The fatter side of me...

I've been asked so many times to write this blog but I just haven't known where to start. I also don't for one second sound condescending or like I know what I am doing. I don't and I still struggle. A very important point - Weight loss ain't easy, if it was, naughty food wouldn't taste so amazing and everyone would have the figure they want. This I know for sure.


Finding the time to get fit!

I have never been exercise mad unfortunately, as much as I've wanted to be the girl who was into sports and loved going to the gym... instead of rather eating toenails. As a child my dorky side was in full force though, I loved books and drawing and TV basically. Then I got older and liked going out and drinking way more, I was always curvy but I didn't care because I was having too much fun and no diet or exercise plan ever stuck or worked for that matter. 

However after having my first son I was like a planet, when the novelty of "Eating for two" never really wore off and I put on 5 stone. I knew I had to do something and so I joined Slimming World, I have never looked back and recommend it to anyone but I definitely couldn't have lost 5 stone with out exercise too...which I'm the most surprised about but I actually quite enjoy now. It's also so important to me that my boys stay healthy and I want to teach them to like exercise too.