The Perfect Gift - Movie Box

I don't know about you but the older I get the harder I find gifts are to think of that I actually want, I can hardly ask for the entire Jo Malone catalogue or.... a new car can I?! So then I panic and say something like... "a new bread knife"... I find it even harder though to buy for others, unless they specifically ask for something #Result However I think I have found the answer and it fits any occasion and budget... move over food hampers I give you the - Movie Box.


The Craziest Week of my life! #NEBloggerAwards

It still hasn't sunk in...

I am still literally in a state of elated shock, so I apologise if I waffle but little old me just won Best Parenting Blog 2015 at the North East Blogger Awards organised by OPR. Now obviously any blogger would be totally delighted to win this award but let me tell you why it has put an actual crack in my universe....

When I was a little girl I was too tall, I had too many freckles and I would but my clothes on inside out and back to front; to my Mums total horror, I also didn't even notice or care.  This was the start of how I was diagnosed


Hot Chocolate Station!

We had a few of the neighbours over last night for a little Bonfire party and via group chat I knew the grown ups were covered for wine but I wanted something special for the kids to drink. What is better than Hot Chocolate with all the trimmings on a winter night though, right?! I honestly haven't tasted better than this either if I do say so myself.