Harry Potter Gift Box.

My boys have become Harry Potter obsessed overnight which I am loving because who doesn't love a bit of Hogwarts?! 

 The boys asked for "Harry Potter Stuff" but this year I was loathe to buy a tonne of tat we don't need, so didn't want items that just had on the logos on like a mug or whatever. I had a little think and decided to make them a 'Harry Potter Kit' or a box of things to create magic with and things that they love from the movie. Like most kids they got spoilt for Christmas but this was by far their favourite present and with a little planning it only cost a fraction of some of their gifts. I'm sorry for the bad lighting I was pulling LATE ones like all parents in December but you get the picture.

I used a variety of retailers for all the bits and bobs (links provided) but first stop I hit up 'The Works' It's a stationery/ craft kind of place but if you don't have one, 'Hobby World' or etc would do also B and M/poundworld I got some items. This is what I did to put it all together and the items I went for. I could have gone wild but this wasn't their only present however, wrapped up in brown paper and string to keep the theme I think it turned out pretty special and at around £30 a bargain for a "Big" present.

You will need.

A Box

Well it wouldn't be a 'magic box' without one and I wanted to reveal all the goodies inside. I was going to go rustic with an old brown box but I knew they would need some storage for all their new bits and bobs anyway so splashed out on the more solid proper one. I got 2 for £12 and love the pattern that is probably for a super hero but think it's "POW" and "BOOM" fits the theme really well too.

A Wand

What young wizard doesn't have a wand?! I spied these on ebay and I couldn't resist, you can even pick which character you want. Oscar keeps saying "I like Voldermort" and knowing him this doesn't surprise me AT all (worried face emoji) BUT I decided to reduce potential arguments and so got them both 'Harry's' wand. It came in such a special presentation box too.

A Cape

I was just going to get a black cape but when I spotted these with the emblem and hood I had to splurge. I wouldn't go near a naked flame with them or end your days but they are good quality and total replicas; the boys screamed when they opened this one.

A Hogwarts Letter

I just printed off a template letter from google (below) on to parchment paper, wrote their name on, rolled up and tied with string. For penny's I think they turned out great.

A Pet

All good wizards have a pet...to practise on I think, but a real Owl was going to be a bit of a stretch. So I did a little digging and asked "If they could pick a Harry Potter pet what would it be?" The answer was "A TOAD!" Well that's what Archie said and Ozzie just copies him. So I managed to get two sizeable really cute Beanie Toads. There are cats, owls, snakes and rats though.

Spell Book

There are some great proper merchandise ones out there but they are pricey and the boys total fave bit in the film is when the book chases Harry. So I decided to have a bash at making one and it was so easy but effective, I really recommend giving it a go...Even had to ask Santa to make another one and send it to my God son they all loved it that much...

You will need.

  • An Old book
  • Some Craft fur. I just got 1/10 of a metre for £5 which was more than enough from a fabric shop.
  • A glue gun or super glue
  • Scissors
  • White Craft Felt or any sturdy white material.
  • Goggle eyes

Line up the book on the edge of the felt and cut a piece
 big enough to wrap around the lip of the book cover though.

Glue the edge of the fur around the lip of the 
book cover on both sides.

I cut mine a tiny bit short but once I fluffed out the edges it didn't matter. Cut triangles out of the white felt any shape, size and as many as you like then glue them on the under side of the cover for teeth.

Part the fur and glue in some goggle eyes as many as you wish. For an older child a blank book or there name inside would be good but mine a bit small.

Voila! The boys still love snapping the mouth open and close. 


Any Wizard worth his salt has some potions. I got these mini bottles 10 for £1 filled them with stuff out of the spice cupboard....I mean the Potions larder! We have Pepper, Oregano, Paprika and glitter with some cloves. I also got a bag of craft letters for £1 as thought it would be cool to spell out their names and put a few in the bag. My boys are only 6 and 3 so that was enough but older -less able to choke and more able to read- I would have done a few more bottles and labelled them. The Paprika was 'Dragons Blood for sure and added a few other things laying around the house like a couple of marbles, an old necklace and maybe a candle just for effect. Its just novelty for mine though they weren't to open up.

Berty's Botts Beans

I had to have a Harry Potter themed treat and while you can get the Chocolate frogs and cool merchandised HP sweeties I spotted this huge box of Jelly Beans in B and M for £2.99! Once wrapped up and a Labelled "Berty Bott's Beans" they had no clue.


As Archie is a little older and in truth way more into Harry Potter I decided to put a few extra bits in his box I know he would love, Oz got a skooter from Santa anyway. 

All school aged children have a book bag and they love having keyring's and badges on them. so I got him a Hogwart's badge and mini Metal wand which both went down a storm. I also got him this Magic Note Book with Wand pen, Its not Harry Potter and at £10 I thought pricey but it was worth it, really good quality, in a box and Arch has filled every page writing "spell"...anything to practice writing.

Other ideas if you want to splash out...
A Scalf, Glasses, A Mug, A Bag, The Harry Potter books, tickets to Harry Potter World, a poster or a print of their favourite quote the possibility's are endless!

Ideal for any birthday or Christmas present. Hope your little Wizards enjoy as much as mine! 


I have mentioned next to the item where I got it from but if not here are the links below

Just copy and paste


  1. Ah Ashlie - I wish you were my mam!!! My three would love this - I'm going to attempt it this Christmas. It could totally work for other themes too couldn't it - you've got me thinking about Heidi's birthday now!

    1. Ah thanks...now you know why im mental and always busy ha ha. Yeah def I did a few presents like this, Archie also got an Art bundle. Much better tat they dont lke after January. xxx

  2. Okay so I absolutely love this idea! As someone who is obsessed with Harry Potter I just wish someone had done this for me, and I'm tempted to send it to everyone I know just in hope that someone will make me one. I think your kids are the luckiest in the world to have you as a Mum!

    Beka. xo | littleworldofbeka

    1. Awww you are too kind the boys totally loved it though. Make one yourself ha ha! xxx