GG's Ginger Chicken. #recipe

I gave up on Chinese takeaway years ago, slimy meat, sauce you could paste walls with and full of MSG which makes the husband hyper. I'm still dedicated to pizza and the odd curry but I always make this on a Saturday night if we fancy a change. This is one of my all time favourite meals and recipes anyway, my GG made it up (shes clever like that) and I sometimes change how much ginger I put in or add some chilli flakes but its nice all ways. 


Banana Bread. #Recipe #Nutella #Yummm

This is one of the first recipes I can honestly say is mine. I once had some banana bread from a bakery in Chicago when I was travelling and became obsessed with it. When I got home I tried a couple of recipes but they were never as good so I have played about and I have to say its pretty good. It always zooms away and my friend Fi asked for the recipe literally 3 years ago and despite promising it, I never got around to writing it down so this is for her.