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Hiiiii, I’m Ashlie, a Geordie girl born and bred. I like Tea, Posh candles, Nice Nails, Cake, Box set Marathons, Alcoholic drinks, Profanity, Designer Handbags, not shoes...it’s a sore spot, Peanut Butter, Quotes, a Selfie, Stationery, Beauty Products, Travelling, Sunny Days, Fresh Sheets and Instagram. 
I live with my husband Chris (a.k.a The husband or Alpha Male)he's social media phobic and sport obsessed so you might not see much of him. I met him when I was 15 though and we have we been married nearly 8yrs...wow how did that happen. We have 2 rambunctious (thats cute for naughty/hyper) hilarious boys Archie 5 and Oscar 3. Life is crazy at the moment and I can’t decide if it’s only until they get older or we just have to adjust and except our new life with kids! I started my blog in 2013 while on Maternity leave to stop my brain turning to mush...some you win some you lose. I suffer from dyslexia as you will see so don't expect much from the grammer but I do try and its not on purpose. I initially started for recipes but my husbands job got transferred to Texas soon after, so we lived over there for a bit and it turns out my unfiltered tone, crazy kids and adventures are way more popular. 

My Bestie once said “If you mixed Charlotte and Samantha from Sex and the City it’s you!” so there you go. I’m a reallly honest Mam/Housewife you won’t find me sugar coating parenthood, Fuck, kids are hard work! I’m also food obsessed, love to eat, make a canny cake and a mean poached egg sometimes. I love a night in and a night out in equal measure, which makes sense because I’m either glammed to the max inc false eyelashes or in my Pj’s looking homeless....there is no in between. I watch way too much American TV from the Walking Dead to Greys Anatomy and wine is a staple in my life. This is my corner of the world to share, laugh, vent and occasionally cook.

Thanks for stopping by I hope you like it!

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