Blow Dry's with Glam Squad

A few weeks back I was going out on the Mums Christmas night out and any girl knows December is insane. 
I had been making fudge at 5am for the school fayre, went to work in the morning and then was working the cake stall at said fayre leaving me with about 35min turn around. On my home in between work and the fayre I had just under an hour and technically my lunch break I decided to nip into Glam Squad and have a blow dry and just take a good 45mins for myself and I did not regret it. 

The gorgeous salon is situated just outside of Newcastle so easy to access and I got parked right outside, it is also right on Jesmond's Metro Station. I later learned its quite popular with ladies going out, to pop off the metro get "Glammed up" and go out straight from the salon looking fabulous. I was greeted by all the staff, doing different jobs from hair, make up, nails and hair extensions. 

I was asked the look I was going for and given a lovely cup of tea while we chatted. A lovely deep shampoo and head massage, I couldn't even remember the day or that I only had 40mins to spare. My hair stylist went straight to work on a curly blow whilst everyone in the salon was nattering about Christmas plans like we all knew each other not that we had just met. I felt like I blinked and my hair had gone from sopping wet to a bouncy mane of curls EXACTLY like I'm always trying to but failing to do myself.

I was offered to have my make up done too and after seeing a few other girls being made to look amazing....I just can't do highlighter like that...however I had to dash off to the bake sale but looking 20x better than I arrived. My curly blow survived a quick shower later and looked good as new with a quick fluff up and I don't mind saying (we are all friends here) I didn't wash it for 4 more days ha ha still looked great. 

If your'e looking for a quick pit stop pamper, hair up, extensions or your nails done give Glam Squad a buzz here.

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