Clean 9 review. #foreverliving

If you haven't heard of the Clean 9 cleanse, I'm sure you will have heard of its maker Forever Living, an aloe vera product company that is literally everywhere. I have several friends who are reps and I've been asked loads of times to give it a go but I just didn't understand it or think I would be able to hack it. However, after fully investing in my winter body this year, blinking and it was May with our holiday just a few weeks I decided to shut up and see for myself.

What is it?

So C9 is a cleanse that last for 9 days. It is based on supplements, aloe gel, calorie controlled eating and exercise. Forever living states its designed to “cleanse your body and adjust your mindset” as the first step in transforming your diet and fitness habits. Ok thumbs up.

The first 2 days are the described as the toughest because you don't really eat and are weaning off all the stuff we shouldn't really eat/drink a lot of. You are allowed a protein shake everyday but after the first 2 days, day 3 - 9 you are also allowed a 600calorie meal.

Whats in the kit?

It isn't cheap at £109 but you do get a lot in it and as soon as I opened it I felt relieved at how well it is set out and guides you through each day with lots of helpful tips. to. You get: 

  • two one-litre bottles of aloe vera gel 
  • a 15-serving pouch of Forever Lite Ultra shake powder you can choose either vanilla or chocolate flavour
  • a box containing two types of supplement and fibre sachets
  • a handy shaker
  • a measuring tape.
  • A Booklet/diary with everything in it.

About me:

I just thought its important to tell you a bit about me as everyone will be different and shouldn't compare or expect the same results, hey you might even do better than me though. I am 6ft tall and on day 1 I weighed 11st 3lbs. I have previously lost 5st twice after the birth of my sons with Slimming World  and exercise (I do about 3 classes a week and keep active) but I have been struggling to stick to plan lately and fancied a detox. I hate coffee so that wasn't an issue but I drink about 10 cups of tea a day and am a total sugar addict and I love a glass of wine so the thought of cutting these out made me feel sick. I have never really done a detox or ever had a protein shake in my life before this. I am not doing this for weight loss really but to feel less bloated and kick start healthy eating for the next few weeks before my holiday....so I can eat and drink what I like while away in all honesty.

I was really struggling to string 9 clear days together to do this because while I really wanted to complete C9 I didn't want it to impinge on any occasion or feel I missed out just for a detox. I even considered doing it after my holiday instead but I knew if I didn't just go for it I never would. So looking at my diary ,  literally decided that evening I would start it the next day. I happened to be out with my cousin who asked me to be Godmother to my gorgeous little cousin, we then shared a bottle of wine and had some chips to celebrate obviously...not an ideal last supper but these things happen. 

Start: 11st 3 lbs 

Day 1: 

I wake up a bit groggy but positive. I was expecting the worst, friends have told me how hard it is but I think this mind set has helped though, as thinking it would be awful it actually then wasn't too bad, if that makes sense?!  Luckily I was working from home this day too. I took the supplements and nibbled on blueberries to get me through the school run. I return and have my first aloe shot....HOLY hell its the worst thing I have ever drank I swear. I was warned several times but thought my years of doing shots and eating crazy foods travelling I would be fine. Nope. I am no longer remotely hungry. Result.

I follow the plan in a robotic way and hammer the free foods but feel a bit spaced out or dizzy all day, I'm gagging for a cup of tea but surprisingly don't even flicker making the boys pizza and goodies for their dinner, I just turn off. I truly don't feel that hungry or like I want to give in. I drink loads of water and green teas but by 8pm I am almost slurring my speech, not really with it at all so have an early night. I don't sleep that well at all but think I'm hungry out of habit.

Day 2: 

I take the tablets as soon as I wake so they are burning away. I have no energy from the minute I get up. I DO NOT want to drink the Aloe either, it really smells like bleach, has a vile texture and I thought it was a shot but is actually 120ml...thats a small wine to me 4x a day! I google it and find lots of helpful tips, like keep it in the fridge, have water and grapes ready to chug straight after, add orange juice but the best by far is...hold your nose. Duh. It's a game changer as well as water and grapes after, it does still repeat but I don't dread having it now.

I power through the day in a daze, again not really hungry though and serve the kids a yummy meal after yummy meal no problem. I'm pleased as thought this would be the hardest bit but its like I'm a chef, I'm cooking it but just know its not for me; not even a bite. I really enjoy the protein shake as never really have had one before this. There are some great little recipes in the book but I'd rather eat fruit whole on the side than whizzed up. I make mine with coconut milk instead of the recommended skimmed cows milk and add plenty of ice. I don't have a posh smoothie maker thing, I just use a good old whizz stick. I really like it though its like a milkshake. Tonnes of water, green tea and free foods but by 9pm I am feeling really sorry for myself and just go to bed.

HAmmmmmer free food.

Day 3: 

I wake up and feel much less bloated it only been 48hrs really and my pj bottoms fall down. I weigh myself and have lost 6lbs already! Wow. I still feel a bit weak today and decided to add some frozen banana chucks as well as the ice to my shake. I don't think its allowed but I need the calories to get through work its also delicious and creamy. Mid afternoon I start to get a stotting headache. I was waiting for this on day 1 or 2 but not today as thought I would be over the detox bit. Its gets so bad I start feeling sick, I'm also helping at the school fayre and don't want to cancel. I make an executive decision and cheat a little. I have 2 paracetomol and a 'Naked bar' (clean bar of pressed nuts and fruit only) with lots of water. I'm allowed a 600 calorie meal tonight so deduct the calories off that for the bar. I feel tonnes better within 30mins. Right decision.

The fayre is fresh hell with a stone pizza oven going, cake stall, tuck shop and hot dogs. I am literally only bothered for a few minutes though, I have a word with myself about not giving in at this stage and I don't, it would be pointless I can have those foods anytime as well. After the fayre I do my first gym class since starting C9 my normal Metafit (20mins of hell but worth it if you have never tried it) its much tougher than usual but I feel great after and get my first meal. I go for poached salmon, greens and avocado its heaven after a hot shower but I'm still not that hungry. I sleep like a baby this night. 

Day 4. 

I wake up buzzing at 5am, to be honest I think its because I didn't give in yesterday and have surprised myself as friday is ALWAYS treat night but I was fine while the boys munched cake. I am super thirsty today for some reason, C9 encourages tonnes of water anyway. I follow the plan but have to go to the Dr's for something unrelated. I think he's going to take blood so to be safe I have another naked bar, they are still "clean" and it means I'm not giving up really or hitting the floor in the GP's. 

I have another headache after my protein shake mid afternoon and suddenly decide to check the ingredients ...embarrassingly at this stage in the game but I just went for it not thinking about whats in it. I am gutted to discover that the shakes have sweetener in! I love junk food and am a confessed sugar addict but I avoid sweetener like the plague, I do believe its a carcinogenic so while sugar isn't great for you I would rather be fatter than dead given the choice. The one thing I'm really craving is a nice hot cup of tea so why I can't have one on this plan when you're allowed sweetener and milk is a bit bizarre but hey ho. I do another HIIT work out and have Salmon again for dinner.

Day 5: 

I wake up early and have lots of energy today. I weigh myself and have lost another 2lb so 8lb in total its actually a bit scary what can be done in 4 proper days. I decide to keep busy by painting the kitchen! I take the boys to McDonalds as a treat for sitting doing all their homework quietly while I cracked on painting. I don't know what is in these supplements or Garcina but its magic. I don't feel hungry at all and when we pull up the grease smell almost makes me gag. Apart from my head without realising goes to pinch a few fries out of habit....you're not human if you don't do this though right? I smack my own hand away and I am honestly not tempted at all.

I munch on free foods the rest of the day, water and lots of green teas, I have a collection now and peach or mint are my favourite. I do my HIIT work out and have chicken peri peri with lots of salad tonight. I am absolutely exhausted by 7pm in fact I am every night doing this but I think thats because I'm not allowed my normal wine o'clock or snack tray of treats to have with a box set binge. So I neck the dreaded Aloe, give myself a pedicure to keep busy and have another early night. 

Another HIIT sesh...

Day 6: 

I weigh myself and have lost another 1lb thats 9lbs in less than a week. The day starts off great I follow the plan religiously as per, in fact thats the thing I like about this. The about of supplements, aloe, free foods, shake and meal you have it feels something is happening nearly every hour so its easy to keep up and not get bored or tempted. Unfortunately with something unrelated I have to take some medication from my GP and am advised I can no longer take the supplements until my medication is done. I'm gutted.

I've been doing so well and want to finish it but no can do. It's worth noting that all sorts of medications and antibiotics don't mix well with the C9 supplements even though they are mostly natural and can cause allergic reactions so please do ask your GP first as advised before starting this. I'm so depressed I cave and have my first really stewed boiling hot cup of tea; man is it amazing. That night its also curry night and while I don't go mad I have Chicken Shishskla (healthy option) lots of salad, some rice and a few chips to cheer my self up!

Day 7, 8 and 9:

Despite not being able to take the supplements now I want to continue as best as I can. So I eat clean for the remaining 3 days, keeping to 1200 calories recommended. I don't have the shakes as they gave me a headache anyway but have lots of water, green tea and I still take the aloe gel. I do have a cup of normal tea each morning but thats it. I still feel much lighter and in control although definitely hungrier and more tempted without the Garcina. I also really smash the exercise as recommended though and keep super busy.


Day 10 morning, I weigh myself and I've gained 1 lb since day 6. Still lost alb overall I'm not surprised by this as I haven't taken the supplements for 3 days, I have had more to eat than I would have sticking to the plan  and I've had carbs which I avoided in the first few days even though you are allowed them in your meals.

IMPORTANT - I have really tried NOT to stick out my stomach in the first pic and suck it in the second. I did feel super bloated the first day so let it just hang out. In the second pic I have the dregs of a spray tan a few days earlier again not trying to just look slimmer and I have cut my head off....because I was closing my eyes in 2 pictures! This is a true reflection as I could get.

In total: 

Day 1. -  11st 3lbs

Day 10. - 10st 9lbs 

= 8 lbs lost. 

Would I recommend or do it again?

Yes. It has its faults, I mean its not technically clean for one. I can't even understand the ingredients on most of it but as I said the Shakes contain sweetener, they recommend you mix it with milk and to me dairy isn't 'clean' also the meals say you can have carbs like potato and rice which are part of a healthy balanced diet but it wasn't the ultra clean, paleo type plan I was expecting and still think you should be able to have a tea cuppa on it! Also £109 isn't just spare change but I didn't eat or drink out for this near 2wk period so probably saved that money on not eating crap or take aways anyway. If you haven't done it before I would definitely give it a go for yourself, people it would be good for:

  • Starting a diet, or struggle to stick to one, this will kick start it right in the bum and make you appreciate any "diet" eating plan after, I won't complain Overnight oats are not a bacon butty in a hurry anymore.
  • Special occasion. Anyone worth their salt knows faddy diets don't last but I lost 6lbs  in 3days and 8lbs in less than a week; maybe more if I'd been able to stick with it and I felt totally unbloated. Ideal to squeeze into a dress just once.
  • Detox, while its not the perfect cleanse it will totally stop you eating crap and wean you off coffee, tea, wine, bread or whatever your poison is.

How have I been after C9?

Good. It truly gave me a kick to continue eating healthily and appreciate it too. It's nearly 3 wks since I've finished but I have maintained the weight loss which I was worried about, it might just have been water weight. I have had a few nights out, fish and chips and little treats but eaten well otherwise. I've been exercising a lot and eating a high protein diet too so definitely think Im gaining muscle and why its balanced out. I havent gained but haven't lost anymore either which I'm happy about, just toned for my holiday. 

  • Just go for it and if you need to bend it a little as I did its better than fully giving up. It didn't effect my results too much.
  • Keep the aloe in the fridge and hold your nose when drinking.
  • Download the app as guides you through daily
  • The hairy bikers have some great 600cal meal ideas.

Any other questions please just ask.
If you want to try C9 yourself or any other products contact my friend Nicola, girlfriend knows her stuff and it can be posted directly to you.


DISCLAIMER I paid for C9 myself and am no way sponsored by them this is a true unbiased review.


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