Can the Housework wait?

Please tell me this is not just my house?!

Last week I took my littlest out for a walk while his brother was at school, and I stopped at a cafe with a park opposite hoping for 5 minutes peace. Oz was being his usual crazy self though and as usual I felt a bit frazzled stopping him doing several mental things; including having a poop on the grass..."because dogs do it!". I was trying not to cry into my now cold cuppa as well as thinking at home it also looked like I was losing a game of Jumanji, just then a little old lady piped up. "Aw they are only little once, just enjoy him"......

I resisted the urge to say "Excuse me did you need to carry around dog bags when your children were little?!" ...I just smiled and agreed but I couldn't stop my self pouring out "There is always SO much to do though...so much housework...which they create" The lady, called Ann 67, went on to tell me about her two mild mannered daughters (that explained why I had more grey hair than her) and then she gave me another nugget of wisdom....

  "Just enjoy them, the housework can wait...."

At this point Oscar had found a stray cat and had it in an impressive head lock, not one scratch on him... so I had to shoot off and rescue it, but it played on my mind all day and I was desperate to find Ann and ask her, 

"What exactly will the housework wait for?!!!" "Wait for what?" or maybe "Who will it wait for?"

I honestly feel like I never stop washing and ironing and just scrubbing stuff with baby wipes...like anything I can. Seriously is there anything baby wipes cant do?! Anyway the point is I never stop doing housework but the house is never tidy and even then there is always more to do. Like I haven't swopped my Summer/winter wardrobe over in years, I'm just careful of flying objects any time I open my cupboard now, also has anyone actually washed their skirting boards since they went into labour? 

That's the thing you don't realise when you have children, not only is there more work, makes sense another person = another persons washing and dishes etc but no no. They actually create new mess, for some reason to children stuff neatly in draws and boxes looks MUCH better all over the house, this also applies to cushion's in a major way. There is also the mind boggling stuff of eating sudocreme or just yesterday Oscar thought it was a good idea to carry around a bottle of Ribena (blood as he said) and I don't think the landing carpet will ever recover....another hour of my life scrubbing I will never get back. 

The husband has just recently started working from home as well and to be fair he's quite good at housework but this has brought new headaches. Like because we are all here all the time there are so many dishes...and crumbs actually ALOT of crumbs. When was the last time you ran out of Mugs?! Also his trying to squash 4 loads of washing into the machine at one time has ended in colour blended outfits of grey for us all!....I cant even get into his "Floor-Drobe"...where all his clothes live on the floor.

I just long for the day back when I used clean and the house would stay that way, where an ironing pile only took one episode of Greys Anatomy to do including a little cry break instead of a full Season. The thing about housework as well is if you leave it, unlike someone drowning no one comes to help you out, last week my brother actually sat on a pile of clean clothes waiting to be folded and my bestie's just accept that come for a cuppa means -You get a cuppa we talk while you watch me doing dishes or cooking! 

Obviously its HELLO Mummy's guilt as well even though I'm making them their favourite tea or making sure their footy kit is clean and ready I still feel bad that I'm not sitting playing with them, but I'm frightened we will literally drown in washing one day, or the bathmat will walk down stairs carried by germs if I stop..... 

So can someone please hunt Ann down and ask her "What will the housework wait for?...I'm too busy stripping the beds...


  1. Very enjoyable !! Can totally relate , keep up the blogsxx

  2. Very enjoyable and also very relateable! Im always made to feel like the bad mum at baby groups because I clean. They all have the 'leave it' 'they wont be this small for long' notion and Im all about the 'but theres pots and cat hairs and crumbs and knickers everywhere' A clean house for me is a clean mind and also a very busy day but I cant just 'leave it' yeah they 'wont be this little for long' but my house to will drown in filth if I dont clean everyday, even if I dont actually get anywhere with it!!
    Just remember your an amazing mummy and your your house will never be spotless (another lil baby group line haha) x

    1. Aw thank you! So true I used to have such a lovely home but its just bombed everyday and its hard to adjust ha ha x

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