A ray of sunshine #teachergift

I posted one of these last week that I did for my friend who was having a tough week and everyone was asking for the info, so I've put it into a blog! I love to do these little gifts for friends who need a pick me up, as a thank you or they are also ideal as Teacher gifts. It's a smaller version of my popular Movie Night Gift boxes if you have a few to get for.  


Gdansk. #review

"Poland, on holiday?

...with kids?!" 

Has been the general consensus when we told told people our plans. BARE with me though and let me tell you how and why it was so good we would totally recommend it.


Baked Camembert #recipe

It's that time of year again where the weather is HOPEFULLY warmer and picky food is king. This is one of my most popular posts ever. Simple, cheap and delicious so I had to share. It only cost me £2.25 but fed 8 (more with other picky bits) and oh man it's amazing.....