Malteser Tray bake.

This DELICIOUS tray bake is made by a very special lady called Thelma...awesome name I know. I first came across it when she made a lovely batch for our Christmas school fayre and it is honestly one of the best thing's I have ever eaten....big statement right? but seriously true. I had to hunt her down and beg her for the recipe...who wants a summer bod anyway?!



It was the Boyfriends birthday a few weeks ago so for the guy that has everything I booked a surprise weekend away. I didn't have a massive budget and noticed how reasonable Wroclaw was. We have never been to Poland either so seemed the ideal mini break.


Chocolate Scotch Egg. #recipe

Holy moly what is this heaven right? Let me show you how easy they are to make!


Funny funny...

I haven't posted in a while so thought the best way to kick it off would be with this hilarious series of event's which still make's me howl...


No bake Christmas treats.

I LOVE baking it’s my biggest hobby but lately between the boys and work I just haven’t got the time! Also tonnes of Christmas occasions coming up where I’m normally asked to bake something.... namely the school fayre. So I thought of a little cheat way to still give some festive treats.