The thing about kids is....

So it started as an innocent little post on Facebook by my friend Angella's Gym. They decided to show her amazing transformation and how she has lost 4st probably to inspire others. Now amongst a lot of great comments below the post, one of the first was a.... I cant use any other word to describe it than Shitty. There was a shitty comment from a lady to say 

"I bet she doesn't have 3 kids and a full time job..."  

What a knob right? To assume that the only reason anyone could loose weight is if they have an easy life or that a life without kids is carefree. In fact to just assume anything about a person you know nothing about or to be mean full stop. Be like Bill and all that man...just move along. No need.

However it then went a bit crazy with other comments sticking up for wor Angella naturally. She's lush. Now I have 2 children and have also lost 5st  so I was right with them, this woman was making excuses at the expense of someone else and trying to diminish her achievement...but then some of the comments turned to...it has to be said from young childless folk. 

"God I hate it when people complain about having kids, you had them" and "People who complain about having kids make me sick, they are so lucky to have them" and "Just because you have kids doesn't mean you cant go to the gym!"....

Now woah!...OK. Lost me a bit there peeps and let me tell you why. 

1. You will not find a parent in the entire world, who wouldn't die for their kids. No matter how much they complain... and even when they want to strangle the living crap out of them. They still REALLY love them. It makes no sense but its just the way it is.

2. Until you have kids YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Sorry but its true. Any ideas you have of what it will be like, what you will be like and or what you will do. Just erase that from your mind right now. I swear you wont need it.

3. Don't you complain about stuff? Your job, your Mother, your hair etc? Things that you cant really change or want to but it makes you feel better to just have a MOAN? Yip, kids are just like that 
too. Simple. 

4.Yes we are super lucky to have these gorgeous little halflings in our life. If you're unable to have kids and would like them I am truly sorry for that but I promise we are not trying to upset you or be ungrateful. Its just like anything else you have really bad days...like realllly bad. Sometimes it stretches a week and that's all we are saying, "WOW this is tougher than I imagined". 

5. They are here ALL the time. Not many of us have childcare on tap and if we ever do we usually want to sit in silence and drink wine. So this point about not being able to go to the gym because you have kids is pretty valid. Yes we can all do our best as per my last blog but contrary to popular belief there are no crèches at the gym (not mine anyway) and you cant take a 3 year old Spinning. That's all we are pointing out. Not that your busy life isn't as important as ours, its just different road blocks.

6. You cant change your mind. On your worst days. No matter what happens. No matter how hard it is or different to what you expected. It isn't a job or a house or a pet you can just swop. They are here for good...even if "We had them". We wouldn't change it anyway but its a fact.

The thing about Kids is.....
 they are most amazing, terrifying, hard, incredible and mind blowing decision you will ever make and sometimes that is pretty overwhelming....that's all.

If you are wondering about my mate Angella's weight loss check her out on Instagram @Spanjee...amazing inspiration just remember to be like Bill though ha ha!

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