New Years Peeve!

I cant decide if I hate or love New Years Eve. We measure an hour in 60 minutes, a day in 24 hours, and a year in 365 days naturally we have found a start and an end to a year so that's from the 1st of January - 31st of December. I will start off with the evening its self which I have never been a fan of anyway. Its expensive, busy massively built up. You cant get served, a reservation, taxis home? Forget it! It is therefore always a bit of a let down. I have tried to avoid this by booking various things, I've seen in a new year in New York, Sydney, Edinburgh, Paris, Lake District, London and Florida and they were all OK but were they amongst the best nights in my life? nope.
I find it a weird notion that one night can bring the end to a run of bad luck, start a fresh, make you magically love the gym and.don't.even.start.me on "Dry January". I think its a bit of a dangerous concept to box every experience good and bad into "A Year". What happens if you got married but a close relative died....is that classed as a good year or a bad year? What happens if the whole year has been terrible but on the 28th December you win the lottery how do you class that? Don't get me wrong there is something delicious about being able to say just one day later "Last year" and put a heap of crap behind you...I'm sure even if Miley Cyrus gives birth to kittens on stage tonight and they start twerking she will be cashing in on the "Last yeeeeear I was a complete nutter/slapper" however if you moved house last week and someone pops in for a cuppa in January you will quickly be informing them while eyeing up all the boxes "Oh we only moved in 3 weeks ago"...not last year!?
I feel the same disdain about New Years Resolutions, while I admire the effort, has anyone EVER truly kept one? Normally I would be rolling by eyes at everyone obliterating their liver tonight and then tee total for the next few weeks and I would be happily put on a stone instead of panic buying Z list celebs fitness DVDs and throwing out Ferrero Roche however I might have to be a big fat hypocrite and join you all this month (except for Dry January) as totally over indulged this festive season....I am still not 100% committed yet I will see how I feel on the... like maybe the 3rd and only if the selection boxes have ran out! I'm more of a "each day as it comes" kind of person and while you cant really change your health (I mean if massively fit people die doing marathons what chance have I got) or your fate or the future for that matter but positive thinking surly has to help? I really believe that only you can make your own destiny, so go and get it!
This New Years Eve we haven't been able to get a sitter which until about an hour, when I saw a man in a Tuxedo in M and S obviously having a posh party emergency, I wasn't that bothered about not going out...I said I have never had one of the best nights of my life on NYE but that doesn't mean I don't want to keep trying. However the little men have had a trip to Smyth's Toy store and a golden Arch's and me and the husband have a Smorgasbord of treats, several bottle of wine and gona see if we even make Midnight...perfect!
Happy New Year, may the best of your past be the worst of your future!


Christmas in a week....Day 7! #Done

Well have to say I am very proud of my little self, I'm sure some people...male variety wont know what the fuss is but Christmas just doesn't happen! For example the other night the hubby went out and I wrapped like a Trojan and caught up on house work, then the night I went out...he also went out!? This very morning Christmas Eve the husband is also checking "If I want anything special for Christmas?!" Never mind, I know I have pulled off Christmas in a week!
Lets Recap:
  • First thing was to buy an over priced, shedding, tree with spina bifida, get covered in fibre glass retrieving the decs out of the loft and get this place jazzed up.
  • Buy a wreath for the front door and three days later finally remember sticky hooks to put it up.
  • Make, buy and write out Christmas cards avoiding Royal mail and anyone I wont see over the Festive period.
  • Write letters to Santa.
  • Christmas CD on replay.
  • Buy gifts for 26 people including 5 yes 5! Trips to the Fresh Hell that is the Silverlink.
  • Do all of the boys presents to send to Santa including the husbands.
  • Wrap about 1000 presents...my knees will never recover.
  • Visit best Santa in town. #Fenwicks
  • ...Put the entire tree back up!
  • Kids Christmas party.
  • See Pantomime Sleeping Beauty.
  • Watch about 17 Christmas films including Home Alone, Elf, Love Actually, Its a Wonderful Life....
  • Have a Christmas night out with the girls.
  • Eat our weight in Christmas grub, mince pies, panetone, Satsuma's and the like. 
  • Do a food shop for a Turkey bigger than a toddler...with the rest of the north east at the same time.
  • Clean the house top to bottom.
Tick, tick tick, tiiiiiickkkk!
I haven't even mentioned also unpacking 6 suitcases, doing 19 loads of washing, getting Oscars cast off and catching up with tonnes of people. I might be limping and still slightly Jet lagged but I made it. Special mention though to my brother Phil and his Girlfriend Holly who watched the boys so Santa could get sorted.
Now Sitting in front of the fire with my boys ,a tray of treats, watching Narnia. Soon we will go to the Church Cristingle and keep up a 13year tradition of seeing my Best friend. Carly and I used to go out on the tiles to the wee hours of the morning and be hungover for Christmas (nice) but now we are far to old for that we go to each others houses, it used to be just us to but now husbands, mothers, brothers, sisters, kids and close friends are in on the act so its more like a party. Luckily its her turn this year or I would be baking like crazy instead of chilling. That has reminded me its the only thing I havn't done this "Christmas Week" and it feels sooo weird not to have done some baking but I have vowed to dedicate a day to in between New Year.  
So I will say farewell, I did it, I hope all of you sending me hilarious messages part of my naughty "Not ready" club made it too. I'm off to get Merry and wait for the big man tomorrow.
Merry Christmas to one and all.
Ash xox

Shopping in the trench's.

1 more sleep!
Only the best for the big man.


Christmas in a week...Day 6.

Absolutely amazing Christmassy day today, I was dreading going food shopping and I would still have preferred to pluck out each hair on my body but it was made marginally better by the fact husbands bike ride was cancelled...and then made to come with me. We got there for 9am, It actually wasn't that bad at first but somewhere around the bread section the air changed and you could hear a stampede coming so we ran for our lives to the turkey section. We managed to get the biggest Turkey in the shop and despite it being 17lb = 2lbs + of meat per person, Mother Bear isn't happy she wanted an Alsatian size one. Still we waded to the tills through the crowds and ...they weren't even open ! What the hell?? Never mind we got sorted  AND choose the all important carrot for Rudolph. Then the boys cooked me breakfast which was a real treat.
We then went to the Pantomime at the "Mill Volvo" theatre to see Sleeping Beauty, it was amazing. I haven't seen a Pantomime for years but it was totally hilarious and we all really enjoyed it...what's that? ...no we didn't. "Oh Yesssss we did!" ha ha loved it. Now sitting with a smorgasbord or cheese, pate, chocolate and nice bottle of Red watching Elf and doing some wrapping WELL AND TRULY in the Christmas spirit now. One more day to go, still got a bit gift shopping to do tomorrow...but what's the chance of it being busy?! 20hrs solid wrapping and I might be done.
Ash xox

Milking Christmas!

Waiting for the strike of 10am.

Best Carrot in the shop.

Cooking lesson, only thing in life
 that's important...Bacon.

Waiting for Sleeping Beauty...

Excited Much!

Evil Queen was hilarious. 


Christmas in a week....Day 4 and 5.

Well no blog yesterday and nearly no blog today because of yesterday! I didn't think I over did the festivities but its my first girls night in a while with my besties so feeling a bit fragile...by the looks though of a lot of work doo's in a right mess I know I am not alone. Christmas continues to roll on....whether I want it to or not. Been for a little fresh air and a Colemans Fish n Chips its the best in the country, seriously its won an award and now I feel much better, even managed to get a little pamper in and have my nails done which are gorgeous at Persona. I have now done 3/4 of the gift shopping and still technically got three days left  but as I said I want everything done BY Christmas eve so I can relax a little and enjoy. So although I would rather stick pins in my eyes than go shopping tomorrow that's on the agenda as well as food shopping...actually scared for this part. We are going to my Mams for our lunch which will be nice and another thing off my mind but we have stupidly offered to get the "Meat" as well as needing bread and milk. My mother despite cooking for 6 people insists she needs a 22lb AT LEAST  so this should be fun trying to get a fresh turkey bigger than toddler on the Sunday before Christmas but in for a penny in for a pound!
I managed to wrap some presents yesterday but I realise I am going to have to get some help if I'm to ever get finished, it took me 3 hours to wrap about 8 presents. The gift tags started off with full names and season greetings, they have now been downgraded to a name and if your lucky a kiss. So the husband will be now dragged into help...this might not go down to well as the other night he went out while I did my wrapping fest. Then when I went out last night...he also went out....not really sure how I got the chief wrapping job but no more, cello tape gun lets shake and bake baby! We have had a little pizza party tonight with the boys best friends SO nice to be reunited with them and  we exchanged gifts, that's right I have started exchanging gifts...even if some arnt even wrapped #rightontrack. We have literally just booked right now  to go to the Pantomime aswell tomorrow with Archie...Oscar would not be a good addition to this outing so Uncle Pip is looking after him. I literally cant wait myself, I'm not massively into them even as a kid but I will love to see Archie's reaction.
So tomorrow:
  • Shopping for presents and the biggest Turkey in the north east.
  • Wrapping, Wrapping  and more Wrapping.
Film choice: Elf.
I think I might make it, what about you?
Ash xox

My bestie made this, how clever.

Festive nails.
Whale and Chips.

3hours work.

Cutest gift tag for my niece.

Best friends.

Best homemade decorations, ever....EVER!


Christmas in a week...Day 3.

Are you still with me, have you leap frogged over me and now done or lagged behind? Had some hilarious messages off people in the past couple of days expressing they are part of the "Not ready for Christmas" club, we are like junkies or something...I mean how very dare we not be. There is ever mounting pressure though, If every person you have spoken to today has not blurted out "Are you ready/done then?" and followed up with "What are you doing for Christmas?" I will buy you a selection box. I love Christmas but it is only ONE day. So chin up and onwards. No real blog today as things haven't really gone to plan...first this happened.
Then this....
Whole life Story....
Most Jolly Man on earth...not to everyone.
 "Dodie tree" in case you don't know this is a famous tree in Fenwicks every year that babies can give up their Dodie, Dummy, Binky etc forever to Santa....Oscar was drooling.
Santa thinking: "Weirdest kids I've ever met"....
"Don't mind me Santa, I'm just gona open it straight away..."
So feeling a bit frazzled, I did manage to get half of my gift list done though. The husband is out so starting on a bottle of Rioja (need it to scrape me off the ceiling), Hunger Games and a wrapping fest...Perfect.
  • Continue to shop and wrap
  • Probably put my entire Tree back up again.
  • Have a Christmas Night out with my girls...its Black Eye Friday peeps got.to.be.done.
Oh oh and I am delighted to say I think Sky have taken my personal email of complaint and Home Alone is now on the Sky planner...you're welcome.
Ash xox