No bake, Christmas treat's!

I LOVE baking it’s my biggest hobby but there are so many Christmas occasions where I’m normally asked to bake something.... namely the school fayre. So I thought of a little cheat way to still give some festive treats.

Maybe you also haven’t got time, or hate baking or let’s face it, the stress and mess with kids but decorating is the best bit right? 

Well here you go.

All you need is:

A selection of biscuits we went for:
  • Tea cakes, coconut rings and white Oreos.
  • Sweeties, like dolly mixtures and strawberry laces.
  • Festive sprinkles.
  • Icing.
  • Green butter cream, made up by beating:
60g butter.
250g icing sugar.
Green food colouring - choose how dark you want. 

Tea cakes/ Christmas Pudding.

Just add a dollop of white icing and some sweetie holly.

Festive Wreath.

Take a coconut ring and spread some green buttercream on. I used a piping bag for some but spreading was just as good. Add festive sprinkles straight away. 

Snowman Biscuits.

Take a white Oreo (Any round biscuit with white icing spread on it would do)
Make a face with:
Stick on 2 eyes.
Make ear muffs with dolly mixtures and sweet laces. 
I chopped up an orange sweet to make a carrot nose. 

I think they look really cute. The boys loved making them. Perfect for any Christmas occasion.

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