Movie Party and Minion Madness

Try to say that title 3 times fast! 

At Archie's LEGO PARTY last year where I was told under no uncertain terms that I HAD to invite his entire new school class (such are reception rules) then with relatives and friends we had 45 kids and it nearly gave me a nervous breakdown. So this year I decided to go low key. Archie's absolute fave thing is to go to the cinema, it's our little Mammy and son date day thing. I was thinking he could pick three friends and we would go to Pizza Hut first. 

However, on reflection I struggle with my own two at the cinema,
then add 3 more kids...and sweets...and probably synchronised toilet breaks of five boys?! Major cold feet, also Archie couldn't cut his list to "Just three friends Mam!" However that day I caught something on TV where these celebs had a home cinema room (my total dream) the cogs started turning and I asked Archie if he would like a home cinema party instead; as long as there was popcorn he was in!

Archie absolutely loves Minions as well so he decided on that as a theme and 'Despicable Me' as the movie. Now to make the house into a cinema!

1. I gave all the guests an invite which was also a Ticket for admission

2. Announce Movie, I put these boards on the hall way table so guests could see what today's movie would be. 

3. Turned the living room into the cinema. I was going to just pile some cushions and blankets on the floor but decided to go all out on comfort and get the mattress's from our spare bed and Archie's bed. I put fresh bedding on them all, as well as pillows cushion's and blankets all around. I honestly don't know how chamber maids do it in big hotels, I was positively knackered after doing this. I also put a string of fairy lights under the TV, a few minion balloons and our blow up Minion Bob....who lasted 4 minutes before being boxed into oblivion by several children.

4. Minion Cake. I saw a lush Minion cake in Asda but when I showed Archie he said "It doesn't stand up?..." the poor bairn really doesn't ask for much and as I do love baking so my Mum guilt kicked in. I have never made a minion cake and it wasn't all smooth sailing but I think it turned out pretty well, he loved it and especially as we named him "Archie Minion".

Tutorial here
 Minion Cake

5. Party Bags. I got these paper bags from ebay and printed the eyes off (sheets below) I just used a bit of glue to attach them and drew different mouths on them to look like Minions! I added an activity pack which were £1 from B and M, as well as a few other bits inc a Minion language sheet...BANANA anyone?!

6. Concession stand. I honestly don't think I would go to the Cinema if I couldn't gorg on goodies. So I got a few props and set up a display on the dining room table, all items found on eBay. I knew the kids wouldn't be able to carry everything to the "Cinema Room" or manage not to spill so I got some trays for them. I couldn't get disposable one's big enough, Google kept showing ones for prison! I however, saw those disposable tinfoil trays made famous by "Nigella's Christmas" on special in Home Bargains for £6 for the lot. 

7. Lights, Camera, Action! All the kids arrived, I had put on the invite that parents could leave their children for the 3hrs. They all lined up, got their cinema snacks and picked a spot. I drew the curtains and started the film.



All in all the party was a great success, it allowed Archie to have 15 friends instead of just 3. The kids all totally loved it and a few Mums have already said they are going to do the same. They didn't last to the end of the film because like a house of cards, one got bored and they all thought the trampoline or tearing around the house looked more fun. It was a bit INSANE with all that sugar in them for about 10 minutes but luckily the bestie on hand quickly helped me throw together a game of musical bumps, then statues to fill the gap. Lit the birthday cake, party bag time and it was over in a flash.

Archie smashed his nose on the trampoline madness!

This, then wine, then clean up the carnage!



  1. Ah this looks like such an AMAZING party - I want an invite to the next one! You've put loads of effort in and most importantly I bet the kids all had a ball!

    1. Aw thank you SO much fun def do it again, love a movie night! x

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  2. OMG how do you do it? You're like Wonder Mam! You do know you are now in charge of my Minion themed wedding yes? ... including that AWESOME cake! x

    1. Ha ha far from it! Im all over the wedding though, no bother x

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