It was the Boyfriends birthday a few weeks ago so for the guy that has everything I booked a surprise weekend away. I didn't have a massive budget and noticed how reasonable Wroclaw was. We have never been to Poland either so seemed the ideal mini break.

- We went from Newcastle with Ryanair and they were really cheap. Around £50 for two but as it was his birthday treat I added some extra's like leg room because we are both giants and extra baggage...as clothes in April, it could be snowing or blistering sun and I like options (then wore same thing) so jumped up to £110...still bargain. 

- We stayed in the Double Tree Hilton - looks a bit like a cruise ship and was only built last year. Literally one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in, everything is so stylish and fresh. Breakfast was to die for, every option possible, including champagne on Saturday and Sunday. It also has a fantastic location only 5min walk from “The Square” We got a suite for 3 nights which was huge and while it was lovely we didn’t need a suite as were out exploring loads so maybe wouldn't next time. 

I literally couldn't say it, like Joey on friends. To be fair people say it differently but defo not WROW-Claw as I have been. It seem's to be pronounced ROT SLAV. I think. Maybe.

Straight off we REALLY loved it here. Such pretty buildings and we hit lucky with the weather so walked everywhere. The people are so lovely too, nothing is too much. Also very CHEAP! We kept rechecking the prices for stuff as couldn’t believe it. 

2 LARGE beers £3!

That amazing platter with a whole loaf of bread was just £21 with 6 beers. 

We had a few drinks in the hotel all 3 days and our bill was only £36. 


There are lots of chains like KFC etc but we really enjoyed trying polish food.

Pierogis are like mini pasty’s and delicious.

Lovely Stews.

Soup in bread loafs. 

Lots of cabbage and pickles (heaven to me)

Donuts- there are lots of different types of gorgeous pastry’s but these donuts were epic and SO fresh! All over the city. Kicks Krispy Kreme butt and about 80p each. Addictive. 


We got an Uber from the airport and it was £7.50!? Around 25mins away. 

- Lots of buses and trams if you’re feeling adventurous. 

- They also have these super cool scooters and bikes for hire all over too about £1 a ride. 

We were lucky enough to get a kid free break and it was lovely to just sit on the square people watching for hours and have a few drinks. However we both commented the kids would have liked it too. They have these brass gnomes all over the city and can do a treasure hunt, the donuts shops, rent a bike's etc there still would have been a lot to do for them.


On the first day we went straight on this tour. It is about 2.5hrs away from Wroclaw apparently only 1hr from Krakow. We both really wanted to go though. So we looked on trip advisor and loads of options but decided to book a private tour so not tramming around lots of hotels doing pick ups with being a long day 
Fantastic service!

We got picked up at a time that suited us 8:45am in an air con mini van. Drove there and I fell asleep so didn’t even notice the drive. The guide was so informative. Took us to the Auschwitz gates, gave us a token for the loo and after a 15min break added us to our tour group slot.

Note: Your are not allowed to take a bag in bigger than an A4 piece of paper. I left mine in the van as just over apparently it’s because some doilums try to nick stuff! 

Then we went on the 1hr30min tour... I want to say “It was so interesting you must GO but in my opinion it was AWFUL! I really thought I’d be fine but I was so effected. You just can’t believe what these poor people went through. The things like glasses and teeth left behind... The smell and how quiet it is. No birds at all. You literally can feel their confusion, shame and hurt.The story's are awful and they don't try to sugar coat it at all. They want people to know what happened. 

You then get a break, our driver had a cheese sandwich and water ready - there are lots of snack shops there though. Then you are driven over to the Birkenhaus bit which was where all they all originally arrived by train and were selected for the Gas Chamber's or Work. I felt so upset though we ended our tour early. I really did feel a bit sick and couldn’t stop thinking about it. 1.1 Million people were murdered there and 11million in total of all the camps...So ridiculously awful.

Our driver took us straight back to our hotel door which was around 4pm. It was £80 each all in and while I don’t want to go back I’m glad I’ve been and this option was great.

We throughly enjoyed our break in Wroclaw and cant wait to go back to Poland. Fantastic country.  

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  1. I never would have thought to visit but your pictures are lush! It's made me think maybe I should just go on the Newcastle Airport website and see where I can fly to and then spontaneously make a plan!