I’ve wanted to go to Egypt for years. For a start I love going to new country's, my inner Geography nerd child with a map still wants to put a sticker on a new place. Its fantastic year round weather and lets face it, the pretty awesome deals usually about, make it very appealing too. I’m not going to beat about the bush though I’ve heard and read some horror story's so I had my own serious reservations which have managed to make us pick other holiday destinations...Until now.


Sausage Pasta

I have totally plagiarised this recipe from Jamie Oliver but when I say 'Jools Pasta' no one knows what I mean and I hate fennel along with spring onions two of the main ingredients. So I've tweaked it to death and renamed it "Sausage Pasta" which always gets a round of applause in my house at its mention for tea. If you like those ingredients the original recipe is at the bottom.