Digger Cake. #Easy #Tutorial #BoysCake

I was asked to do a digger cake for my nephew which I was more than happy to oblige with but I had to try and keep it simple as the husband was away the past 2 days and I knew I wouldn't have much "faff time" or kid free time I should say. So this was the spec my sister in law gave me from Pinterest: 

This is a fab cake as you could assemble a bought cake if your not confident or short on time! So you will need to bake (or buy) a chocolate cake and make (or buy) some chocolate ganache or chocolate frosting. 

I made my chocoholic cake which is 8inch round and a batch of my ganache, recipe below.

So you now have:

A Cake.


You will need:

  • Cake Board, I used a 12inch drum.
  • 500g of green fondant. I used 2 packs of Renshaw Lincoln Green.
  • A Pack of mini diggers. I got a box of 5 for £4 from Morrisons.
  • A Crunchie

Letter cutters.
Number candle.
Edible Gold Stars.

1. Rub a small amount of water on the cake board. Roll out the green fondant and cover the board. Then if you have letter cutters, with the remainder cut out the required name.

2. Put the cake towards the back of the board and cover with the ganache...the messier the better its muddy digger cake after all. 

3. Arrange the diggers. I had a tiny bit of green fondant left so I rolled them up and made little grass turf rolls.


4. Drag a chunk of cake out the front, I didn't do too much because I wanted there to be as many slices as possible. Spread some of the ganache around the front as mud.

5. Crumble up the crunchie and arrange around the cake like rubble. If you have the letters put them across the top and sprinkle some stars on too.