If I can do the Great North Run....

This time last year I wasn’t in a good place at all for a few reasons but especially as my beloved GG had just passed away and I truly felt... lost.
For years I have always wanted to do the GNR but never thought I ever could, especially when I was 5st heavier after having my son. However, when I saw the announcement come out to say it was going to be on my actual (*cough 35th) birthday I couldn’t resist. Something to focus on. I applied and ironically the day after I bought the leggings I wore to run it, I got the email to say I didn’t get a place! I thought it was a sign and for a few months quit…but I couldn’t shake it and decided to hunt down a spare number (thank you William whoever you are). As I mentioned I’ve lost 5st and like to keep fit but I’m NOT a runner. Also as a single parent who works full time I’ve had to do most of my training with my 2 little boys in toe, chasing them around the streets, the beach or doing HIIT vids with a 6yr old asking 134,867 questions. Soz this is getting a bit like a bad X Factor story but bare with me...

I couldn’t do enough training, I doubted myself a million times and I nearly chickened out in favour of a nice boozy birthday instead, just the day before BUT I didn’t and turned up at Exhibition Park a ball of nerves. I trundled down to the Pink area to que and I was so far at the back that there wasn’t even any pen fence left! Apart from seeing one of my best friends at the start for 10mins (and trying not to have an emotional break down) I did it completely alone.

It was boiling, extremely busy and I KID YOU NOT I skidded on a banana at mile 5 and then needed first aid on my foot. Toenails are overrated anyway apparently. Mile 8 was hideous and despite a handful of jelly babies I was bonking big style at mile 11 (that's runner lingo for absolutely fucking shattered apparently)… but I finished, blasting over the final line. I came in at the 3hr mark but not interested in the time as I hand on heart couldn’t have gone any faster also due to crowd weaving and I ran nearly the whole way, so really chuffed with myself.

It was absolutely incredible and one of thee best things I’ve ever done. I loved it all! The crowds, the spirit, peoples msgs and our beloved North East! I broke my heart/ugly cried going over the Tyne Bridge and a few times along the way thinking of my GG and no more than coming over the finish line and seeing my loved ones waiting for me!
This wasn’t just a 1 day experience. It’s been a hell of a year for me and like most people a lot went into this and lead up to this moment. Years in fact. My point in that round about way is that no matter what if you put your mind to something in any aspect of life, it is amazing what you can achieve and don't let the time it will take to achieve something put you off as it will pass anyway. I’ve got a medal as a reminder and raised some money for an incredible charity as well; hopefully made my GG very proud too. If you are even considering doing it I couldn’t recommend it more.


I want to thank my amazing family and friends for all their support and especially to my beautiful boys Archie and Oscar for being amazing coaches and pushing me on every step of the way, I couldn't have done it without them.


  1. Only you could slip on a banana skin doing the GNR! Such an amazing achievement, I honestly can't imagine ever being able to run that far - you are amazing!!! x

  2. Oh wow what an amazing achievement along with losing 5 stone. You almost convinced me to do it :))) I might be able to stretch to running with my kids in the Junior north run next year that would be enough for me tbh!!!