Gdansk. #review

"Poland, on holiday?

...with kids?!" 

Has been the general consensus when we told told people our plans. BARE with me though and let me tell you how and why it was so good we would totally recommend it.


Baked Camembert #recipe

It's that time of year again where the weather is HOPEFULLY warmer and picky food is king. This is one of my most popular posts ever. Simple, cheap and delicious so I had to share. It only cost me £2.25 but fed 8 (more with other picky bits) and oh man it's amazing.....


Sensatori Tenerife

Sorry for all you asking for me to do a little review of this place. I’ve been trying to find the time but also I didn’t really know what to say as had mixed emotions and you will see this blog is more up and down than a tap dancers wig! 


Malteser Tray bake.

This DELICIOUS tray bake is made by a very special lady called Thelma...awesome name I know. I first came across it when she made a lovely batch for our Christmas school fayre and it is honestly one of the best thing's I have ever eaten....big statement right? but seriously true. I had to hunt her down and beg her for the recipe...who wants a summer bod anyway?!



It was the Boyfriends birthday a few weeks ago so for the guy that has everything I booked a surprise weekend away. I didn't have a massive budget and noticed how reasonable Wroclaw was. We have never been to Poland either so seemed the ideal mini break.