Personalised Gifts with Rusks and Rebels

Who doesn't like personalised stuff? Its just that bit extra special isn't it but as an Ashlie I had nothing with my name on when I was a kid so when I found out about Rusks and Rebels I knew I had to have them over for a party and get some Christmas gifts sorted. I love to shop local but the story of this company is really heart warming indeed. 

When the founders started the company in 2011 apart from making fantastic personalised and ethically sourced clothing they also had some other serious motivation in mind. Their son Dylan has a very rare genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome and they wanted to be able to make his future employment more certain. They dreamed of being able to employee people with disabilities that have maybe struggled to get into the work place and with their own personal experience will taking on their first employee in the New Year. I'm sure Dylan will follow suit as soon as he has finished school. Dreams do come true.

I got my welcome pack a week before the party which like everything is beautifully wrapped. On the night Gayle came along and set up her gorgeous bits and bobs about half an hour before the guests. Then the girls arrived I'd put on some nibbles out, a few bottles of fizzy and we went straight into a game... I won but I swear it wasn't a fix. We then had a chance to look through the rails and the first thing I noticed about the clothes is that they are such good quality. Gayle then explained you can not only personalise with your name you can choose from more colours than the rainbow. The best thing about it I thought, was there was no hard sell just a lovely relaxed evening and now I have a lot of my Christmas Presents sorted and personalised.   

As Christmas is just around the corner I was loving all the festive things especially the Christmas cushion for "Your spot on the sofa" and the "Love your Elf" t shirt...good advice if you ask me. I got the Letterman jackets for my two little monsters and gorgeous personalised baseball tees with their age on too; they are lush and I get asked about them every outing. For some reason the first time we went out in them I took the boys for the most ridiculous Chocolate milkshakes and obviously they got covered...I can assure you though everything came out though; they wash so well. Also delivered straight to your door in tissue paper after the party! 

If you would like to get some lovely Rusks and Rebels wares or even better have your own party then get in touch and have a neb around their website here.


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