The Perfect Gift - Movie Box

I don't know about you but the older I get the harder I find gifts are to think of that I actually want, I can hardly ask for the entire Jo Malone catalogue or.... a new car can I?! So then I panic and say something like... "a new bread knife"... I find it even harder though to buy for others, unless they specifically ask for something #Result However I think I have found the answer and it fits any occasion and budget... move over food hampers I give you the - Movie Box.

I started doing these a few years ago when we had a lot of Engagement party's to go to...what on earth do you get as a gift? ANOTHER bottle of Champers, now I wouldn't say no but a lot of people believe it or not don't even like it. Something for their house, they might not use or need?...I'm not ready for that kind of responsibility . Its a good bet though that most couple's will be a smidge hungover the day after celebrating they are going to get married or at the very least enjoy a Date night so a box of treats...mostly carb's and a Classic Movie is just the order; Its all you need for a perfect night in.


Spend £10 -£100 its up to you.

Popcorn I always put it in...cant have a movie without it.

Sweeties - Think naughty, Whole Toblerone anyone?!

Munchies - Crisps/Nuts maybe nice dip or salsa.

Booze - What about a Bottle of Wine or Fizzy or Beers.

Fizzy Drinks - Great alternative for Kids, 
Pregnant friends and teetotallers. 

Movie - I love picking my fav DVDs going old skool but in this
 day and age a Netflicks voucher goes down a treat too.

Candle - I'm pretty sure the way I die will be in a fire caused by tonnes of candles but I love it with a Movie. Sorry not sorry.


Pamper - Nice face mask, Foot Pack, Nail Varnish.

Man Cave - Beef Jerky, Pork Scratchings, Nice beer etc 

Kids - Mini Gumball machine, Party rings, Haribo and a 
Disney. My Nephew loved it.

Allergy's - My Mum is Coeliac so she loved hers full of gluten free goodies, I like finding brands she has never tried too.

Personalised - Friend obsessed with Peanut Butter 
or something why not fill a box with there fav stuff.

Lets Begin.

Any box or basket will do but I always try to get one of these popcorn boxes because they look so cute, can double up as a snack bucket and they are only £1 from Poundland. I don't always put some tissue paper in the base dependant on the shape or size of the goodies going in but sometimes its good for a better display. 

Pick your Treats - I love to get some really nice goodies that people would love but for some reason would never buy for yourself...I mean look at those Coconut and Chilli Cashews 
(Heart eyes emoji!) Obviously nice to add things you know they will love too.

A Bottle of Fizzy, a Card and a Movie....love this one! 

Start Stacking everything in, heavy and large items
 first and to the back.

Make sure you tuck the card in....I cant tell you how many I have left out and it spoils the look of it cello-taping a big card to the front.

Arrange the rest of the goodies, make it look pretty obvs!

Now to wrap it up! 
Have these all handy, Scissors, Cello-tape, a gift tag and  I use a roll of clear Cellophane. This is 60cm wide, I'm note sure how long this one is but its lasted aggges and it was only 
£3.50 from Hobbycraft. 

Roll out the cellophane on a table and put the box 
on top to see how much you need.

Pull up the cellophane to make sure its long enough 
wrap the whole box with a good gather at the top.

At this stage you will wish you have a four arms, so have some celltape pieces cut off and ready. Fold in one side of the cellophane while holding it up with the other and tape it, then fold other side and repeat.

Then twist the gather at the top to make a pineapple top and tie tightly with some ribbon. 

Add a tag...apoligies my handwriting is like someone drunk doing River Dance but you get the picture.


Different ideas.

A Pamper Movie Box.

Personalised - All My Grandmas fav things.

A Boys Movie Box. I did this for my sons teacher
 Mr D and he loved it. 

A Girly Night In Movie Box.

A Date night or Couples Movie Box.


  1. I love this idea! Will defo be using it myself for those people I can't find what to buy! Thank you for sharing :) Ally x

    1. Aw thank you must say they go down really well! Everything you need for a lush night in! x

  2. Replies
    1. Aw thank you! Send me a piccy if you do one x

  3. These look great!

    Last Christmas I did something slightly similar, I made a degusta style box, it was literally in a degusta cardboard box that was then wrapped up. It wasn't half as presentable as yours, I'll have to try a movie hamper this year :)

    Ami x

    1. Still sounds fab! Im all into brown paper and string at the mo! x

    2. Still sounds fab! Im all into brown paper and string at the mo! x

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