Scones of the fruit variety....

Well its a miserable day, its been an emotional week and baking is my mecca so decided to make one of my staples just because; which is scones. I have made them all different ways but my total favourite has got to be a fruit scone. I normally use GGs (Grandma Max) recipe which is the best around but I couldn't find it and I'm not allowed to ring her before 11am...no not because she is retired and needs her rest because she has probably been up until 4am watching Made in Chelsea, Gossip Girl and Fashion Police to name a few!

So Jamie Oliver's my second favourite will do, from the amazing "Ministry-of-Food" book, this is also one of my favourite recipe books, even for an experienced cook loads of simple, easy step by step recipes. As sadly I don't know him personally I cant ask if its ok to take following pic but he's a cool guy...I'm sure its fine.......

Preparing the ingredients: I didn't have cherry's as per the recipe but used some left over cranberry's from Christmas #improvisation

The recipe said whisk the eggs and milk separately first, here is something you might not know.
TIP: When cracking eggs into any recipe if a piece of shell falls in (every time!) the shell is kind of magnetic to each other so use the other half to scoop it out, makes it so much easier; it works try it.

Add raisins and cherry's...I mean cranberry's to the egg pour into a well in the middle of the flour mixture which should look like breadcrumbs, Jamie said you can use a food processor but I couldn't (bare to get it out the attic) as like doing it by hand just drift off for a few minutes, very methodical.

 Cut them out.

Place on trays and brush with milk don't laugh at my trays, they have seen one congealed fish finger too many and didn't have time to give them a chemical peel so tin foil will do! Another tip not mentioned.
TIP: Try not to get milk on the sides just the top, it dribbles down, then hardens in the oven creating kind of ropes that don't let the scones rise.

Cooking, only took 10mins!

Scone anyone? I love clotted cream and any Bonne Maman jam today its blackcurrant, but don't tend to keep clotted cream in so Lurpak did the trick! 

Cheered up already!

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