Rainy Day and Half Term Hell.

Now the nights are darker, the weather is getting wetter AND its half term. I am all of a sudden struggling to find things to do with the boys in doors that don't cost a fortune. We are not even half way through this week but I have a child who started reception in September and is now used to being entertained 24/7 too.

I'm boredddd. 

So we have had a trip to Poundland and Wilkinsons which I was really impressed with for their craft selection and very reasonable. Had a bit of a binge and going to do the the following:

Face Painting
Colouring in.
Making a Dinosaur (its a kit £1.99)
Painting...while Oscar is in bed.
Cut and stick.
Blowing bubbles, yes even inside.
Balloon Animals
Board Games

Ignore sh*t hole behind please 
the kids are making memory's.....

Also here is the blog on how we have a Home movie night.

I've decided to dedicate one day to MESS and then do the 'dry stuff' after that. I may have wine while we do it but its the holidays after all ha ha. We never used to drink in the house, literally 5 yrs ago there was one dusty bottle of sherry in the cupboard. Its no coincidence that I've just put 6 bottle of wine on the online shop.

Thank you loooord the "Food Shop" has arrived! 

What do you like to to do with the kids in doors any tips appreciated and I will post your pics too if you send them?

We can do this! 


Lego Party! #5thbirthday #Legomovie

It was Archie's 5th birthday a few weeks ago and I asked him what he wanted to do for his party, the first thing he said was LEGO! Now this wasn't a surprise because he is Lego crazy and we all the LOVE the 'Lego Movie'. So as a theme it was fine but what could we do for the actual party? We used to have their party's at home but there are too many cousins and friends now, also we are still living in a building site. So I decided to go a for a Lego/Scooter party combo, I booked our local sports centre to have a roller disco so the kids could go wild but have a Lego theme; It was perfect too as Archie got a new scooter and helmet for his birthday, I tried to avoid my addiction to Pinterest because there is no way you can afford some of the ideas and items these 'American Super Mom' types are doing, it literally would cost £1000s.  I also wanted to have some of my own ideas but to be honest after the party I had a look about and I think everyone is thinking the same about Lego bricks and figures! Also new to me is Archie joining school and apparently in reception its the done thing to invite the whole class, now I was more than happy to do this and meet some of the parents but as we have a large family too it meant we had 40 children so some ideas had to be cut back too. I used eBay for loads of stuff but to be honest it was all cheaper than the shops and exactly what I wanted. 

So here is Archie's Lego Party.


I wanted to make some Lego invites so people would know the theme....I love paper craft so I was in my element here but they were really easy.

 I was going to design and print something off myself but I'm not that tech savvy either, so I ordered these personalised postcard invites from a lady on eBay User MandieTomas67 and I was blown away by the look and quality, also it was £9.60 for 25 so around the same price for party invites and I didn't have to write anything out. Bonus. I also bought some shiny yellow card from our local craft place which was 10p a sheet, I already had this 2" hole punch but I used it a lot for this party so an investment at £9.99 again from eBay. I got some white tack and so sticky dots.

I used the hole punch and used a few pieces of the glossy card and made A LOT of circles.

I then cut the A4 glossy yellow card in half, then folded it in half to make two A5 cards.

Then with white tack I stuck one of the post cards inside.

Finalised by sticking 2 circles on the front to look like a small piece of Lego. I did make a large one originally but these postcards were too small, it still looks good though.


I then moved on to party favours. I cant stand the bits of absolute tat that most supermarkets sell, they are not cheap for one plus what child below 10 needs a keyring?! Its a bit of a bone of contention between me and my mummy friends and we have all agreed its better to get one 'proper' thing and a lump of cake than a big bag of rubbish. One of my friends gave out 'DIY Mask Kits' another gave a book and another gave a balloon animal recently, all great ideas. I wanted to keep the Lego theme and was going to give a Lego colouring book but couldn't find any below £3 which adds up X40. So I decided to make my own little Lego colouring sets which hopefully the kids loved. I decided if I had the moulds I could make some Lego sweets too, so I made the chocolates first then washed the moulds and made the crayons, purely for hygiene reasons.

Lego Chocolates. 
You will need:
Lego Moulds. I bought the moulds off good old eBay £4.49 for both.
Chocolate I bought the cheap stuff from the supermarket. 40p a bar.
Sprinkles (optional)
Pirex jug
Cello bags £3.50 for 100.

First washed and dried the moulds.

I melted some chocolate in the microwave using a pirex jug so it was easier to pour. I just did short spurts and kept stirring, it took about 1 min. I just poured it into the moulds, then put some rainbow sprinkles on for texture.

I did white chocolate for the bricks and milk chocolate for the figures.

I then stuck them immediately in the freezer for about 10 minutes and its amazing how they just pop out.

For the figures I couldn't just leave them blank so after the freezer when they were still soft I put 2 eyes in with a cocktail stick and a mouth with the tip of a piping nozzle they looked so cute.

I let them all dry for an hour then transferred batch after batch into tupper-wares as didn't need them until the next day. When I needed them I got a cellobag, put 1 brick and 1 figure in the bag and a few jelly sweets...I might have gone crazy at this point because I counted out 40 portions equally....I cant be the only OCD right?

                                 Then I tied a bit of ribbon around it. Voila.

Lego Crayons

You will need:
Lego Moulds
Crayons, even old broken ones will work. I used at least one per figure so a few packets.
Chopping board and sharp knife.
Oven Tray
Cello bags used other half from chocs.

I couldn't believe how simple but effective this was and one of my friends actually asked where I bought them. All you do is peel the paper off the crayon, me and the hubby did this one night with a Boardwalk Empire Marathon as I needed 6 large packets and stuck the assorted colours into little tupperwares ready for melting.

 Then crumble or chop them into bits, place them in the mould. Mix them up (will go marbled) or strictly just one colour per figure, I did both and loved all of them. Pop the moulds, on a tray into the oven at 150C and leave them for about 10 Min's or until completely melted. I stuck them straight in the freezer again for about 10 Min's and carefully take them out of the mould....out of 160....yes I made that many, I only lost 2 heads.

Not even half way here.....everything was not awesome.

I then went onto Google images and copied and pasted a blank Lego man. There are tonnes of free printables, but I just wanted something small for the party bag size. I printed 9 per sheet, cut them out so I had two per child for them to create which ever Lego character they wanted with their new crayons. 

I put the paper and 3-4 crayons in a cello bag, I made some big hearts for the girly bags. Then again tidied them up with a bit of ribbon.

Party Bags

I bought some glossy yellow paper bags from eBay and repeated what I did with the invitations by sticking two circles on the front to look like a little Lego brick. I put the Lego sweets in, the Lego Crayon set, some crackle candy (£2.50 for 40 eBay), a lolly and a party popper...who doesn't love them?! I also had some personalised stickers made from eBay for £1.25 for 40 which were fab for sticking the bag shut and said "Thank You". Done! The kids seemed to love them and no plastic tat in sight.

To keep with the theme the husband and Archie made a huge number 5 in Lego as the table centre piece which looked really cool, I also did a game of guess how many Lego's in the jar...which was stupid because most the kids were 5 and under so 77 was aiming a bit high! Everyone got a little sweetie. In the Lego movie Archie favourite bit is "Honey where are my paaaaants?"...you have to see it. So I made a ton of little pants and then we stuck them all around the disco room with white tack. Any kid that brought one back to me got a sweet out of the Lego head (just another little Lego touch which cost nothing to us)that worked much better.

All Lego presents in the morning!

I bought the boys these t shirts from eBay for the party a bargain at £4.50

Handsome birthday boy ready to party! 

For the table I went for all primary colours in keeping with Lego, Red table cloth which was a bargain at 4m £2, I got off eBay some square yellow plates and I had planned on drawing a Lego face on  them but the pen just wouldn't work! A blue spotty napkin and blue drink cartons so no spillage were a bargain at £2 for 24. I made some Lego confetti too by cutting an A4 sheet into 4 then punching out 2 holes, the pictures not very good but it look great to fill in the gaps. For the food I did a basic picnic of cheese sandwich's, hot dogs, popcorn, party rings, crisps etc. Kids are so hyped up they rarely eat much so it goes to waste. This worked perfectly and there was plenty for the adults to pick at too. 

Lego Movie cake complete with 'Kragle'

For the cake see below. 

Lego Movie Cake Tutorial

 The kids seemed to love it and Archie said after "Mam everything was Awesome!"...so it was well worth tasting metal from being so stressed ha ha.

Me and the bestie ready to Roller Disco, stuff the kids!

Kids going mental, couldn't get a still shot! 


Love my baby dudes face here.

Ash xox   


25 Day Mumma Challange!

I am not an earth mother, I admit it, its not a secret. Most of the time I find all this REALLY hard. When I was a "Working mother" I had all these ideas that if I ever became a SAHM I would have SO much more time for things like music classes, pavement chalks, baking and generally one on one time with my off spring. However it turns out that if you spend a lot more time in the house with children they create a lot more mess. They constantly want feeding, which means more dishes and washing...I have to mop my kitchen floor everyday of things like spaghetti, cheerios and milk puddles. I should have more time but I somehow have less? Plus said 'classes' are really expensive and creative things....well make more mess. Its awful but true. We all know how busy 'working mums' are as well. A teacher friend recently confessed that her weekends are purely now for catching up on housework not having family fun...said family are also piling up more housework as she goes. 

The point is its sometimes easy to forget the important things and make time for our children, especially now one of mine is in school. So I've devised a challenge for myself and hopefully you will all join in, even in a few weeks time there is no set date. I've seen these before on Pintrest etc but they are quite religious and so I've made my own. A 25 day challenge, one task each day to smash. I adore my children and of course already kisses and cuddle them, do fun stuff and spoil them but this will be the extra mile for them and me... some I could definitely master.  
So here it is.

The 25 day Mumma Challenge!

1. Let your child pick whatever they want for breakfast.
2. Teach your child a new word.
3. Organise or do one special thing just you and your child within the 25days.
4. How do you want your child to see you? Be that all day.
5. Today’s focus: Patience....well because yesterday was probably hard.
6. Give as many extra kisses’ and cuddles...as they will allow.
7. Do not criticise your child today.
8. Laugh A LOT with your child today.
9. Don’t shout at the children for the whole day.
10.  Teach your child something they can’t do themselves.
11.  Do not interrupt your child when they speak....even         on question 348.
12.  Today’s focus: Joy
13.  Bake, make or buy them their favourite food. Let them help.
14.  Ask your child’s opinion.
15.  Do something for you without the children, simple or pure luxury. Me time.
16.  Do something you wouldn’t normally allow, that you know your child loves.
17.  Think of a Mother you admire and emulate one of her best qualities.
18.  Let your child pick dinner.
19.  Turn off your phone/computer etc when your child is with you, dote on them today. Stuff Chores.
20.  Do something healthy with them, point out its importance.
21.  Today’s focus: Love
22.  Read a book with them you haven’t read before.
23.  Dance and sing like crazy with your child.
24.  Let your child pick an activity and DO it no matter what.
     25.  Tell your child “You are so glad they are your          son/daughter” and 5 reasons why.

I'm really looking forward to it, if you join in please let me know and send any pictures. I will be loading the daily task on my Facebook page, here. So if you haven't already please "Like" to keep upto date.

Good Luck.

Ash xox

P.s Of course Dads are welcome too.


Call the Police a toddler has scratched someone!

Omg what was I just saying about Over protective parents?! Last week I poured my heart out about the hell I am suffering due to my over excitable (a bit naughty) 2 year old and other very overprotective parents. Who when my son acts 2, occasionally gets violent, I apoligise, he apoligises and the parents still go mental?! As you can see here.

Little did I know it was just the begining, its like I could sense the storm brewing and Im so glad I wrote the above blog because its had such a good, suppotive response. I'm glad its not just me that realises a 2 yr old being a tinker is normal and while its not fine to hurt another child if its addressed, apologised for...what more can be done? Some parents seem to want blood shed back though. If it had not been for all your support though, after today's incident I would have been a blubering wreck and probably be £100 lighter frankly. I hope your sitting comfortably, it now feels like a dream I am so in shock of this, the top dog of all Over Protective parent hissy fits.

I will set the scene. Yesterday I woke up to said 2 yr old with a shiner better than Mike Tyson could have done. Cut a long story short and 6hrs in hospital later he has Cellultis which is a bad skin infection and quite serious when around the eyeball. He is on strong antibiotics hopefully will get rid in a week. So after a day of no fresh air we decided to take the boys to the skate park, where the 5yr old immediately went flying head first and split his chin wide open...like wide open. So another 3 hrs in hospital and a chin full of stitches. Stressful day to say the least. This morning after dropping Frankenstein at school, I took little legs to soft play, fat eye and all to run off some steam as the skater park hadn't worked out; to be honest I was sitting a little in shock anyway from the last 24hrs then...

A boy a bit bigger than Oscar hit him over a toy he had, Oscar pushes him back, this goes on for a bit and they even start to laugh over the back and forth. However I can see it will end in tears and just as I am about to split it up Oscar nips/scratches his face; boy started it Oscar has finished it. I am still hobbling over fast...have I mentioned I also for no reason I have an Elephant ankle?! The mother has swept the little boy into her arms and is already telling Oscar off....Point 1. Oscar was wrong there but her son started it? I go straight over anyway.

Me: "No no mustn't fight Oscar that's not kind you cant scratch" Say to the mother. "I'm really sorry" 
Oscar has legged it into the soft play.
Me: "I know, just let me get him" 
Retrieve Oscar, tell him off again that isn't nice in view of mother. Oscar, straight over to the little boy being clutched to his mothers knee, acting like he has chewed his entire arm clean off. "Soweee" kiss and cuddles little boy.
I think the mother would have pushed Oscars cuddle off if she could have. 
Mother: "He's bleeding you know, he REALLY scratched him" 
I cant even see a mark but approx 4yr old is still snivelling on her knee. 
Me:"Yeah I am sorry and Oscar has said it too"...walks away, can't do any more?
The mother as I hobble away gives me total daggers, waffles on to her two friends, keeps child on her knee.... speaks to staff member and requests a cloth for his face. 
Staff member: Clearly been asked to..... get the Manger?! 
I literally cant believe my eyes, this was just a toddler scrap wasn't it? There wasn't major bleeding, injury or scarring was there? 
Mother: Tells the Manager all about it obviously pointing at me.
Oscar: Has now come over to me with a book and is angelically sitting reading it with me...no really.
Manager: Comes over and tells me what Oscar has done.
I feel bad for her, she is now obliged to come over BUT the mother has obviously left out that I was actually there and made several apoligies. 
Me: "I know what has happened, he has said sorry what more does she want?" 
Manager: "I don't know but the little boy is upset"
Now I was thinking of leaving anyway but I definitely am now, this is ridiculous. The manager is having a sit down with us, the mother is glaring over and any time the little boy try's to go she is clutching this towel to his face...god forbid he is OK.

Now I tried to keep my cool I really did but honestly what more could I have done? No really anyone else in this situation, your child has been nipped possibly a tiny bit of blood, mother and child has apologised what more can I now do? So as I am leaving, I pass their table and ask "Is he ok?" Noticing there is NO blood.

Mother: Disgusted chewed off arm face, "Well I suppose, there was actually blood!"
Me: "I know and I am really sorry but he is only 2 and he has apologised"
Mother: "I know he has but he really nipped him and its so violent for a little boy"
....Sorry my mouth hung open for a bit.
Me: "He is 2 and has an older brother so..
Mother "HE has an older brother too and is used to 'rough' play, but that was really nasty"
Me: "What more can I do?! He has said sorry, so have I?  Seriously is there any more I can do?"
Mother "I know but he is just upset, and there was some blood"
Me: "Are you for real? If you know he has said sorry and you wont tell me what more I can do why are you making such a scene. This is TOTALLY ridiculous and completely embarrassing to get the manager to my table over a toddler scrap. Why don't you call the Police?!" 
Mother: "Well I think it was really nasty that's all..." 
Me: "Look we have said sorry, it wasn't even that bad I cant see blood, last night my other little boy tripped and put a hole in his chin so you could see the bone, THAT was a lot of blood and after several stitches he didn't even cry but who do I blame for that? Get over yourself.

Stormed off. I cant believe there are people in the world like this, it was like resolving it was a secret. Beg? £100? A bag of sweets?....nada. 

If this was you (always a small chance) What's more nasty a 2 yr old retailating but realising his mistake and apoligising or a middle aged woman with a vendetta for a 2yr old?! You're a knob. Fact.

He's not that bad is he?

Ash xox