Death by Chocolate. #EasterInspiration.

I'm a Chocoholic and couldn't give up chocolate if I tried even just for Lent so I've complied a few of my most Death by chocolate recipes ...warning there is A LOT of Nutella involved and its just in time for Easter. 

First up is the most Chocoholic cake ever and in the 
blog hall of fame. 

Next up is Easter in a brownie. For this follow the below recipe but omit Peanut butter and M and M's. Just before putting it in the oven chop 5 Creme Eggs in half and nestle in the batter. 

Next a recent entry...as in yesterday. Fab fab fabbb.

Another firm favourite and slightly more healthy. 

Finally the ultimate cupcake.

Hope you have a fabulous Easter, and enjoy!

Ash xox

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