This is one of my all time favourite pictures of us at a Pumpkin patch in Texas, and we LOVE Halloween in our house. So I thought I would put together our favourite little ideas and tips to enjoy over the Halloween half term break.

Zombie Make Up #tutorial

I am not a make up artist at all but I've been asked load's already how I did this look, so here it is. 

I'm addicted to 'The Walking Dead' so when the bestie said she was having a Halloween party  I knew what I was going as. I have always said a Zombie is the easiest home-made costume anyway, to do for anyone as really you just need an old outfit and a little bit of make up.


The School Run.....

I couldn't wait for both my boys to start school/nursery they both were mega ready and love it now, but in the 15mths of doing the School Run I have discovered its truly a case of be careful what you wish for. Lately I just generally think about 40 times a day "I am sooo tired" but the more I think about it here is probably why.....

EVERYMORNING I am awoken by a sticky hand in my hair and a "Mammyyy..."


Minion Cake #tutorial

I made this cake for my sons birthday Movie/Minion party here

Movie/Minion Party

I will admit and apologise from the start that this isn't the best tutorial. As y'all know though I'm not a professional cake maker, I have also never made a Minion cake before and as always I get too caught up (paniced) in the making then forget to take pics!! I also had a little disaster with this and not a lot of time but I can honestly say once I got going it was one of the easiest cakes I have ever made.


Movie Party and Minion Madness

Yip try to say that title 3 times fast! 

At Archie's LEGO PARTY last year where I was told under no uncertain terms that I HAD to invite his entire new school class, then with relatives and friends we had 45 kids and it nearly gave me a stroke. So this year decided to go low key, Archie absolute fav thing is to go to the cinema, it's our little Mammy and son date day thing as Daddy hates "being trapped for 2hrs" ha ha. I said he could pick three friends and we would go to Nando's or something first. 

However on reflection I struggle with my two at the cinema,


Egypt, Hurghada, Makadi Bay. #review

Destination: Hurghada pronounced "Hu Guard a"
Flight Time: From NCL 5hrs
Resort: Makadi Bay
Hotel: The Grand Makadi Hotel

If you would like more information on Egypt generally and some tips for travelling please check out my other blog here Egypt. This blog is more about our holiday and hotel in Makadi bay but as they share the same beachfront and centre it could work for all. 

We booked the holiday through Red Sea, but when I checked the ticket I saw that we were flying with Thomas Cook, I was a little bit apprehensive because a few years ago we were delayed for 13hrs with them; however I would say this plane was brand new and the staff were fab. I volunteered to take the first shift with the boys, with the husband on his own across the aisle and apart from 1 million questions and a game called