Minion Cake #tutorial

I made this cake for my sons birthday Movie/Minion party here

Movie/Minion Party

I will admit and apologise from the start that this isn't the best tutorial. As y'all know though I'm not a professional cake maker, I have also never made a Minion cake before and as always I get too caught up (paniced) in the making then forget to take pics!! I also had a little disaster with this and not a lot of time but I can honestly say once I got going it was one of the easiest cakes I have ever made.


Movie Party and Minion Madness

Try to say that title 3 times fast! 

At Archie's LEGO PARTY last year where I was told under no uncertain terms that I HAD to invite his entire new school class (such are reception rules) then with relatives and friends we had 45 kids and it nearly gave me a nervous breakdown. So this year I decided to go low key. Archie's absolute fave thing is to go to the cinema, it's our little Mammy and son date day thing. I was thinking he could pick three friends and we would go to Pizza Hut first. 

However, on reflection I struggle with my own two at the cinema,