The Hoppings.

Just a mini blog about the Hoppings because it only has 3 days left before it packs up and leaves until next year. For you non Northerners this is a very famous hugggge Fun fair which pitches up on the Newcastle Town Moor every June for around a week. If you have seen the film 'Big'....well that can eat its heart out! The most scary rides, hook the duck, candy floss, Helter Skelter, Hotdog's....its got everything. I took the boys last year and we had a nice time, there is still loads for little ones but this year Archie made the height restrictions on more so that made it much better....or so I thought! 

Fun fair Food Porn...say that fast 3 times!

Tall girl problems on the dodgems!

 I had imagined the traffic and parking would have been awful but it was only queuing for about 10 mins going in and was I thought reasonable at £3, got a space right by the entrance as well! Its free too get in but depending what you do not that cheap once you get started, most rides £3 a go. The boy thoroughly enjoyed it though so I had to splash out. Archie wanted to go on this super high swings, I was all for it until we started going up..... honestly thought this is how I'm going to die at one point and had to hold my 5yr old's hand ha ha. Never again. Some hot doughnut's though and I was happy again. 

All started well....


Hook the Duck tat and standard chinning each other!

Really recommend it for an afternoon or night of fun. 
Scream if you want to go faster! 

Ashlie xox

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