Paris with kids.

Next Stop on the tour was Paris! It was a gamble to take two children to Paris in August but decided it would be worth it as we were passing anyway and the boys would love to see all the sites; which they did. We only had 2 nights to spare though so crammed in as much stuff as possible.


Ypres, Belgium. WWI

So in the summer we went on a little driving holiday. It wasn't even planned but after pricing up a week in a Lakes cottage it worked out way cheaper to drive to France and get a Gite! Crazy but thats british school holidays. Anyway to cut up the journey to Provence we decided to make a few stops; I got Paris in there (blog to follow). The boys really love learning about the World Wars though and a mere 1 hour from Calais, just over the French boarder into Belgium is Ypres pronounced - Ee press.