Turning 30.......

I find it weird concept to be 30 and I don't think its suits me, I remember when I was 18 being in a bar, me and my bestie Carly were clucking about two woman who looked ...oh 25. This was back in the day when we went out Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday for student night if we weren't too hanging, you tend to see the same people and we swore when we were "their" age we would not be going out all the time.....CRINGE CRINGE CRINGE. Its kind of like when I was pregnant though I assumed that I would just become Mother Earth over night but in reality your still you just with children to look after. I think that's the same with age, I will forever be 18 in my mind, my body doesn't feel it and lord knows my face don't look it but I'm young at heart.
As if I'm not aware of my D.O.B though there are some major signs and it is like 30 is saying
"Come on in!"

  • I now recycle ribbon, even the scabbiest crumpled bit makes it into the wrapping draw..oh yeah I have one of those as well now; "It will come in useful for something"
  • I have a favourite mug...and I am really annoyed if its in the dishwasher.
  • All of a sudden I don't know half of my Facebook friends...until I realise its just because they have gotten married.
  • Also my news feed has gone from drunken nights out and holiday snaps to none stop gym work outs and babies, everyone's got one even if its a baby animal.
  • I have completely lost the ability to digest Fish and Chips, Onions and Peppers...Heart Burn anyone?!
  • For absolutely no medical reason whatsoever I have started to get a "Bad Back"...soon I will be able to tell when its going to rain.
  • Wine is now a side dish to a meal, I might as well put a hammer through my forehead if I drink more than 2 glass's #wineflu
  • I don't have hangovers anymore, at some point the next day I actually die for like 5minutes and then struggle through another day...sometimes two.
  • Out of no where I have started to think about what I eat, now I'm not exactly considering being vegan but I am thinking things like Sugar vs Sweetener one will make me fat but the other will probably kill me...decisions decisions.

  • I am proud of the vast selection of Hot beverages I am able to offer my guests.
Look at these beauty's!

  • Any little ache or pain I now worry its something "serious", lets face it I'm not too young for...anything fatal anymore! 
  • Sometimes when I'm going out I wish was staying in my PJ's and eating my body weight in chocolate instead of doing my hair for an hour.
  • All my shoes have a comfort rating.
  • I now sometimes volunteer to take my car on nights out so I cant drink, not because of work or antibiotics because I cant handle the 3 day hangover.
  • I literally cant start my day without a cup of tea.
  • Recently there was talk of a School Reunion even though I only left 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12...13 YEARS AGO!
  • Not that I didn't appreciate money before but now I actively look for deals, obsessively turn lights off and I also opt to save on something to splurge on something else....I know right?!
  • I have started saying things like "You buy cheap you buy twice" or "A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush" and mean it!
  • I have no patience for things now, no matter how trivial I spend probably 80% of my day grumbling about something, when your old as well I think they call it "Cantankerous"

  • I feel depressed when someone my age is very successful, Mila Kunis was born 3 weeks before me....I have wasted my life........Amy Winehouse was born a few days later, maybe I will just get over it.
Its not that I don't want to embrace my 30's its more that I'm sad to say goodbye to the last decade, it's the same when I turned 20, I insisted on being called 20-teen for about 6mths. Which is stupid because my 20's have been fab, I got my first home, had an amazing dog been and sadly gone, got engaged, been round the world once, got married, made some friends for life and had two gorgeous babies.
Its not easy to say goodbye but I look forward to lots more adventures.....right I'm off to spend an exorbitant amount of money of face creams now.
Ash xox


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. A lot of your bullet points did ring right with myself as I too am hitting the next decade! I wish you all the luck and success in the world and thank you for the enjoyable tea time read x

  2. Aw thank u so much very kind. I had a good laugh and tear writing it. If u want to keep upto date with my blog pls like my Facebook page Sugar Rushed. Ash xox

  3. Lovely post hun - I found myself welling up at your photos at the end! I'm such a 30 year old mum!! Welcome to the 30s, it really is no different to your teens ;) xx