Summertime Madness

Is it just me or are the kids bat shit crazy at the minute ?!

Like not normal levels of mental energy but 2 espresso's, a bag of blue smarties and a bad attitude style cray cray?

When the kids broke up I was actually looking forward to it, its Oscars last ever summer before starting school, its nice to spend time with my big lad Archie, no rushing about in the morning and we have some fun things planned. 

However its seems the minute we walked out the school yard 2 weeks ago, laden with 43,000 "art projects" 3 models and a cress head....parents I don't need to explain that one.... they have turned into wild gremlins and I don't know why.

I had surprised even my self and been a bit organised, as I'm trying to work from home too, I have a little schedule of things we are doing to keep on track. Naturally reading and writing a bit every day so September isn't a shock....I apologise now to his teacher we have yet to pick up a book, its like I'm asking for a kidney with a blunt spoon. Last year we did a scrap book of the Holidays....not gonna lie it didn't get finished either BUT we tried, this years hasn't even been opened.

I've booked in some intensive swimming courses to get the boys through their badges but this has turned into utter hell, way worse than the school run, having to be up and out with basically an overnight bag by 8.30am. Oz does his lesson and by this I mean the teacher spends 28mins shouting at 12 kids (mostly Oscar) and all they want to do it piss about and hit each other with pool noodles. We have a 30min break where I'm badgered every second on why they NEED a bottle of water out the vending machine not the bottle in their hand!

Back to the hottest place on earth...have I mentioned that I would be cooler on the Sun? Archie has his lesson, they are older but its similar affair of no one listening while I wrestle Oscar from jumping back in the pool to "Have fun with Oaarch" for 30mins solid. I am relieved there are other siblings doing the same and Mums looking like they also need wine already, except for the odd girl sitting plaiting my little ponies quietly but I choose to ignore them as my eye twitches with jealousy.....

Its then a task on par with 'Total Wipeout' to get them both showered and dressed for sport camp WITH a packed lunch for a few hours work peace....this is everyday for 2 weeks! May I add though it would cost way more to take them out for the day. How expensive is ...EVERYTHING?! Even just the beach on parking, a cuppa and a picnic... which they obviously don't want, they want a bag of chips and an ice cream.

This brings me onto my next point FOOD. How can someone so little eat so much?! I'd done a huge Aldi shop of "Snacky Crap" in advance for packed lunches etc but it was decimated in days. If chocolate buttons give you peace I'm not judging but this is healthy stuff as well. Whole punnets of strawberries, bags of nuts and raisins, yogurts, popcorn, bananas even pittas and hummus! Just grazing all the live long day....what do they do at School? They must be malnourished.

I honestly feel a bit shell shocked. Its really intense ha. Obvs I haven't been blogging much but any moment I've had I'm tidying up Tornado/Burglary that has clearly hit the house or I'm crying into my 6th cuppa and Nutella crumpets until our next "activity"...which they also don't want to do. They literally don't play with anything anymore, its only winging about being bored.

*Pours some more tea and eats Nutella straight out the jar....

I realise reading this I need to man up but I'm not sure how?! While Oz was having a tantrum in the supermarket yesterday, on the floor as you do, a lady ...probably called Ann (see here Can the housework wait? ) said "Oooo still 4 weeks left as well!"....Why would you say that ANN?!!! I swiftly took advantage of the deal on Prosecco.... that's obviously the best answer.

Cheers, only 4 weeks left.....

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