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Well I wasn't intending on blogging about this but after I posted an instagram picture there's been a few requests so here it is and apologies for the lack of pictures.

About 15yrs ago my Granddad lived in the south of Spain, in Cadiz with work and I went over to stay with him the summer after my GCSE's I thought it would one big party (as he lived 5miles from an America Army base) but in fact obviously he was working most of the time, not chauffeuring me about and also there is very little English spoken here. So I had to adapt quickly and everyday I would walk about half a mile to a little collection of shops next to the beach out of sheer boredom....also hoping to bump into some Army hunks, there was a restaurant where they made a huge paella out front everyday for lunch. After about 2 weeks I asked the chef how he made it and thankfully he spoke broken English and I spoke even more broken Spanish by then; so he taught me. I then got my Granddad to take me to the Supermarket for ingredient's...It was called "Prima" I remember because I actually took German not Spanish, something I was seriously regretting at that moment and Prima means "Great" in German which I thought was weird...anyway I even have verbal diarrhoea when I blog! So I made this for tea and it was probably one of the first meals I ever made, I thought and still do think its lush, my Granddad was just glad to have something other than beans on crumpets.

Paella can be adapted anyway just with ingredient's you like, I'm personally not a huge seafood fan but the hubby is so I make an "everything" one but you can just do, veggie, meat or fish ones.  

IMPORTANT: You will need a large flat pan like a frying pan, even a wok will do but you might have to alter the about of ingredient's if you use this recipe as there is a lot of stock used to be absorbed. If you want a Paella pan like me which I think looks fab to serve especially for a dinner party, then hit up my girls
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Most recipes are the same but I have adapted this to suit me.

Please note: I don't digest garlic well and I hate really spicy food so I don't use tonnes, please add more if you wish but the hubby who can eat Scotch bonnet's, loves this just the way it is. 


  • A large wooden spoon and guns for lots of stiring!
  • Olive oil - good couple of glugs
  • Salt and Ground Pepper
  • 3 Chicken Breasts - chopped into chunks
  • A Chorizo Sausage link chopped into thick slices - You pick the size, I use a big one...why is this sounding pervy?!
  • A large onion, chopped finely
  • Garlic - I use a good teaspoon of paste because I cant bare to crush it but lets say 3 cloves if your more of a pro.
  • 3 different coloured peppers.
  • Small bunch of Asparagus
  • Big pinch of saffron - If you haven't used enough it wont turn yellowy/orange so just add more.
  • Bag of Paella Rice usually 500g - Risotto rice is ok too but it makes it a bit too clarty *Geordie for sticky.
  • 1 tin of chopped tomato's.
  • Teaspoon Chilli flakes - again can use a fresh chilli for the purist's amongst us.
  • 2 litres Chicken stock, can use veggie instead. 
  • Prawns - use fresh, frozen, shell on, shell off, whatever you prefer but about 15 I used 1 packet of fresh tiger prawns here. 
  • A big handful of mussels and or clams.
  • A big handful of peas, fresh or frozen.
  • A large lemon.

So put your pan on a low heat and add a generous amount of olive oil. Add the Chicken and Chorizo, fry off until brown.

Then add the onion, garlic, peppers, asparagus, saffron and season with salt and pepper. Fry until the onions have started to go soft.

Add the rice and give it a really good stir to mix and coat everything in all the flavours.

Add the tomatoes and chilli, again give a good stir.

Pour half of the stock over, and stir it around, then about half again - 1.5l

Bring to the boil while stirring it, then turn down to slight simmer for about 15mins. Don't ignore it though because the rice can catch easily.

Add the prawns, peas, and shellfish give it a good stir so its combined then add a little more of the left over stock if it looks dry or the shellfish are not covered. 

Cook until the prawns are pink and the shellfish are open, *throw away any that don't open properly*

The rice should have absorbed most of the stock but still have a silky texture, chop the lemons into wedges and serve!

Will feed at least 4 people.


Ash xox

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  1. Oh gosh! Your paella looks so mouthwatering. I know it has a lot of ingredients, but I'm definitely going to try that out. I hope I can follow your recipe to the letter. Thank you so much for sharing it! Happy cooking!

    Harvey Clark @ Ziryab