Digger Cake. #Easy #Tutorial #BoysCake

I was asked to do a digger cake for my nephew which I was more than happy to oblige with but I had to try and keep it simple as the husband was away the past 2 days and I knew I wouldn't have much "faff time" or kid free time I should say. So this was the spec my sister in law gave me from Pinterest: 


Gingerbread Biscuits. #recipe

I love baking and had dreams of doing it so much with my kids but lets face it, its hell. Total stress, mess, more stress, not listening and then a bit more mess. I do like this biscuit recipe though as I can make the dough in advance and then let them roll it out, play and it cuts down dramatically on all of the above. For really small children you could even make the biscuits and then just let them decorate them when they have cooled.