All that glitters isnt gold.....

I have wanted to blog a few times but literally havnt had time because of this weeks events which deserve a post on their own merit which are to follow at some point.

This past week had great promise, the weather was supposed to flirt with summer, we had the fabulous wedding of our close friends Rob and Dani to attend, I was asked to make the cake which I never had before and I love a good cake challenge and my lovely Auntie even offered to take the boys on Thursday so I could crack on (which means I might have finished before midnight). Best of all we booked in to stay the night of the wedding at Newton Hall, so a child free day and night at a gorgeous boutique hotel, what wasn't to like?!...

Well the week began with the husband returning absolutely hanging and useless to me from a much enjoyed Stag doo to Benidorm, now even though he was the one away I think I was the most knackered after having the "Brothers Grim" to my self for 3 days, who were being extra naughty and lucky I didn't drop kick them both over the garage several times. My Aunties best friends Mother and Mother in law died unexpectedly within 3hrs of each other the poor soul so one of the funerals was now bound to be on Thursday....obviously thoughts with the family. Then the weather decided it was November again and having kids that are not in school yet I HATE half term as all the usual groups are closed and my local haunts are chokka....If anyone can give me the answer to this question that me and parents the world over are forever asking I will give you my car:
"What do you do with kids in the pouring rain?!"

On Tuesday afternoon I was supposed to be starting the prep for the cake but was instead drowning in housework after the solo weekend and having to stay in, I had to keep Oscar away from the ironing pile in case he was killed in an avalanche of work shirts and just as my head was going to explode from the kids being on maximum horrendous mode Archie lifts his top and says "Mam look at these spots!". So Archie had chicken pox covered head to toe within 1hr and from Oscars behaviour he was getting it or going up for adoption; all of a sudden the cake and child free day is starting to float away......

Wednesday and Thursday, I would happily have swopped for actual days in hell. Two whiny poorly kids who I had to keep in but out of the kitchen -CP obviously is only contagious to those who haven't had it and nearly impossible to pass on through a carrier but I was taking no risks with the cake. I managed to bash on when I could and by Wednesday night I had made a cake birdcage (separate post to follow) I thought I had been quite clever until an hour later it had sunk an inch, even being shoved in the freezer didn't stop it dropping and the dowels starting to poke out. As Chris walked in it looked just like a dropped cake and I was in tears/ hysterics "I have ruined the wedding" may have been mentioned. After some desperate google searches I should have known I was out of my depth when I clicked on to a site for tips but it was in fact advertising a course to learn how to make said birdcage I was trying to fit in 1hr...it was 2 days and £300 no less. Anyway desperate measures and all that, I managed to make another one out of polystyrene, cake and butter cream!

It all came together in the end and after I dropped it on to the bench and subsequently frantically fixing it again on the morning of the wedding...(I swear I had a none fatal heart attack) we gave instructions to our designated babysitters Grandma and Mam, then we couldn't get to the wedding fast enough. The day WAS as fabulous as promised but I think the stress of the week and combined 5hrs sleep meant we overdid it on the alcoholic beverages slightly and have been ruined since. Ive said it before and will again, "You haven't had a hangover until you have kids to look after" both of us threatening to throw up and trying to fall asleep at 4pm...kill me!

So I havnt had a minute and I've been up and down like a tap dancers wig but all's well that ends well, the suns out and after a lush girly Baby shower this afternoon it seems me and the husband haven't learnt our lesson as the BBQ is on and we are sipping Coronas as we speak....well its Monday tomorrow and back to crazy boys.

Ash x

 Licking the tv and trashing house!
 You can wear what you want when your poorly even goggles and a cape.
Hangover cure

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