EU Referendum - Why I'm voting to Leave.

I wasn't going to write a blog about this. I'm generally a political free zone but this is one of the biggest decisions our country will ever make. Unlike the general election, where every 5yrs if we don't like it, we can throw it all out of the window and start again, this is probably the only chance our generation will get to vote on the EU though. This is for keeps. Which is why I have become passionate about the referendum. 

Last week I was asked to be on a panel with BBC Newcastle talking about Brexit which was really interesting and I have been debating on lots of other platforms about this too. I have generally been quite shocked by some of the opinions or misunderstanding surrounding this...and to be fair its not surprising with all the rubbish flying about but with just 2 days left it's time to start making up our mind.

 I'm voting OUT, it is for many reasons but one is that my Dad was a deep sea Fisherman who, due to unfair EU fishing quotas introduced, worked himself into the grave aged 46 and more recently my Husband  who works in industry, which again due to EU laws/policies there is nothing left of in UK never mind in the North East.

I not trying to tell anyone how to vote the choice is yours but I wanted to put my thoughts out there as to why, if it wasn't already in my heart shall we say to vote OUT here are the reasons I still would go for Brexit.

No one voted to be in the EU.
That's right. No one. Not even the staunch 'Remain' people out there who were old enough to vote in the 70's. People like my Grandparents voted into the 'Common Market' or as it was called then the EEC which was meant to be ONLY about Trade. Heath’s 1971 White Paper on entry had promised no “erosion of essential national sovereignty”. However, then without a vote they changed and renamed it the EU dragging us into the club we are in now. Completely not what we signed up for and no wonder the older generation now feel totally conned. They did not sign up to have European law now override British law, a single currency, loss of our border control or any moves to a superstate we now are seeing. 

We are only leaving the EU not leaving Europe.
There seems to be some confusion here. I swear I might cry the next time I hear someone say something along the lines of "If we leave Europe..." We would only be leaving the EU not Europe, we will still be part of Europe and be "European". Europe is a continent with 44 countries, the EU is an expensive club run by bureaucrats who we can't elect but who govern us. It only has 28 members out of 44, it does not control Europe either. We will still all be friends reaching out to each other and like anyone sane still work together against terrorism and for world peace. It's ridiculous to suggest this is a school yard and they would risk the safety of anyone because they are in a huff, not to mention we have the third largest military budget in the world, are the leader of the common wealth, a founding member of NATO and the UN. We are a good mate to have.

Trade will be fine.
I don't profess to be an economist by any stretch but I do know we import far more from the EU than they do from us and business is not sentimental, at its core is profit. So I think its far fetched to say that because we are not in the same "club" now Germany for example would turn us down as one of their biggest buyers of German cars or France would stop us buying their wine, not to mention we could now go else where. Actually, last year for the first time ever, the UK bought more wine from California than we did from France...a country in financial trouble won't want that to continue. Also out of the EU, which compared to the rest of the world isn't thriving economically, we will be free to trade with the WHOLE world and still with the EU. We’ll join EFTA or the EEA. The four freedoms will remain. Goods, services, people and capital will move freely around Europe just as now. Iceland, Norway and Switzerland show how it works. Many countries around the world trade with the EU without accepting the supremacy of EU law too. We will gain the power to strike our own trade deals with whom ever we like, creating new business opportunities and creating more jobs for the UK. 

Its a VERY expensive club.
£350 million per week....Ok not even the Remain can agree on the figure and to be honest even £1 million a week would be too much for me. What ever the figure is I've heard over and over from the remain that this is drop in the ocean of our budget and yes, over a year, it is only 9% of what we spend on the NHS so it wouldn't make a massive dent on that. However, £350m would build a new and fully staffed hospital per week. On a bigger scale we send 60x more to the EU than we spend on our own NHS Cancer Drug Fund and our EU fee per year is over half of what we spend on our entire UK School Budget. The point was made to me yesterday that we get some of the money back, yes but with many restrictions on how to spend it. Also, that figure is going up and up especially if we take on more members in financial difficulty. The Euro is permanently on the brink of crisis too and we will be forced to bail it out again. How much will that cost the UK? Since 1973 we have paid the EU half a TRILLION pounds...it's not looking like such a small amount now really. How many UK jobs could be created with that figure?

I can't vote for the leaders of the EU and I don't know them.
Do you know without Googling it who the Leader or Leaders of the EU are? Nope me neither. I don't want to be governed by someone I can't vote for, can't be voted out and who doesn't live in our country, climate, culture and know our needs; I also read that the top 5 leaders have never even been to the UK! We don't have a vote on who the leaders are at all and who would be best to run the EU... I mean  they have 5 Presidents; whats that all about? That's not a democracy. I can hear the Remain shouting "We do have UK MEPs to speak for us" Yes but they only get to speak for 1 minute at a time and we only have a tiny 8% say in the EU despite being in the top 3 contributors. They are remote and unaccountable. Our MPs what ever you think at least we know them and their families. Ive even bought the same dress the PMs wife Sam Cam...see they even have nicknames.

The Eurozone has a permanent majority in the EU voting system which means we are nearly ALWAYS out voted. Of 576 EU policies UK MEPS opposed, 485 were still passed and imposed on us. David Cameron himself went to Brussels not long ago to try and get a nice fat juicy carrot to help him persuade the UK to remain or anything in fact to support his plea and he got nothing, he was swotted away. We have little to no power in the EU despite "Being able to vote MEPs" If you hate our government now fine, I agree change is needed on every level and thats the beauty of our government we can completely change it but the first step is removing the EUs grip. 

United States of Europe.
There is this real feel of the EU wanting to be a Superstate like the USA. Now I love the USA and try to visit at least once a year but the difference is all 52 states speak the same language, litereally. Of the EU members as a group we all speak 28 different languages not to mention huge cultural difference's and despite I'm sure the best translators out there, it is really hard to communicate what is best for all or individuals when you don't speak the same language. It just doesn't work and why there is so much red tape in my opinion, nothing flows.

Nigel Farage and Daniel Hannan wants OUT.
Love or hate Farage he is one of the precious Remains UK MEPs in the EU and so is Daniel Hannan. They see it all in Brussels and he hate it so much and the levels of "Bureaucracy" that they are begging you to put them out of a job by voting OUT...and have no fear if you don't like Farage he's not a MP so couldn't go on to be in our government or PM he just wants OUT. He's Daniel Hannan putting it a bit better than Mr F, speaking at his old University Oxford. 
EU Debate

Industry and UK business has been ruined by the EU.
The word Industry covers A LOT of professions and I agree there have been contributing factors in some to their demise not entirely the EU's fault. Thatcher focused and succeeded in making us one of the top financial capitals of the world and industry suffered; Steel for an example is a grey area where blame should lie. However, there are many industries that have completely been decimated by the EU. Fishing being one of them. Ridiculous Fishing quotas that other EU country don't have to abide by or they ignore, EU laws that created over fishing; totally killing our Fishing industry. As I mentioned before, my Dad who passed away at 46, not before he went to the House of Commons to campaign for fairer terms and to sustain fishing in their own waters. In his words, "I'm a fisherman, if we fish the sea dry what will I do for a living then? Sustainability and fair terms is the only way".... That was 25yrs ago and nothing has changed except Fishing has now died by 60%. (A Youtube video of my Dad talking about this before his death is at the bottom for those interested)

There are so many EU polices and Laws now in place that have wrapped us in so much red tape, industry has disappeared. Favouring other EU country's over us for contracts and factories being built elsewhere.  For example, Cadbury moved their factory from Bristol to Poland in 2011 with a EU grant. Ford Transit moved from Southampton to Turkey in 2013 with an EU grant, despite not being in the EU and much more. The unfair 'Subsidiary Policy' means our government can't subsidise projects like Ship Building, Car Manufacture, Wind Farms etc to make us more competitive to other businesses; again we lose out as we look expensive compared to countries with cheaper labour. EU emission law that shut down Alcan aluminium plant in Ashington because they couldn't afford to upgrade their factory to EU compliance so it was closed. There just arn't the jobs, especially in the North East, where unemployment is the highest in the UK. It is not wonder food banks are overrun, but in the 5th largest economy in the world? Getting out of the EU will bring industry and jobs back to all. 

Shit I said the word. There we go its out there. This is at the bottom of my list to be honest but it is an important issue. I'm actually ALL for immigration but we simply can't sustain the amount of people coming into our country from the EU, currently over 300,000 per year. In perspective thats a city the size of Newcastle every.year. It is also 2 thirds over our immigration target of 100,000 on our NHS, Schools, Housing and much more. I love other nationalities and cultures. I've lived, worked in and enjoyed other countries myself. I couldn't vote in those countries though (my relative has paid tax in Australia for years and is married to a national but still can't vote there) I couldn't receive any benefits either or help including health care. My son broke his arm in USA and it cost £10K...really, but we luckily had paid out of our own wages for health insurance. Some of its fair some isn't but I accepted that as part of living in those countries, I didn't have to live there.  

So I think a skilled migrant programme like USA, Australia etc have in place would be much better for the UK. Skill shortages that are a worry in our NHS for example Drs etc, we could still hire fantastic people from every nationality, walk of life and who are best suited to the job;not just free movement of EU workers. People can still come and enjoy the UK but also pay back into the UK economy. Importantly, we will also be able to deport dangerous and frankly, evil individuals like Abu Hamza who it took us 9yrs to deport all the while the tax payer footed his bill. Foreign Aid and the Refugee crisis are a separate issue to me and we should help, it is life or death for the people suffering, not about "a better life"  

I have been horrified by all the scaremongering going on and although I may be biased I think it is on an industrial level for the Remain camp. The most over use of "Could" I have ever seen, using £9 million of our tax payers money on a propaganda campaign. Still not one word of what will be good if we remain. To name a few....


Ive heard many times from the Remain camp that "We will have a recession" No more or any information to go with this but that is maybe because NO one can predict what will happen either way. They both are unknown. However, let's not forget that we have had the biggest recession that our generation has ever witnessed recently while IN the EU, we are not exempt either way. 

Scotland will leave.

Scotland already tried to leave, nothing to do with the EU, but didn't. However, if this silly suggestion that Scotland want to leave again Brexit I doubt the then fast collapsing EU (because we are in the top 3 contributors of 28 members, a lot already bankrupt like Greece) would even allow Scotland to join with a tiny economy. Whom has also now been proved beyond doubt if they had left the UK they would be completely bankrupt today. ALSO Scotland are getting a vote on BREXIT as part of the UK like anyone else if they feel like that they can vote IN.

All the pensioners will be kicked out of EU countries.

So why will all these wealthy retired people who do nothing but spend their pensions on food, leisure activities etc and OWN property giving more money to these countries be kicked out? For example Spain or France are bankrupt and need all the tourism/help they can get. I was in France last week and while a stunning country the poverty was incredible. Even experts say it is so  unlikely to happen, not to mention we could offer the same terms of any Spanish etc people living in the UK. No one wants that let's stay friends.

Pensions are not safe out side the EU.

This is a lie the Government's own triple-lock guarantees that state pensions must rise in line with either the cost of living, inflation or 2.5% – whichever is highest.

Visa's will be a nightmare, we won't be able to go on holiday to Europe anymore.

Well for a start my husband has travelled to Norway for work many times, Ive accompanyied him before and you don't need a visa even though its outside of the EU to travel or work. Seeing as we are still in Europe after Brexit this maybe the case too. If Visa's do get put in place, for holiday makers this will only be a small form to fill out on the plane anyway. If you have ever been to the USA, Carribean, Mexico etc you will know how simple it is. Plus sometimes you will save time queuing at passport control because you will be able to go to "Non EU countries" desk don't know about you but it always seems quieter!

Human Rights.

I keep hearing how the EU have given us so many human rights like Maternity Pay, paid leave etc. Well for a start I think we would have put these in place naturally our selves in the last 40yrs without EU help, as a civilised country and nation developing every year. We now know smoking is terrible for us, obviously it is banned in public places today; which back when we joined the EU people could smoke on planes for heaven sake. We have also setentirely on our own, nothing to do with the EU, Minimum Wage as the highest in Europe and I think all of those 'Rights' would have been the same. Plus do you really think after Brexit they will just take them away and turn us back to cave menIn my opinion there is NO way, there would be a civil war on the government from IN and OUT. We all want the best for the UK people after all.

This is as good as it gets.
I am fed up of the Remains message that Brexit will be a leap in the dark but has anyone heard ONE person on the IN club say anything will get better if we stay? No me either. If anything would have swayed me to BREMAIN it would have been reform of the EU and improvements made in the UK now but Ive only seen fire fighting to stay in. I chose to ask this as my question at the BBC debate, that if we stay would there be anything that will be better or is this is as good as it gets folks? I literally couldn't get an answer. I think it speaks volumes and even as I mentioned before even David Cameron couldn't get anything to "sweeten' the deal from an EU so desperate to keep us. Not to mention no one has discussed the risks with stayingWill they see us staying in as a weakness therefore being stricter on us? Will we be punished for not taking on the Euro or be pressured again to adopt it? Which at best has given its adoptive countries years of stagnation and miseryWhat if Turkey or  any other countries in financial difficulty join the EU which seems likelyWill it collapse

No one can say either way what will happen but I know one thing for certain and that's what it is like to be in the EU. Nobody has said anything will improve, the UK and the way we live today is it. So I am willing to take a chance on something much better. I am voting out for our Democracy, our British Sovereignty and to be part of the whole world again not trapped in a failing club.

Brexit or bremain just make sure you vote.

I dedicate this blog to my Dad who I miss terribly but who worked his back off to provide for me and my brother and who still make's me extremely proud. My vote is for him. 

His video is below.


  1. so sad but hopefully we can change all this , out out OUT

  2. so sad but hopefully we can change all this , out out OUT

  3. so sad but hopefully we can change all this , out out OUT

  4. Very well written. Not nasty or scare mongering. I decided a long time ago I want out of this big mess.

  5. Very well written. Not nasty or scare mongering. I decided a long time ago I want out of this big mess.

    1. Thank you very much I tried to put it simple and the scaremongering has been awful. x