The Craic with tantrums....

Just a quicky as been asked quite a lot on my views today and spoke on BBC Newcastle on "Tantrum -gate" where a woman was asked to leave John Lewis because her 3yr old was going aka. I would love to give a well balanced article here but I'm short on time....and I'm off to sink a bottle of wine after my child has had several of said "Tantrums" today and just devoured my new MAC lipstick....

However I would like to let the world know that in my opinion:

  • Despite how fun it looks NO parent in the universe ever want's their child to have a toe-curling and frustrating tantrum at any time never mind in public. FACT. 
  • Tantrums are NOT a parents fault. Seriously. Neither desired or required. Its the small print of the job no one reads ....until its too late and you dont know what sleep is any more.  
  • How you look after your child is YOUR business. No one should feel pressured into acting a certain way towards an irrational CHILD whose only desire in life is...sweeties, at all times.
  • Much like who came first the chicken or the egg, despite the arrogance of some NO ONE has found the answer to cure the little people of "Tantrums" in fact I've seen grown ups have them.
  • Parents unfortunately have to live life too, go out, occasionally shop, get fresh air and eat...the selfish monsters.  
  • To anyone looking on in disgust PLEASE feel free to take a break from tutting and have said child, I'm sure the mother wouldn't hesitate for a second on a wee, cuppa and 10min general regroup in peace....
  • If you are a fellow parent in the trenches, you know the drill. Give them a sympathetic "Been there a lot" nod and offer your own emergency raisins, chocolate buttons, baby wipes etc if needed.
  • If you are disturbed by said child TOUGH SHIT....grow up. If people annoy you I advise not going out, there is a lot to be offended by in this world but an innocent ratty toddler is bottom of the list.... 
...Oh and I wish an atomic wobbler on you some day. I will be the one holding out a Milky Bar....

This is dedicated to my sons Archie and Oscar, keeping me in material for over 6yrs and making me stronger than I ever thought possible. Also to any parent who has ever wanted the ground to swallow them whole...I SALUTE YOU. 

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more. Bring on the wine!