The Hoppings.

Just a mini blog about the Hoppings because it only has 3 days left before it packs up and leaves until next year. For you non Northerners this is a very famous hugggge Fun fair which pitches up on the Newcastle Town Moor every June for around a week. If you have seen the film 'Big'....well that can eat its heart out! The most scary rides, hook the duck, candy floss, Helter Skelter, Hotdog's....its got everything. I took the boys last year and we had a nice time, there is still loads for little ones but this year Archie made the height restrictions on more so that made it much better....or so I thought! 


North East Teacher of the Year 2015 #intumetrocentre

When I was sent the details of this competition, North East Teacher of the Year 2015, being run by intuMetrocentre and intuEldonsquare I knew immediately I had to enter and nominate my son Archie's teacher, Mr Denton!


Summer Swish!

I was invited to the Summer Swish for North East Bloggers, organised by lovely Rachael from the fab blog Life in Geordie land. and the event was held by intu at the Metrocentre. I've been a bit out of the loop on blogger events as I often find it hard to get child care for my baby dudes but its always nice to natter to other bloggers and to chew the blog chat. I wouldn't say I'm a fashionista but I definitely love clothes and a few hours to myself, so this was right up my street.

Free clothes. Yes.please!

The idea was to bring at least 5 items of clothes that you no longer wear but would be proud to receive, either for donation or a "Swop Shop" I was delighted to have an excuse to have a clear out of my wardrobe and see them get more appreciative homes. In fact I wish I had cleared out more...and I'm embarrassed to say the things I donated still had tags on, being a complete impulse buyer. I do it all the time realising it looks like shit once but hanging on thinking one day my body ...and shoe size might magically change. Note to self ATTEND next Swish event asap.

Little pep talk from the boss. aka Rachael

We then put all the items out like a proper Summer Swish Shop and you get a tag with your name on for every item donated. If you see someone else's item you like pop your tag on to claim it....for free. Really. If you ran out of tags but saw another item you liked a small donation to the Sunshine Fund could get you another tag. There was also an amazing raffle, with Champagne, Jewellery, Metro Radio Arena tickets and a huge goodie bag from Lancome and Body shop which I of course got some tickets for...but as usual I didn't win ha ha. It was for a great cause though so I didn't mind and Rachael said we had raised a good amount for them. 

The Body shop was also there doing makeovers and handing out samples, I was too busy chatting so I didn't indulge but it looked great. We then had a...I think demonstration is a better word than talk on this occasion, from one of the intu stylists. SUPER rude I've forgotten her name but she was fab and  did this great session on how you only need 16 items for your whole weeks holiday....I'm not kidding. She really made it seem possible with some gorgeous summer pieces teamed up in ways I wouldn't have thought. Swimming cozi with linen pants for a night out anyone?

Some nibbles, drinks and then the proper swishing started. Some items were doubled up with tags but Rachael just did a name in the hat job on those to make it fair. Now....I WAS meant to returning with 0 but there were 3 items I couldn't resist. I couldn't be happier though with them....literally cant believe they are free. We then received some very nice gift bags thanks to House of Fraser and the Body shop; Ive already decided to buy the full size of 2 of the sample products, an Vitamin E night serum and a body butter. I then decided to grab some Sushi after...live on the wild side but I was very pleased when Chloe from New Girl in the Toon and Katie from Katie Jane Online joined me for more catching up. So a verrrry successful afternoon indeed. 

Love this skirt and the cigarette pants!

Thank you to Rachael and intu....when can we do it again? 

Ashlie xox 


Things I love....

So after a little break thought I would catch you up on what we have been doing with some of the things I'm loving at the minute.

Things I love....

Spending time with my baby dudes. 
The husband has been working ridiculous hours so we have been off having lots of adventures. It’s great now they are getting older because you can do so much more than...soft play. They are still trying to kill themselves but I am loving all the fun stuff, me and Archie also get a 2 hour a week over lap on our own now so we have been having a lil date and started swimming lessons. 

I also have a new man in my life. One of the Bffs and Oscars god mother C had her little boy last month Joshua...not gonna lie I was hoping for a pink bundle so Auntie Ash would plait hair and paint nails but he’s too cute to be disappointed. 
Welcome to the world Joshua.

Might as well get used to it Joshua

I have been basically living on IG...as the cool kids call it. Its always been my favourite app, as they say "A picture paints a thousand words". This is like personal Pintrest but the best bits of Facebook and Twitter mixed. Whatever you are into you can # and tonnes of pretty, inspiring, informative, food porn, what to wear and what people are up to will pop up. Luuurve it. I've made some really good friends off it too. So if you haven't got it, why not? Give me a follow too @ashlie5515

My family. 
My Daddy died 20yrs ago this month and it always makes me think life is far too short. We all live so close but find it hard to get together. However we made a pact at Christmas on all side's of my family but especially my Dads side to get together more if not once a month and so far so good. I love it, as well reminiscing old times and story’s. Love how I'm making new ones with my boys now too.

Slimming World. 
I have also really been trying to get a summer bod....even if summer is saying Fuck off.... and my body ha ha. If you know me I Love Slimming World completely changed my life being able to eat and loose weight. I lost 5st after both boys with it so I've been ramping up the exercise doing the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred (which I think is great as only 20mins a day) and trying to get fitter! I've been asked to do a blog about my "journey" a few times so I'm going to try and fit that in soon. 

I had just had Archie on the left....

Child free time
....Now I know I’m asking to be stoned here from the mother earth's out there but as much as I adore my boys I also love having a night off from them, whether it be Date night, girls night, or just a bath on.my.own. I’m shoehorning this in, again my new year’s resolution. It’s also fun going to each other’s houses or making a cheap tapas night because a babysitter and a night out adds up and you know what? I don’t feel guilty, it’s doing me the world of good being a grown up as well as a Mammy. #goodbalance

This is what I have to do before I go out....spoilt!

Hope Y'all well.

Ashlie xox


Breaks over.

I've had a little break.

It wasn't really intentional.

If you follow my blog though you will understand that time is tight with my crazy little dudes anyway. However, that hasn't been the whole issue. I feel it is a bit of an elephant in the room ...or blog now. I've gone back and forth on whether to write it or not but I think I have to air it and start fresh.

Soooo I've had a troll or maybe trolls...is there a plural for that? Unfortunately not the cute naked toy ones with a luminous Mohawk. A troll is person like you and me but instead of getting on with their own life they sit and read what other people do or say on social media and go out of their way to then bitch about it, spread rumours and/or send mean (and often untrue) comments. Now back in the day, they would probably be just called a nasty piece of work or maybe a saddo but this century has given us an amazing platform to connect and share our lives with people, so it's made this all a lot easier for the now coined "Trolls" and often anonymous at that.  They especially love bloggers, who obviously share the most, it's their ultimate cheat meal to feed the jealousy or as Wiki more professionally describes. An Internet Troll: is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking into an emotional response, or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

Now I get that some people don't understand blogging, my own husband doesn't feature heavily here because he's not into social media and I respect that, the same way as you couldn't pay me to watch football or keep an allotment; we respect each other. I've also documented well that I have struggled with dyslexia my whole life so yes I'm aware my grammer isn't the best but that is not what it's about to me, just because I'm not a chef doesn't mean I don't love to cook. It's just like any hobby, I do it because I enjoy it. However, I've thought hard the past few weeks about what I get from blogging and is it worth negativity? 

Well for a start:
It keeps my brain active, as its mostly age 5 and under conversation round here. 
I get to connect with (usually) adults and like minded people. 
I get to document my life especially my children and the little things that may go unnoticed.
I live a more intentional life. 
I question myself more. 
I get to vent. 
I get to try and see the funny side but mostly, I get to try new things and meet new people. 

I really never thought that could upset anyone especially as I have hand on heart not intentionally done that ever and tried at all costs to avoid controversial topics.

To be fair, in a way It is quite flattering because it's been said if you don't have a blog troll you're not doing it right. Sadly I am by no means alone though, in fact in the past few months quite a few of my bloggy pals have been experiencing some form of unfair nastiness to the point where my friend Emma over at the incredible blog Life at the Little Wood received anonymous hate mail to her actual home....WOAH WOAH now this is the point where I had to call quits on my vow of silence. WTAF? I have absolutely no idea why someone one would take the time to be cruel and negative towards another. If you have any time or energy left surely, be kind, compliment, support, inspire, encourage, say sorry, send love, good vibes, go the extra mile for them but don't hate and be jealous or just quickly move along and don't come back. I'm too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener. I really don't get the hate but I'm relieved because it means I'm not like them. If it upsets you so much DON'T READ IT.

Not to mention,

 When I get posts like this....not going to lie it makes my day; I've never had another hobby that helped others raise money for charity! This is just my little corner of the world, a bit of my life and I love it, so if you don't, I beg of you to jog on because I'm not going to stop.for.anyone.         

Ashlie xox