Northern Goldsmiths Opening Night.

I'm standing in a stunning listed building, with gorgeous huge chandeliers twinkling above my head, surrounded by diamonds, and stunning jewellery. As I'm listening to the brass band, sipping champagne and nibbling some amazing canap├ęs....I cant help wonder if this is a dream?! Not going to lie exactly 30mins before this moment I was standing in my rollers and dressing gown trying to make a toddler a peanut butter sandwich and waiting for Daddy to take over childcare.


Sh*t its the Summer Holiday!

Do you know the kids have broken up? 

Seriously do you know the summer holidays have started?!

I do own a calendar and as the weather has marginally increased in temperature, well enough for a flurry of flip flops and white linen trousers. Naturally. I was aware summer was approaching and that my boys first school year was quickly coming to an end, but as you can see from the lack of blog's the past 2 weeks, these have been rather busy days. I therefore seem to have missed the whole start of the Summer Holidays. However here we are on day 3 and I'm already considering a wine spritzer at 10:43am, my bank balance is quickly diminishing (with my patience) and 6 long weeks lay ahead of ....nothing.


Northern Goldsmiths and The Kissing Clock. #Romance #Nostalgia

Little girls dream of the day, the very first time they hang a pillow case from the back of their head and pretend to be a Princess or unless you are actually part of the royal family, the closest you will ever be to it - a Bride. This is the first thing I thought of when I heard the very iconic Northern Goldsmiths in Newcastle was having a huge £1m refurbishment to become a flagship showroom. Established in 1892 it has crowned the corner of Pilgrim Street and Blackett Street in the city centre ever since. Despite having my own engagement ring for ...wow 10yrs now and my own wedding ring for nearly 8yrs. Every time I pass this Jewellers I cant help but stop and look at all the other beautiful rings and indeed other stunning jewellery.