Pulled Chicken Heaven

I always watch these programmes on how not to waste food and it amazes me when people throw away whole unopened packets of stuff and while I'm pretty good I have to say if anything catches me out its CHICKEN. It has about a 3 minute window on it's sell by date and obvs I alwayyys forget to check the date in the shop however, this is my go to when its got seconds left before poisoning us all and it's soooo nice I had to share. Obvs you can use fresh chicken it doesn't have to be on its last legs.


Summertime Madness

Is it just me or are the kids bat shit crazy at the minute ?!


Cheese Bread Porn. #recipe

I saw a picture of this on Pinterest and knew I had to replicate it as a baked camembert is my go to party snack, this just takes it to another level though! This only cost me £2.25 but fed 6 so its also super cheap and Oh man its amazing.....


Cinema Trip at Home!

Ok so if you follow the blog you will know we are HUGE movie fans  but I wont lie its pricey, a family ticket is £25 and with snacks you can easily dust £40-50 with just two kids never mind any more. 


Dr Marten Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles

When we were invited to review the new Dr Martens Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collection I couldn't have been more excited to tell the boys, they are HUGE Ninja Turtle fans and we just saw the film last week so they were extra excited.