Getting Organised!

OK so I don't do New Years Resolutions as I always break them but after the chaos of Christmas there are certainly a few things I want to get back on track with or improve on. The NO 1 thing has got 
to be: 

Be more organised!!!

I don't know why but one of my favourite things to do is just ram stuff in my handbag. Instead of actually putting my card back in my purse or my phone in that handy side pocket so you can actually get it when you need it. Instead I spend quite a bit of my day scratching around in my bag like a mole or in a cold sweat that I've been robbed and there is a belt full of shopping to pay for. 

Shaming.... Rubbish, Tat, Trinidad Dollars?! 
and a Champagne Cork ha

So the first thing I did on a very hungover New Years day was blitz my bags.....oh yes I have more than one. In fact I'm a bit of a Handbag addict....which actually adds to the problem because I ram stuff in all of them and then forget to transfer everything I will need over. I'm truly amazed when after digging around if I want a bit of chewing gum, a baby wipe or my lippy and its actually there!

Now here's the good bit...do you know you can get a Handbag organiser?! I was that fed up I just goggled it. I ordered it for £3.50 and I have to say I love....I just have to promise myself to put the stuff back in all the compartments! It is so handy though and has two little handles so you can transfer it to other bags. I think its perfect for people making the step down from a change bag as well though because you can fit a full pack of wipes, a nappy or underpants and pair of socks in the middle too.

Step 1. Clear out any rubbish, crumbs, sweet wrappers and.. well the possibility's are endless.....

Step 2. Receipts. Bin old ones but don't forget to redeem points....main problem of being un-organised is that I never seem to have my loyalty cards so collect the receipts. To be honest it is pretty simple on most sites to redeem the points so don't be put off.

Step 3. Fill up your organiser with the things you need and live a happy life ha ha!



Handbag Essentials

  • Purse, Cards and Cash
  • Phone...say no more.
  • Hand Sanitiser and Hand Cream.
  • Pen and Note Pad
  • Tissues
  • Wet Wipes
  • Glasses 
  • Lipstick
  • Keys
  • Chewing gum

Love to hear your essentials?

If you would like your own Handbag Organiser click


  1. Haha, I laughed at scratching around like a mole!

    I'm like this too, I think the bigger the bag the more I tend to hoard. I wonder why it's so heavy at the end of the week and then manage to salvage about 5 sets of cutlery out of it!

    The bag organiser looks helpful, I bet you feel like a new women...

    Ami x


  2. I do! It's amazing ha ha cant believe I didn't know about them. xx