Cinema Trip at Home!

Ok so if you follow the blog you will know we are HUGE movie fans  but I wont lie its pricey, a family ticket is £25 and with snacks you can easily dust £40-50 with just two kids never mind any more. 

Also if you read that other blog First Cinema Trip Tips you will see why Oscar is not allowed back at the Cinema until he is at least 5. 
Doesn't mean we have to miss out though, we love to do movie night at home, its often Archie's choice of 'Reward chart' treat. 

So I try to make it a bit more special than just watching a film. I thought I would share what we do, for a FRACTION of the price, also perfect for a dreaded rainy day.

Make a sign: 
The kids can't even read but they love this at the door even a few days before.

Get tickets: 
I just use these old ice skating
 ones. Again a bit daft but the kids love them but there are tonnes of printable's on the net like this Printable Ticket.

Get some cinema style food: 

I don't care what is in them, I love a hot dog...naturally with the works. What about nachos or a pizza. Here is my super 
Easy Cheat Pizza
...could even let kids help to make that first. If your feeling brave.

For bigger groups what about a Popcorn station like we did at our Christmas Movie night? goes down a storm.

Make a kids goodie box: 

Even the husband likes these treat filled trays! I made them from a left over take away tub, washed out.

I got the little popcorn boxes from a pound shop place for, you guessed it £1 for 10, they come in other colours too. I then put in a drink complete with a straw for a cinema feel, the last thing our kids need is sugary pop so lemon flavour fizzy water is as close as it gets.

I then put in a rubber cupcake case, obviously a paper one would do though, to put some sweeties in and a box of raisins.

Then fill with goodies: Home-made popcorn, sweeties, crisps what ever you like....as you can see I have tried to sneak an apple in! Still they love them and cost about £1 total per one.

Even I want one!

Make it grown up: 

We can rarely get a sitter and it adds 
to the already pricey night anyway but doesn't mean 
'Date Night! has to stop, so how about a nice selection 
of Tapas and a bottle of wine for the adults.

Movie Time:

Grab a blanket and some pillows: For extra 'cozyness'. I Love bringing down one of the mattress's...the husband does.not but its so comfy!

 Draw the curtains if its not dark,got to be done for a real 'Movies' feel. Enjoy the film.  

Here are some other ways I have used "Movie at Home" for kids an Adults so much fun and a fraction of the cost.

Archie's Movie and Minion Madness Party


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