No bake, Christmas treat's!

I LOVE baking it’s my biggest hobby but there are so many Christmas occasions where I’m normally asked to bake something.... namely the school fayre. So I thought of a little cheat way to still give some festive treats.

Maybe you also haven’t got time, or hate baking or let’s face it, the stress and mess with kids but decorating is the best bit right? 

Well here you go.

All you need is:

A selection of biscuits we went for:
  • Tea cakes, coconut rings and white Oreos.
  • Sweeties, like dolly mixtures and strawberry laces.
  • Festive sprinkles.
  • Icing.
  • Green butter cream, made up by beating:
60g butter.
250g icing sugar.
Green food colouring - choose how dark you want. 

Tea cakes/ Christmas Pudding.

Just add a dollop of white icing and some sweetie holly.

Festive Wreath.

Take a coconut ring and spread some green buttercream on. I used a piping bag for some but spreading was just as good. Add festive sprinkles straight away. 

Snowman Biscuits.

Take a white Oreo (Any round biscuit with white icing spread on it would do)
Make a face with:
Stick on 2 eyes.
Make ear muffs with dolly mixtures and sweet laces. 
I chopped up an orange sweet to make a carrot nose. 

I think they look really cute. The boys loved making them. Perfect for any Christmas occasion.


THE Hot Chocolate Station #recipe


My most popular blog to date!

 I posted it on a Friday night after years of making it for family and friends by Tuesday the views were in the millions and by Sunday It was in the National News! I haven't tasted better hot chocolate if I do say so my self and it is sooo popular. I get asked to share it a million times every festive season so here it is. Re post below....


Brownie Recipe.

Who doesn't love Brownies?! I made this recipe years ago and it is still a very firm favourite. The peanut butter version is below but today I decided to go plain brownie with a MEGA loaded top...the only danger is trying not to eat the full batch. Ideal with a cuppa, a bake sale or a pressie. Go go.....


Fluffy Brows #review

Over the years my brows have been abused by many people, including me! They are no longer sisters, in fact I don't even think they are cousins and need some serious help. I have had HD brows a few years ago but wasnt blown away. I've been considering Microblading for a while but it's a big commitment/expense and I'm not sure I'm ready for it yet. I came across Fluffy Brows by chance but I'm so glad I did.

So if you don't know Fluffy Brows are the hottest trend, one step down from Microblading but like HD Brows on steroids. They correct asymmetrical eyebrows, give volume for fuller looking brows while helping hairs growing in different directions.

It will give you perfect brows that stay in shape for 6-10wks via setting lotion. The treatment takes about 45mins sitting back relaxing and includes. 

Brow Mapping
Brow wax and thread

I literally cant believe the difference in my brows just look at the before and after pics! I got my done at HT Lashes costing £45, Hannah did an awesome job and will definitely have it done again.

Have you tried it? 


Venice. #review

It has been my life long dream to go to Italy. In case you don't know I love to travel but have just never had the chance to go; it just never seemed the easy type of place to get to like some other city breaks. In fact about 10yrs ago I huffily gave my well thumbed lonely planet 'Italy' guide to my bestie who was going at the time and said "keep it ! "Anyway fast forward and my lovely man surprised me to a trip to Venice this summer and I couldn't have been more excited. I actually cried when we arrived it was so beautiful...as you will see some of pictures look fake but I promise they are all real. 

It was slim picking from Newcastle so we went from Leeds Bradford with Jet 2 as also had great times for childcare and work! We decided to book the Lounge and think we will every time in future, it was so good. On this particular day the airport was beyond rammed, you couldn't even get a seat. This on the other hand was like walking into a secret part of the airport, SO relaxing, lovely food and unlimited drinks. Last time we came through there we paid £30 for 1 round of drinks so actually think it worked out more economical too. A full English and a bottle of fizz, we were ready to go.

Wingers booked this as a special treat and said he was going between two 5* hotels. We ended up with the 'Centurion Palace' which was really lovely and the views were superb. However, from a blogger perspective I couldn't in good conscious recommend it. For the price the rooms were really small and a bit dated. We also had a right to do when we nipped back to change on the first day. We were both walking round not a stitch on and the cleaner without knocking just walked straight in exposing us to the whole corridor of people! I know it's an accident but we told reception and they couldn't have cared less and didn't even apologise. The drinks and food were also extortionate whereas if you walked literally one minute outside there is a cluster of fab bars selling the same Aperol Spritz for €3 not €20. By chance we ended up visiting the other hotel and wished we had stayed there. I think we were so spoilt with our hotel in Wroclaw last year for about a 10th of the price including a suite we cant help compare now. That is literally the only thing we would have changed though on the whole trip, 

TIP: Get a nice clean Hotel but don't go over board as you will never be there! 

So if you don't know is on the north east coast of Italy and has its own airport. I was howling as we walked about 10mins and you are straight onto water....In fact everything is on water from ambulances to police! I know that's what you see but I didn't expect everything to be or straight from the airport. We paid for a private water taxi and for us it was worth every penny experiencing Venice for the first time, it was like a personal tour. I nearly fell over board when they pulled straight up to our hotel door. I don't know why but I thought we might get dropped and walk. Nope. Right to the door. Magic!

I've been asked lots where to go and what to see and got frustrated with my friend when I asked her the same and she couldn't elaborate  BUT I can see why. Hand on heart EVERYWHERE is so beautiful and unique you cant go wrong. Every corner is a postcard. Unlike some other cities, we never once felt unsafe and its so clean and relaxed. We walked for miles and just stopped for a drink or a slice of pizza a long the way. 

We didn't have one bad meal the whole time, everything is just delicious. Pasta, Pizza, Gelato, Aperol's, Crepes, Seafood..oh and if you have never tried a 'Hugo' cocktail, it's a game changer! Kind of like Aperol but with elderflower so very refreshing. 

TIP- My main one would be to start at St Marks square, have a look around. Climb the tower - The Que moves very fast, its only €8pp and well worth the views. Have a drink over looking the water or the square listening to a string quartet, steady yourself for the bill and then leave. EXPLORE after that. Every street and turn there is something interesting and beautiful, you never get bored. It's a bit cheesy but a Gondola ride is also a must.

The one thing REALLY worth doing is getting a ferry over to Murano/Burano islands just off the coast of Venice. - You can easily get there via the main ferry port. It's about 40mins and €10 each. We just winged it our selves, although you can book a tour. It is absolutely stunning and so much calmer than Venice. Rows and rows of multi coloured little houses, beautiful views over the water, gorgeous eateries and the infamous glass. We just pottered a bit, had an Aperol...of course. Walked around all the lovely buildings. Watched some pretty glass being blown and had a necklace made for my Mum's birthday. We then headed for a lovely lunch at Osteria Al Museo Burano  I went for fresh sea food but Wingers claims he had the best pasta of his life here. Even better we bumped into some friends by pure chance there and spend a lovely boozy afternoon with them and shared a water taxi back for more drinks. 

Venice was everything we could have wished for and more. It is so stunning, romantic and unique. We are already planning another trip and definitely want to explore Italy as much as possible now.