How to Ice and Decorate Cupcakes. #tutorial

Ok so for the Buttercream Recipe see

Cupcake and Vanilla Butter Cream Recipe.
How to Ice. 

Now you can just spread the butter cream on which I prefer because its not too much but piping is easier and prettier if I'm honest but that's the OCD in me. 

So for a piped cupcake you will need.

  • A piping bag - I use disposable as they are cheap and no washing up!
  • A nozzle - I normally use a Large Star tip.

Cut a small bit off the end of the bag an place the nozzle inside. Pull the nozzle out of the bottom and cut a bit more off if more room is needed. Do this carefully, the nozzle should be snug because when you apply pressure it will pop off.

Then curl the top of the bag over on itself a few times at the top to make it easier to put the buttercream in. Then using a big spoon transfer the buttercream into the bag - if you find this fiddly you can put the bag into a large glass to hold it up while you spoon in the buttercream. Then twist the top of the bag around a few times making sure all the air escapes. READY.

Hold the cupcake in one hand and the piping bag in the other. Place the nozzle flat to the edge, of the cupcake, squeeze out some buttercream and move in a circle around the edge, go round twice like a "Mr Whipy Ice Cream" into the middle. Then pull up and away from the cupcake to make the peak. It will take practice mine were awful at first but you get comfortable how to hold them for you, how much pressure to apply etc -just have fun!

TERRIBLE technique but had to take a pic and pipe at the same time...you get the idea.

Then decorate with whatever you want, do each cupcake as you go or the icing starts to dry and sprinkles etc wont stick.

You can get all sorts of decorations and sprinkles now even just at the supermarket but I sometimes make mine if I cant find something special and its really easy!

Petal Paste - this is like fondant but drys much harder
Icing Sugar

I CANT find my box of them at this moment but this is my favourite one got it from ebay.

Sprinkle or dust some icing sugar into a mould.
Work some petal paste into the mould.
Carfully peel out -might need to use a knife
Tidy up or cut off any stray edges.
Leave to dry, ready for decorating.

Tah dah like grown up playdough.

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