GG's Cornflake Crunchie's #recipe

They don't look like much but If you have had one of these you know they are legendary. Chewy and chocolatly,  sweet but not sickly. This isn't any old normal crispy cake show cased at most bake sales.  Oh no...

My GG would make them every christmas without fail and they became so popular it just became an any occasion treat....she even made my 30th birthday cake from them! I know a few of my old work buds will be clapping their hands because I was sworn to secrecy with this ridiculously easy recipe my GG made up, but its time to share and let it go down in history. 

You will need:

Large pan.
Big wooden spoon.
Paper cases 


For 1 batch, I bought larger sizes in the pictures as I was making loads but the following are for one batch. I'm not sure if branded stuff matters but its GG's way and always lush.

  • 1 Tin of Lyle's Golden Syrup 454g
  • 1 Tub of Bournville Cocoa Powder 125g
  • 1 Pack of SALTED butter 225g
  • Large box of Kellogg's Cornflakes.

1.Pour the whole tin of syrup and the pack of butter cubed into the pan and slowly heat until all melted.

2.Add the full tub of cocoa to the mixture and stir until it looks like tar. Turn of the heat.

3.In small batches add the cornflakes and stir until completely covered. We have a slight argument in our family, some of us enjoy less cornflakes and some find its too sickly and like more so add as much as you like but they should be covered and you probably won't use the whole box regardless.

4.Spoon into the paper cases, again small or large you decide the amount. 

5. Let them set which will take about an hour and they will go chewy, store in an airtight tub. I once asked my GG how long they keep or could be made in advance but she said she didn't know 'because they always get eaten straight away'.....Enjoy!

In loving memory of our beautiful, amazing and incredible GG. Nothing will ever be the same without you but everything is better for having had you. xoxo


  1. Aw Ash, such a lovely posh. Your GG sounds like an amazing lady. I bet I'd of got on really well with her. Katie xx

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