Things that go BANG in the night!

Well its been a jam packed couple of weeks so much so I've hardly been able to blog and it wouldn't be a proper week in the Dunn household without a big slice of drama so I've also had no WIFI anyway. Are you sitting comfortably? I will begin.

Well it started with me signing up to a new little job,
(see Jamie's Home) I only popped along to the party to see what it was about and get some new mugs but decided to go for it to mainly get me out the house, its seriously not healthy to be so happy when a certain episode of Scooby Doo comes on or I hear the ice cream van; I even chased him to the next street last week for a fix and 5mins peace. Jamie at home is right up my street obviously cooking and kitchenware and I'm loving it so prepare for loads more recipe blogs as I try out all the kit.
Chin Chin.
First Display.

Sundae Heaven!
I then decided to put my back out...you know because I don't like tying my own shoes and love looking pregnant. I'm not really sure how it happened, it could be when I ran down the beach from GG's house chasing Archie who went AWOL or it could be when I dived to catch Oscar falling off the bed and slipped on a pillow but that's a daily occurrence so maybe lumping him round like a little lead statue did it, he might be a dare devil and be able to climb the neighbours fence but still refuses to walk. So If you've seen me and think I might have a secret, I'm don't I just cant hold my Mummy Tummy in properly or stand up straight for the time being.
Beach day at GG's.
Cant walk but nearly over the fence.
Excellent place to play...inside the BBQ.

Archie had his end of year graduation last week from Nursery... yes Nursery! The husband was of course cynical and didn't want to take the morning off work as Archie will actually be going back again next year and we honestly did think it would just be a little party, but we couldn't have been more wrong. The Children from the 3 class's were all lined up in the yard with hundreds of Parents and Grandparents with video cameras, having cream teas...oh and ME hobbling along. Each class took a turn in singing two songs which was very cute including "Goodbye you have made my day" they then got their reports individually from the Headmistress, all very emotional...even if Archie is going back next year to do it all again as he's only 3. Well done to all the James Knott staff though amazing job this year and putting up with my son! I sweated a bit about a gift as ridiculously heard at some schools teachers get Spa Breaks and Mulberry handbags...soz but if Mammy's not getting one neither are you. Apparently and come to think of it obviously ALCOHOL goes down well as do all forms of sugar and Archie teacher's had a few tears when I gave them their presents...then I joined them, why not?!

Now I haven't been getting much sleep lately for several reasons, the summer is making my boys get up at 5.30-6am every god damn day for one this heat...so hot (I AM NOT COMPLAINING) means the windows are open for noise. It was still a surprise to wake up at 2am with the husband holding a claw hammer...its the little things that keep it fresh. Apparently he heard a loud bang downstairs, I didn't want to say I heard the exact thing about an hour before but went back to sleep as was hoping they might just leave the Plasma and do the ironing; still don't know what it was.
So hot they are peeling.
Its 5am get up Mam!
Then on Tuesday things got really interesting by the house being caught in an eye of the storm. Again nothing gets in the way of my average 5hrs kip so I was tempted to go back to sleep during the deafening thunder but then a direct lightening strike with lightening going across my bedroom ceiling said otherwise. To cut a long story short the strike blew up all the power in the house including the fuse box, boiler, telephone, telephone line, aerials, two sky boxes and the bedroom TV. Despite it costing about £500 so far and not being covered on insurance as its an "Act of God", I don't mind telling you I actually cried when I realised the Sky was gone on the morning after the Royal baby was born, not only did I miss most the coverage, as you will tell from "A Prince is born" this was a BIG problem but its also the summer holidays. I don't know how I will be able to wash my hair, get dressed and not go clinically insane without the TV, Its like the Hunger Games here but with Toddlers; special mention to the Disney channels. I cant even talk about the fact that all my recorded stuff has all gone too, Hannibal, Dexter and Greys Anatomy but the saving grace is that we watched the last of "Game of Thrones"...OMG OMGGGG. I should explain that we record it so me and the husband can watch it together but he went off shore and accidentally watched the "Red Wedding" so when we watched it together he secretly filmed my reaction, I thought he turned away because it was so shocking. I will post the video when I can turn it the correct way but I was soooo shocked, it's hilarious and I huffily announce "I'm NOT watching it anymore, what's the point?!"
Archie cheering me up because I was so upset!

Have a good week.

Ash x

I've decided to start a weekly Archie and Oscar corner of what they say (Archie) or think (Oscar and Archie) the good and the bad as a log, so I remember why I have grey hair and wrinkles also because they are just mental and don't think people believe me.

Archie and Oscar's Corner

  • "Mam D is for Dinosaur, E is for Elephant and F is for F*cking Hell...."
  • "Oscar stop wrecking my life!"
  • "Mam you know, I'm dreaming of being a Doctor...or an Ogre"
  • "Mint Mam is too busy brushing that fat lumps teeth to notice the toilet seat is open and he hasn't flushed, I'm going to splash in the wee and brush the bowl with my toothbrush"
  • "He he I have just done a poo but I'm holding back until after she has changed me then I can repeat"
  • "Yeah Mam I'm not going to eat those strawberry's you have given me as soon as you nip to the loo that live snail is mine with soil for afters"


A Prince is born.....

 I am a huge Royalist! If you are my Facebook friend you will be well in the picture by now and may even have “unfriended” me for my 1 million status updates this week; I don’t care or blame you though, hate on haters! I don’t think I’m the weird kind of fan...but that’s what a weird fan would say! What I mean is I don’t have a room dedicated to commemorative plates, I have never camped out anywhere for days just to get a glimpse of a them and I don’t secretly long for a bag of their hair and nail clippings. I have however  for some unknown reason absolutely loved the Royals from being little and I used to make my step mum Caroline take me to the Library on Saturdays so I could just read books about them...you know before the Internet *cold shiver*.
I even once wrote to the Queen when I was 9 to say I was sorry to hear about Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorcing...stop laughing... and on the 25th January 1992 I received a letter from her lady in waiting to thank me for my kind words. I was so excited my Dad took me out and bought a silver frame for it which I still have in my bedroom although not on display...that might be weird. I just love being part of a country that has a Royal Family and the best one at that with such amazing history to boot.
If you don’t like the Royals fine but it does annoy me when people say they “sponge off the county” this may have some truth but they also bring an enormous amount of tourism and revenue to the country and our economy. I can’t believe there’s anyone who doesn’t like the “Young Royals” but regardless It is estimated that their wedding generated nearly 2billion for the UK and their new baby will make about £250million not to mention they can potentially affect our future and our children’s, children’s futures. I know I would rather pay for them to be fantastic ambassadors of Britain than folk out our taxes on all these Dole sponge's who cant be bothered to clean the house they have been given or on immigrants with no intention of working or learning English. 
Unfortunately I don’t know Will and Kate personally (it’s probably only a matter of time until they start reading the blog) but they seem like such genuinely nice people and as much as is physically allowed they seem normal. I just adore their little love story, I mean William was born into the circus we have just witnessed this past few days, whether he liked it or not his future was laid out already and he probably would have been persuaded to keep the blue bloodline going or at the very least to Marry someone with a “Lady” in their title. However around the same time unnoticed in a much less privileged setting ...I mean she’s not exactly council estate material but still... a “commoner” was born. Her Mum and Dad as all parents do probably wondered what she would become and what life would deal her, they would work incredible hard to provide for their little girl and hope all the health, happiness and success in the world for her. Sometimes I think “Dr Archie Dunn” would have a nice ring to it but I bet never in their wildest dreams did they think their little Princess would go from BUCKlebury to BUCKingham Palace and become a real Princess.
Fate is a strange thing though, essentially this could have been any girl and quite a lot had to line up in order for a “commoner” to marry a Prince and get an 18 CARAT SAPHIRE RING. If William hadn’t had a gap year or they both hadn’t gone to St Andrews or to be honest if she was called Chardonnay this would have never happened.  The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, Kate, K-Mid whatever you want to call her is just amazing in my eyes though, she’s beautiful, gracious, clever and an incredible role model to young girls and woman especially compared to the likes of Rihanna. It’s no wonder William has scrapped tradition and fallen in love with her, she is a true Princess and the Royals are better for her.
If you’re starting to think I’m obsessed you should have seen me on their wedding day when I had a girly party! There was bunting, corgi cut outs, flags, I baked Crown biscuits with W and K on, and Royal themed cupcakes.  Then my GG, Mum, a few of the girls and I wore tiaras or wedding hats while drinking tea and eating bacon sandwich’s as we started watching from about 8am; it was just fabulous. I enjoyed it so much I vowed to celebrate their first wedding anniversary too but I may have took it too far by getting pregnant and making Oscars due date as their anniversary, true story.
Now they are having a baby of their own and it’s so lovely, I am just as excited and obsessed as I was when they got married. I have been hooked to live Sky News since she went into labour, looking at two glass doors like they might actually give birth, some of the coverage has been absolutely hilarious though. Despite some people camping out for 3 weeks no one saw them enter the hospital but it was confirmed she had been admitted and then that was it for about 14hrs, however they still managed to fill a day with none stop coverage/door watch.  I mean if only someone had had a baby before they would have known it could take a while....
My favourite parts were when they started interviewing “experts”, starting with Midwifes who were being nicey nice but talking total bollocks to me by saying “She will probably be just walking around relaxing”...obviously never had a child of their own; I preferred mooing like a Dinosaur while my head did a 360 turn. Then they got hold of a proper gynaecologist because this Indian Dr started to discuss without actually moving her face what medically would be happening including “plenty of vaginal examinations!”...I thought Kay Burley was literally having a heart attack at that, I mean Jesus Christ she’s a Princess you can’t mention her Vajayjay, you should pretend she doesn’t even have one. Then the information updates just got worse and worse, at some points it would have been better if they had said “We still know absolutely nothing”. My personal highlight was when they went to a Liverpool hospital to interview new Mums at 3pm and said that “Midwifes here predict she will have the baby later on today”...well she was hardly going to have it earlier on today was she. Finally when the amazing news arrived that a King had been born poor Kay rushed into the crowd to hear the public’s views and all 9 of the different people she tried to interview couldn’t speak a word of English...I’m thinking she had a carton of wine for tea that night.
I also did chuckle that people were saying they “felt sorry for Kate” don’t get me wrong there was a lot of pressure and the eyes of the world on them, I wouldn’t have liked to be her at about 4pm if it had all just been Braxton Hicks *awkward*. That’s it though I doubt they noticed the crowd outside once they got in and trust me when things properly kicked off a pap could have delivered the baby and she wouldn’t care less. Unlike most women she wasn’t sent home 3 times, I doubt she would have had to fight for an epidural if she wanted one and she wasn’t put on a ward with complete strangers, screaming babies and their family’s visiting. As for it being the hottest day of the year with spectators fainting, I don’t think the air conditioning budget would have even been discussed for Kate and if she wanted chipped ice from the North Pole I dare say she would have got it! I do love how she came out with the baby though and her tummy hadn’t vanished plus she looked a bit tired...or like me on my very very best day!
Whether you love them or not, are as obsessed as me or not, all I know is that a Prince married a normal girl, and without any complications they have had a gorgeous healthy little King called George. In a world where a man had his head cut off in broad daylight and we are even contemplating not banning child abuse pornography this is the closest thing you will ever see to a real fairytale.
May they live happily...ever...after!
Welcome to the world George Alexander Louis... and congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 


Holiday with Kids #Oxymoron #WhatToTake

Well the summer holidays are fast approaching (All together now Waaaaaahhh!) as we are not tied to the school schedule yet we have already had our holiday in May. So thought I would share my "wisdom" and must haves. 

However I feel I should mentally prepare you first. The thing to be aware of is this is NOT a holiday, nor does it remotely resemble anything you knew as a holiday. Lie ins, sunbathing, relaxing, drinking, reading  and general peace are a no go.

The bright sun makes the kids get up earlier, they need slathering in sun cream every 2hrs and the task takes about an hour with uncooperative dramatic small people, the new environment means new fun ways to try and kill themselves and you have gone in search of the sun and yet you will spend all day trying to keep in the shade. The pool at first a fantastic source of entertainment becomes your worst nightmare. If they are not in danger of drowning they are constantly wanting to be wet or dry....or sometimes both! Our holiday literally was a blur of suncream wars, walking round with a buggy trying to get Oscar to sleep and the following on repeat "I'm cold, I'm wet, I'm bored, I'm hungry, I want an ice cream, can I, can I?!"

Now I know what your thinking "Lets take some relatives or friends, that will share the load" but as I say to my youngest countless times a day Ah ah ah! In my experience two things can happen:
1. You feel so guilty your little monsters are wrecking their holiday, you spend most of the time trying to keep them quiet until at least 7am, telling them off and generally trying to put them on best behaviour.

2.Your expecting your companions to help but they will happily watch the kids almost drown while they finish reading the paper. It's fair enough it's their holiday but taking on sun cream duty once or offering to entertain the kids for a couple hours wouldn't go a miss and can brew bad feeling fast. Also if they
don't have children them selves there is a big divide on how you want to spend the holiday, they don't see the harm in keeping the kids out late but you don't want to be one of those people with "buggy kids"...you know the ones, it's 11pm the parents are well merry and there is a poor bright red faced child passed out 
in a buggy next to them and there is no signs of going home.                                  

STILL a change is always as good as a rest so they say and if you are lucky to get to somewhere hot it's nice to see the sun too. Also as tempting as it is to just stay at home for the next 5-8yrs it's a great experience for the kids and luckily they don't seem to notice that your getting more wrinkles than Mick Jagger.

So here are my tips for a smoother Hollie Berries:

1. Go Tacky: I remember the days of booking a holiday solely on the fact of if there were no kids pictured in the brochure, these days, if there is a giant purple dinosaur, a pirate ship, jumbo waterside and or park I'm there the tackier the better! Seriously the more there is for the kids to do the less thereis for you to do. The next holiday we take I am so excited that Archie will be old enough to go in "Kids club" for those of you that don't already know its (usually) a free club that kids can go to for
entertaining 4hrs a day they love it and you LOVE it byeeeee kids! So book child friendly.

2. Go All Inclusive: Again I used to stay away from this type of thing preferring to discover nice little restaurants and eat differently everyday. However kids don't like tapas or taking more than 15mins to digest. It saves a lot of money as its already paid for in advance, there is no arguing over which restaurant to choose, everyone can pick something different and through the day there is no scrabbling around for the purse "I would like a drink and an ice cream" ....no problem just get one.

3. Maximum Luggage: Now while its true unless your going to Timbuktu you will be able to get things while your away in my experience, they are usually massively more expensive and who wants to spend their holiday searching for example, medicines, sun cream or nappy's? So take as much as your allowed...but not a kg over I refuse to pay those rip off charges!

4. Bring a nanny.....ha ha yeah right as if! but seriously if you have the funds bring some help, you might even finish half your book or get a tan.

What to take
I will save you on the basics, you know what to take on your holidays but here's my must haves:

Small People:

  • Buggy up to 5yrs I would say, even if you stay in the hotel/complex our boys go to bed around 7pm and there is a happy medium between this and "buggy kids" even walking back after a meal its easier to push them, wish we had taken one for Archie last time aged nearly 4.
  • Door claws/stops this is a foam C that can be placed over the top of any door to stop fingers getting jammed and stress levels go down.
  • Night light its hard to get to the loo in pitch black in a new place...also keeps monsters away.
  • Sarong, couple if you have them, ideal as extra shade, towel, blanket, cover up or... sarong.
  • Lightweight towels, 2 per child I cant even describe the state of our towels, after daily sun cream, ice cream and general spills.
  • Medical kit: Just pack everything, the chemists are very good abroad but its so easy to just have it in your room plus naturally children get ill in the night NEVER in the day! My Top: (Child Friendly) Plasters, Calpol, Ibuprofen, Thermometer, Teething powders, Laxatives, Imodium, Anti histamine, Savlon, Bug spray, Tweezers and a cool pack ours is Nemo shape.
  • Sun Cream, Depends on child age and how hot it will be but I despise the "Once" creams and the 50spf waterproof and sun proof creams. They are thicker than peanut butter, turn your child a weird green or purple hue, stain clothes, towels, make their eyes stream and without fail get a stray blob on you that leave a white patch you wont notice until tomorrow. I'm ultra sun conscious (seriously I think sunburn on kids is child abuse) but in my opinion 30-40spf are fine for kids especially with sun suits, hats and shade time. 1 bottle per child a week in hot climates.
  • Huge beach bag of just a big bag for life, its amazing how much stuff you need for kids and surprisingly they don't like carrying any of it themselves!
  • Sticker books, it is amazing how long one of these will keep a little one busy, planes, meal time etc.  
I have been lucky enough to go abroad several times with the boys as babies and I stressed every time about what to bring and do, I have done it both ways not taking much and taking everything but the sink and in my opinion take as much as you can. A full pack of nappy's and swim nappy's easily line your case and take up less space than you would think and again you don't want to spend the first few days of your holiday trying to find the "right" nappy's or baby foods also what happens if you cant read the packaging etc. The below obviously depends what stage your baby is:

  • All of the above
  • Nappy's, at least a big pack or enough for whole holiday.
  • Swim Nappy's
  • Baby Wipes, there is no end to how many you can use.
  • Bottles - even a breast fed baby might enjoy a slurp of cooled boiled water
  • Steriliser, It depends on the facility's but I have done tablets and micro steriliser, the latter is by far the best tablets are really hard work all the washing, soaking, rinsing and drying you can also get a mini steriliser from Tommy Tipee for 2 bottles at a time.
  • Formula, I have taken a full unopened box before and a Tupperware box with a bit extra in, why worry yourself they wont have your brand or chance your baby getting constipation etc? A few cartons are good too.
  • Baby foods- Pouch's,"Ellas" are ideal, they wont smash like jars and you only need a spoon...Oscar sucks the fruity ones straight out of the spout. I took enough for two meals a day (a mixture of savoury and sweet) with a bag of their baby porridge. Its easy to get Weetabix, baby yogurts and fruit pots anywhere.
  • Spoons, bibs and Sippy cups.
  • Small washing up liquid, cloth, t towels and an antibacterial spray for all the washing.
  • Pram sunshade I have a Kiddopotamus Rayshade which is brill, its better than a parasol as doesn't have to be adjusted with the sun and it can black out the pram for naps too.
  • Hat, take a couple they get scruffy and I always lose one.
  • Muslin's, so many uses including spills.
What not to take: Loads of clothes. I look hundreds of lovely outfits day and night, what was I thinking...he's not going clubbing! Babies literally wear a nappy or vest in the day and PJs before you go out so you can put them straight to bed on return simple. 

Its hard work at time's but its worth the lovely memory's and nothing beats a glass of vino in the sun... preferably when they have gone to bed. So have fun and be safe.
Ash x
I have put the video on below because its so informative and think every parent should see it, I always thought kids would scream HELP if they were drowning but its the complete opposite!
I promise no ones drowns or anything like it just watch and be amazed.


Iru Bru...who knew?!

This week has been crazy busy with cakes, celebrations and generally enjoying the weather, its so warm I've been trying to master an "up doo" to keep cool...that doesn't make me look like a toy troll. I am seriously going to have to go on diet though next week as I wouldn't like to put a number on the amount of Burgers, jugs of Pimms and Ice creams I have consumed lately, but I cant hold back when its like this! Sooo nice everyone seems so much happier and in competition to get a tan like Judith Chalmers, this week alone, I have done brekkie with a bestie, picnic in the park next to hubby's work, mums group picnic, ladies who lunch, 2 BBQs, Pimms o clock, surprise 30th, watched the Brother play cricket, Tapas date night and a Christening....no wonder I'm knackered and fat!
Trending at number 1 in my life is "Oscar started nursery" Its ridiculous I know that I'm not really working at the minute -seriously mams out there who work full time, keep a husband, house AND look after the kids I salute you!- but I have never been busier and if you spent 20mins with Oscar you will know why I need a day to get stuff done. This was the first week and I cant describe the feeling of ecstasy, I eventually got my hair cut and generally got more jobs done than I have in 2yrs, it only took a couple of hours! My favourite part was going out to lunch with the girls, I usually bring Oscar...he doesn't like waiting in the boot.... I didn't have to sit at the end of the table so a highchair could be placed next to me, I didn't have to move everything 1mile away from his reach, I finished my sentences, I finished my meal in peace all to my self and I didn't have to clean the floor before I left BLISS!  Literally counting down the minutes to Wednesday again....I might run for Prime Mister I will be that efficient. I should also mention Oscar loved it and didn't want to come home.
Archie's new thing is singing, its very cute and all good and well when hes singing Twinkle Twinkle but he has started copying songs from the radio too. Which is very awkward when it comes to song of the moment "Blurred Lines" don't get me wrong I like it, even if my skin could fall off at how creepy the video is not to mention the lyrics are a bit "rapey" but its just weird when my 3yr old is walking around repeating "Ill take a gooood girrrl, I know you want it, yeah I know you want it!" and then decides to encore with his other favourite "Get Lucky" and sings "I'm up all night to get some, shes up all night to get some!"-strangely also featuring Pharrell Williams who's a  Dude but Im pretty sure hes a vampire too, the man hasn't aged in 20yrs! Archie also had his first trip away with the school to White House Farm, I was ill as he is the youngest but he wasn't, bossing me about, what he wanted in his pack lunch and he "better not miss the bus!". Anyway he had a brilliant time telling me he was the only one to hold a snake and a tarantula (I believe him) and he sat next to Poppy on the bus "there and back!"....lets just hope he didn't sing to her.
Oh and finally this week I had my first ever Irn Bru...it is absolutely amazeballs, why don't they serve this everywhere? At the surprise 30th I even tried to get the husband to go next door to the CHIPPY to get me a can as its all I wanted...with vodka I'm told! Here's the question though: If Lemonade is lemon and Fanta is orange what is Irn Bru?!
Please stay summer.
Ash x

First attempt with a donut hmmmm.

Sugarloafs finest.

First school trip.

Working lunch.

Oink Oink

Only Animal print would do for this girl.

Not a clue!

Not a bad view.

For a special little man.


Fun in the sun....

This week has had some top lows and some top highs, this honestly is now standard with kids though, one day you cant believe you complain ever and the next your hanging onto your husbands ankles shouting "Take me to work with you!"
It all started with all four of us feeling a bit run down, seeing me and the husband going to bed at 7.30pm every night and I wish I was joking. However it was to be the start of this horrific tummy bug doing the rounds and I am out of my mind trying to pin point the exact moment we were INFECTED...I know its weird but being a germ phobe I find it so weird to think if just one of us hadn't touched "that" I would have seen a lot less barf this week...anyhoo every ones got to have a hobby. So first Oscar was taken down being really sick and had nappy's even in a hazmat suit I wouldn't have liked to change, then the husband came home from work early and trust me this means you all should be very worried if you get it. Sure enough I followed and I was so ill I couldn't even disinfect the house and trust me (ask my friends) the government should now be worried and upping its Tami flu or something. I thought Archie had escaped but on Wednesday when he was saying his "Tummy was talking to him" I should have know better...lets just say Red Leicester sandwich and strawberry's are not nice on their return, feel like Widow Twanky this week all the bedding towels etc I've washed. Special mention to my favourite "Get well" message off my pal JC saying "Why don't you blog from the bog?" ha haaa I'm not that bad....yet!
Its funny though because a few people in a row have asked me this week "what I think about having  another child?" Now if your thinking of expanding Ive got one word "Tummy Bug" seriously its another mouth to feed but its also another to barf the world up and having two its like a time bomb "will he get it? yes but will he get it?!" just something to think about but if that hasn't put you off I absolutely wouldn't have more than you have hands...what happens if 3 run off in different directions?!... and more than 4 is just a litter people! Defo feel a blog brewing on "twos company"
Apart from that its been an amazing week, my big lad has started riding his bike with out stabilisers as he's 3 I'm impressed, he does need a highway code lesson though. Flying straight over the main road at Morrison's without a thought, while I sprinted after him with the buggy, involuntary screaming "Jesus friggin christtttt!"...it wouldn't have been as bad if I hadn't turned around to the bus stop chokka with speechless people: I would like to announce I am now a full on screechy Mam and proud. I just wish Oscar would copy to tire him out too but as he cant even walk its maybe a big ask, seriously though with the bright light we cant be the only parents getting 6am as a lie at the minute?! 
The weather...sorry do you know it sunny? I mean has anyone mentioned its sunny no really its sunnnnny! SO nice to be out doors, we went to the beach yesterday with the rest of the North East , much to Chris's amusement I wore shorts - I have only worn shorts in the UK twice I think- but it was still hot. Personally I just love the people watching, I have never seen as many , white linen pants, dodgy pedicures, vest tans and fake tan (Meee included) My favourite bit was when a family of fellow "Screechy Mams" sat next to us and refused to move, to tell little Tyson off but just screamed at him for 2hrs solid, we then realised her partner Tyson Sr also had shorts on which nicely showed of his ankle electronic tag but I couldn't get a picture despite trying, its a shame because It would have shown off his crazy tattoo that covered his entire chest, featuring his belly button as a tunnel...I'm not even kidding it was fantatsic. The day was nicely finished by going to the evening reception of our friends wedding at Longhirst Hall, the bride and bridal party all looked amazing, I don't think they could have picked a better day and we thoroughly enjoyed the night. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Wilson.
Today we have been to the "Chilli Festival" at Seaton Delaval Hall and it was fantastic I really thought it would be a few stalls but there was live music, loads of BBQ food stalls including "Pulled Pork Sandwich's", Pimms stand, Pink Lemonade and of course all sorts of "Chilli" fayre to be bought; It was £14 for us to get in and I wish we could have stayed longer to really enjoy it but we had to get home as there was a little tennis match on! Honestly had to stop watching at one point from nerves, but then I noticed Bradley Cooper and Gerrard Butler in the crowd so I rededicated myself to the situation. Massive well done to Andy Murray, what an amazing win.

Long may the sun last I'm overdosing on BBQs, 99s, Crabbies on ice, paddling pools, sunbathing, strawberry's and just being outside. I am absolutely in love with "Avicii Wake me up" it will defiantly be my summer song but after the last few weeks the lyrics mean so much to me and I will leave with this favourite piece.
Wish that I could stay forever this young, not afraid to close my eyes.
Life is a game made for everyone and Love is the prize.
So wake me up when its all over, when I'm wiser and I'm older.
All this time I was finding myself and I didn't know I was lost.

Ash x

Beach Day!

Wilson Wedding.

GG spoiling us.

Chilli Festival
Ho ho hoooo!