Vitamin Infusion. #centralhealthcare

Now a days with people are so health and fitness concious, terms like Paleo, Vegan and Leg day are no longer a foreign language. So its no surprise anything that can help detox, boost immunity and make you feel fresh to death is so popular and Vitamin Infusions do just that. When I heard that Central Healthcare were doing Vitamin Infusions I was so excited because I had initially saw them on holiday in LA over 10yrs ago, and actually tried an oxygen treatment which was fab. Thankfully like most things they have taken their time to get over the pond but now here in the UK and NOT just London, oh no we have a gorgeous clinic in the Toon too. 

So what is a Vitamin Infusion?

Its basically a cocktail of vitamins (suited to your needs) given intravenously, so directly into your bloodstream, this method is far more potent because unlike taking vitamin tablets it isn't processed by your stomach and intestine first. So it gives you a boat load of much needed nutrients direct.

Who would benefit?

EVERYONE. This was my first question as I had assumed it would just be for people feeling a bit run down like myself (I recently had a tooth abscess) however although it is very popular with people suffering bad health anything from Asthma to fertility problems, it's great as a preventative too. Busy people who cant afford to get ill, Cabin Crew, Athletes and its rumoured to be the 'in thing' with Celebs too. Some like Rihanna, Simon Cowell and Madonna being upfront saying how much they like these treatments. I was intrigued to learn that it is very in demand with Cancer patients also because its been shown that large doses of Vitamin C can shrink tumours in some cases. In fact clients travel from all over the UK  to see Gill. 

What to expect?

Central Healthcare is situated just behind Central Station on Forth Street and is a nurse led clinic, that not only specialise in Vitamin Infusions but Colonic Irrigation, Food Testing and Detox programmes. I was greeted by the lovely Gill who is a registered nurse and has worked in many roles from hospitals to Harley Street before opening the clinic with her partner. I loved how 'un-medical' the place feels, its bright and fresh more like a spa. I was asked to fill in a questionnaire about myself, past history and what were my current needs. Like all Mammy's I said mostly "I'M TIRED" and Gill decided from a menu they have Here on a 'Fit-amin' drip and a B12 injection after. Both are fab for boosting immunity and giving a surge of energy.

After being made very comfortable on a couch bed tucked in with a blanket, I was then hooked up to the drip. I'm not frightened of needles but Gill was a total pro if you are, very kind, soothing and quick. It then took about 30mins to infuse the whole bag which was honestly nice to sit back and relax for a change. Once finished Gill removed the needle and applied a plaster, I've given blood and had routine tests before, you can end up black and blue butchered but Gill didn't leave a mark except the pin prick. 

I then had to turn over as unfortunately B12 has to go in your bum cheek! Gill pre warned me that it would hurt/sting and I was really bracing myself, but after having a tooth abscess it was nothing and over in seconds and so was the pain. Gill explained to take it easy for the rest of the day and I would probably sleep really well as magnesium is included in the infusion and very relaxing. I then went on my way, 1 hour start to finish.

How did I feel after?

Well I truly felt buzzing straight after, it was just in time for the school run at 3.15pm when I normally feel like death and I'm craving a cuppa with chocolate but I had loads of energy, bouncing into the yard. Unfortunately Oscar slept terribly that night so I was up a lot and was so tired the next day, annoyed I wouldn't be feeling the full effect. However once up I had such a mind clear, you know those days you smash out the park? All sorts of annoying little and big things off my to do list and did still felt full of energy and very motivated. Also this week my whole family has had a nasty virus with my brother ending up in hospital, I was dreading getting it but so far only one surviving so think its helped.

I really did love this treatment and would definitely have it again especially at Central Healthcare I couldn't fault them and Gill was amazing, I'm even thinking of having a Colonic now with her after hearing all the benefits of that too.

Have a look at their website for prices, info its so interesting too. 15% off until the end of March.   


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