Take it down to Chinatown!

It was my cousin Jenny's 21st Birthday a few weeks ago, hosted at my Aunt and Uncles gorgeous house on the River Thames in Berks. The theme was Chinatown which was dripping from every inch of the party and I was thrilled to get involved by making a cake for Jen. Unfortunately Chris was on Daddy duty so a (nervous cake laden) 5hr road trip ensued from the Toon with my brother, which actually flew by with help of Radio 1....cant tell I'm getting a night child free can you!
When we arrived I was blown away by the fabulous marquee and decor, there was an awkward moment when I announced the "cake was in the car"...without realising that it was a surprise for Jen! In my defence my Aunt thought that it was going to be a small cake she could carry in with candles on. Now I don't do anything by halves and she did say that over 100 people were coming....  
The invitation had a great picture of a dragon so straight away I knew I wanted to have a dragon as the centre piece. Sadly the dragon above who was supposed to be sticking up 3D from the top but had a run in with Archie my 3yr old when he picked up the dowel and it snapped, so I glued it back together and just placed it in front of the cake.
I then made a more sturdy dragon head from petal paste and edible gold dust. The cupcakes were a mixture of Vanilla Almond and Chocolate, I wasn't sure what to do for "Chinatown" but the week before I made stir fry for tea and I knew then I wanted to somehow make noodles and cop sticks. I also decorated some with handmade marzipan fortune cookies, fans and orchids.
I think my Aunt forgave me for the premature reveal when she saw the cake and said  "I think I'm going to cry", well I cant get better praise than that. Even funnier was when she was astonished that it matched the theme party colours...even though she had sent me an invitation and told me all the colours?! So I'm glad I didn't just make a Christmas cake ha ha....maybe baby brain never goes away...god I hope not!
After the cake was assembled...phew.. all that was left to do was have a Nana Nap and get ready. I had planned on buying a kimono or something in keeping with the theme but I just didn't get the chance. So I wore my favourite Coast Spotty Dress which I've worn a few times...oh look away fashionistas there's a recession on!
There was a champagne reception and an open bar with lots of yummy cocktails, it was to be my downfall but you never know it when your having such a good time. This was honestly better than most Weddings I have been to and one of the best nights Ive had in ages. My Aunt and Uncle were fantastic hosts, the birthday girl looked stunning as did all the guests. Jen and I had a giggle about the fact it was like "Geordie Shore meets Made in Chelsea".
The meal was delicious, a selection of dim sum to start, followed by a spicy noddle dish, mini pots of Hagen Daaz and my cupcakes of course. Then copious amounts of alcohol and slut drops ensued(watch Geordie Shore) and I honestly cant remember the above picture being taken so at 3am it was defiantly time to go to bed.
I am not ashamed to admit that I was HANGING the next morning but thankfully My Uncle was on the BBQ at the crack of dawn with Sausage sandwich's, croissant's and a lot of brews. Thankfully my brother was driving home so we said our farewells and hit the road; where I rudely went straight to sleep!
Fantastic Party, Thanks to my Aunt, Uncle and Jen...wish I could do it all again.
Ash x

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