Giant Cookie Recipe.

I know this is a really serious situation but I think only laughs and chocolate in heavy doses will get us through! I made this recipe years ago but since we have all gone baking mad in this crazy time I've given it a little update. Especially for all the people having birthdays in lockdown and unable to get a cake. It's much less complicated and an AWESOME alternative to a Birthday cake.

Who doesn't love a fresh out the oven batch of cookie's? I don't want to snub a ‘Millies Cookie’ but they always look nicer than they taste to me. SO I decided to make my own Giant Cookie recipe yearrrs ago and I think it's pretty good if I do say so myself. Super easy and a great for those who are not keen on baking much. 


Banana Bread Recipe.

Who has some manky brown banana's? It seem's we always do and this is an awesome use of them. This is one recipe I can honestly say is mine. I once had some banana bread from a bakery in Chicago and became obsessed with it. When I got home I tried a couple of recipes but they were never as good so I have played about and I have to say it's pretty good and is gone in minutes.


Tips for Homeschooling with Snack addicts!

I think most parents are feeling a little worried about homeschooling in the next few weeks, myself included, with 4 kids at home and one on SENCO. In my eyes teachers are angels and I am just a parent not a teacher.

I never thought I would see the above again but last year I had to do homeschool for a few months while still working from home, as they didn't have school places for the boys when we first moved. I was really lucky to have great teaching friends who gave excellent advice and I quickly learnt a few things which really helped so thought I would put them here...they are less educational more survival. 


How to deal with the Coronavirus on your business Social Media.

Being a freelance Social Media Manager though I've been asked A LOT this past week from various people about how to address Corona Virus on their business Social media, what to post, whether to say anything and how to help their business survive this strange and testing period. My blog has been a bit in neglected lately as I've been busy helping my lovely clients, but I've dusted it off and put together a little post, whether your companies been split into 'Blue and Red' teams, gone into 'WFH' status, or keeping calm and carrying on I hope this will help at least one person with any type of business. 


Chocolate Truffle Recipe

This is such an easy and yummy recipe! 

If you remember my Best Ever Chocolate Cake this is what I do with any left overs of the's so popular I now make a batch just for these truffles.