Best You

I have been thinking about this for a while as my new resolution was to invest more time in my self. Us Mammy's and indeed woman are often sooo busy, its in our nature to people please and put everyone/thing else before ourselves and we often suffer as a consequence. Sometimes that just means our hair could use some love and sometimes its more serious, effecting our health, mental well-being and generally how we feel about our selves.

For some, self image is considered vain but I say BOLLOCKS to that. For a start there wouldn't be a beauty industry with an estimated worth of $265 Billion this year if people, Woman and Men didn't think not only looking but feeling good was so important, and I think they go hand in hand anyway.   

So I've decided to take my blog in a new direction or should I say add a new section. It will still be business as usual with Child related rants, Calorific Recipes and Reviews. However you will see there is a new Category at the top called "Best You" Basically I'm going to start doing some blog's on anything that will make you look and feel the best you can, therefore the Best You.

I will be covering everything from Nails to Weightloss to Holistic therapy's to Plastic Surgery. Personally there is NO judgement from me on anything if it works. I haven't worked in a salon for a few years but I am actually a fully qualified Beauty Therapist. So I will being doing tutorials on my self and willing friends, Guinea pigging myself out for other treatments...I've been asked to have a Colonic Irrigation next week, Oh yes I mean anything. 

Also for the first every time but with much excitement, I will be having some lovely guest blog's, starting with an amazing girl I've met through social media called Donna; She has lost over 5st and had a Tummy Tuck last year. Her attitude about it is amazing, she is so honest and inspiring plus she has documented the whole thing on Instagram, so I particularly cant wait for that blog.

I heard something years ago that stuck with me from the beauty guru Helena Rubenstien "There are no ugly people just lazy ones" now I'm not calling anyone lazy for a second but in a less snotty way I get what Helena is saying, fitting in a little time for our selves goes a long way, making the most out of what you have and being proud of it too. Owning you. 

Now If you have ANYTHING you have ever wondered about, perhaps how to take off gel nails, what happens in a Brazilian wax, how does the scar from a tummy tuck look just shout. It wont be all at once as this is an ongoing thing but I will do it at some point. Also if you have a story you would like to share of a treatment or something that has changed your life and indeed if you have a business you would like to share that falls into this category.

Please comment below or contact me privately through my social media or email me Here

So excited for this next step in my blog and to connect with you lovely lot.


  1. Can't wait for this! The tummy tuck story will be particularly interesting, losing 9 stone has left my tummy looking pretty awful!

  2. Pick me for your Guinea pig please!!! Especially if it's wrinkle related!!! ����

  3. Ooo can't wait for this! I've been thinking about getting lip fillers but the idea of an injection in my lip is terrifying me!

    Katie x