PetitS Poussins French Lessons

So we are going off to France next week for half term and the boys have been so excited, asking tonnes of questions about the culture food and language. They have now started spouting off a few words that I have told them from my rusty GCSE but they sound like mini Joeys off Friends..."Blu boa blee"


What is Buckingham Palace like?

On New Years I found out that my Mum was included in the honours list to get a CBE...thats a Commander of the British Empire to us, for service to Business and Entrepreneurship... basically for being a superstar in her job and helping so many other people in the North East in their business a lot of the time for free. I wasn't really surprised because


Being a Mother is really tough sh*t....

I was just casually having a nice day when THIS picture popped into my Timeline.