A Festival in the Toon? #festivalonthewall

I have never been to a festival. There I said it. It's out there. Every year around April when it's usually still freezing here, I feel hugely depressed seeing my timeline full of people...and a lot of celebs doning jean hot pants with (designer) welly's in the Califonian dessert. Yip Coachella season. Then there is our own iconic Glastonbury. I had one proper chance to go over a decade ago but choose Faleraki instead, on a girls 2 weeks holiday I can barley remember but have never drank Malibu since. 

Then came the marriage, the kids and all that and any chance of going to either is less than a trip to Lapland to meet Santa...no seriously if I re-morgage the latter might happen. I know there are other Festivals on a smaller scale or even family friendly ones but if you have children, you know going away from home with or without them is like a military manoeuvre. So my dreams of going to a festival have yet to be met....until now!

I actually squeaked when I opened my email to annouce the first ever Festival on the Wall is taking place RIGHT HERE in the North East on the 4-6 August and it looks incredible. Just click below for full info, tickets and or to have your mind blown! 

The Libertines and Pet Shop boys were announced as head liners along with Mark Ronson.... who I can't tell you how excited I am about seeing. "Ooh Wee" is seriously one of my all time favourite songs, it just puts me in a good mood and was featured on the movie 'Hitch' which I watched while I was in labour! Completely exhausted and slightly delirious the mid wife asked how I was doing and replied "Ooooh Weee'. Also Twin Atlantic, JP Cooper, MNEK, The Sherlocks, Calum Scott and Maximo Park, with more acts to be announced soon.

If you are not from the North East you will not realise how incredible the venue is. Just a short drive, around 12 miles outside of buzzing Newcastle, you enter "Gods country", miles and miles of incredible scenery and history. A 350acre Private farm will play host and is right next to the iconic Hadrian's Wall. Me and the boys are often up there walking and visiting the Heritage sites it is a truly beautiful setting and you can really see the stars at night.  

As a complete Festival novice I hear it's not all about the music but the 'atmosphere' and other activitys are what makes it an amazing experience. From the looks of line up, a ROLLER DISCO, Cinema, Hot Tubs, Vip packages and food its going to be immense. Also ensured to be very Family Friendly I haven't decided wether to take the boys or not but I literally can't wait! 

I have been invited to be a blogger in residence so I will be all over my social media that week. Telling you the craic and whats going on, so stay tuned. Now I better dust off (borrow) a tent, buy some Welly's and baby wipes...I hear its alll about the baby wipes!

Do you have any Festival tips? MUCH appreciated!

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