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We are BIG fans of Beamish and visit a few times a year at least its so good, my boys can't get enough. I have never really reviewed it but when a very talented young writer send this to me there was no need and I had to publish it! Just 9yrs old, enjoy.....

Bizarre Beamish!!!

By Charlotte Scott age 9

Yesterday, my class (Year ⅘) went to Beamish. It was a long journey, at least forty five minutes away, but definitely worth it. I sat with my best friend Ella on the bus where we played a game. I started to get a little bit bored but I managed to cope with it. Once we had arrived, I was SUPER excited!!!

First, we had to go to reception. It was a good job that we went onto the fast pass track as there were lots of queues. Then, it was time. Time to go back to the 1800’s. As we went through the gates, I closed my eyes. I pretended that now, I was a Victorian. A normal girl with a normal life - or maybe not.

After that, we walked all the way to the colliery. We had to get into groups. Once we were in groups, we had to get into a line. We also had to wait for a little while, but only for about five minutes. As my group walked carefully down the steep tunnel, I could feel the buzzing atmosphere around me. To my surprise, the young miner who led us down the mine, looked really similar to Johnny Depp!!! He taught us what coal was made from and what the risks were of working there back in the day. We also learned what lights they used (Geordie/Davy lamps)! After that, he showed us how dark it would have been. It was pitch black. The only source of light we had was a little Davy lamp!!!

Once our mining session had finished, we waited for the everyone else. We decided to go to the Coal Face after the others had arrived. Inside of the Coal Face, we saw a conveyer belt with ashes and more coal on it. Four of my classmates (Ashton, Tom, William and Taylor) tried to steal some but only two succeeded (Ashton and William). Then, we went up some stairs to another room. This had the cage in it. The main part of this place was the scary bridge that everyone crammed into. I felt like we were all going to fall down!!! Luckily, everyone managed to get off safely.

Once we had exited the Coal Face, we all went to see the pit ponies. They were SUPER cute but one was simply only showing us its bottom. Also, we saw a little mummy bird feeding its little babies!!! After a short while, we went for lunch.

After lunch, we went to the town on the tram. We looked at some of the houses first. They were all very warm and old. One of them even had a living cat in it!!! Then, we went into the dentist. The most dreaded place of all. I only just had the nerve to have a look in the creepy baby room. The next town place was the sweetie shop. We even had a look at how they made them!!! Finally, we went to the bank. We were taught the coins they used to use e.g shillings and tuppence.

Now, we had to get back onto the tram and go to the school. We all thought we would be late but luckily, we got there just in time. Before our lesson, we played with a Victorian toy. It was called a Hoop Rolling. After about ten minutes, it was time for the lesson. The teacher told us to get into two lines - one for girls and one for boys. Then, he told us to call him Sir at all times. As we entered the classroom, we were all silent. We all got into our places as Sir announced the first subject.

Subject number one - arithmetic. 

We had to start by chanting our twelve times tables. After this, we had to do some really hard column addition. 

Subject number two - handwriting. 

It was really hard to do handwriting because we had to use a quill and ink. 

Subject number three - P.E. 

P.E was really fun. We had to do some running on the spot and some jumps. 

Subject number four - art. 

In art we had to draw our favourite animal. I drew a dog.

Finally, we walked back to the gift shop. There were lots of things in there. I ended up getting a vintage milk bottle with a lid and straw in blue (my favourite colour) and a red signal flag for my little brother Oliver. They both are awesome!!!

I highly recommend going to Beamish if you haven’t been already!!!

So, are you going to go to Beamish?

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