to go on my way home but often I'm just too tired. The key is definitely finding a routine that works and sticking to it. I discovered Clubbercise last night, a 5 min walk to the community centre and then dancing about in the dark with glow sticks for an hour, I loved it and if I go every week it means I only have to find time for the gym twice a week now. Fingers crossed!

    Chloe X

    1. Totally just fitting it in where you can and not going mental if you dont! I need to try this class though....but I would want Rum and Coke ha ha x

    2. congratulations you look amazing and are a total inspiration x